All’s Busy on the Eastern Front

I’m certainly not inundating your “in box” with lots of posts of late, am I? Between my kids, my gardens and familial responsibilities, it seems my time to be here has been greatly dwindling. But I am working on a wee tale, and needing to work on chapters to stories already begun. . . trying to carve out time this week for a major writing binge. 😀

Master and I are hoping that we can hook up in a few weeks. The maturation of my teen means less treks into the city to get to see one another. Finding time in the summer is a challenge for us both, actually. I know that it will make the time we DO get all the sweeter. You know…when it finally happens and all.

But …

I’m losing my pain mojo. Can one do that?

I  had to bow to the fates yesterday and had to text Him that there was no way I could get away and besides I didn’t want to hold HIM up in His schedule waiting for me (good thing too as I never did get the free time I was hoping for, thanks to an unexpected drop in by good friends). As a reward for that selfless act, He gave me an O.

It was a good O, too. I was going to put it in the bank–I was so tired last night. But I couldn’t drop off the edge into sleep, too keyed up. Having an orgasm after days and days of NOT having one can either be super powerful tsunami…or dud.

Last night was a tsunami…but let me back up a bit.

I took out my toys, arranging them carefully on the bed. I should add in here that my favorite vibe died last Tuesday…I was PISSED as it was only a month old, dang it. I have a Hitachi but I’ve never been able to orgasm with it–it’s just toooooooo powerful and I would have to pull it away because the sensation was overwhelming.

I put a peg on my nipple. Not the pretty one, either, with its tender bite. No, this was one of my OLD clothspins…and the bite on this fucker is only a few steps down from my clamps. And it hurt.

A lot.

A ton.

A MOUNTAIN of hurt.

I’m just that out of practice.

And i had this fleeting thought of “OMG” …how could I stand having a playdate if I couldn’t even take the bite of a fucking clothes pin??

(no answers for that yet, btw)

I tried using my back up vibe–but it wasn’t quite right. I needed more…better…something.

In desperation I reached for the Hitachi, knowing I was likely doomed to disappointment. Instead…this:

20140622_234747a tsnumai…see? It was the most *incredible* orgasm I’ve had except for being with Him.


But the pain thing…yeap…that has me a bit worried. A bit. I’m SURE He will correct my mojo…

(kinda looking forward to that sort of ‘correcting’ yanno?)


10 thoughts on “All’s Busy on the Eastern Front

    1. Thanks Kayla..good to know that…I’m in this strange place, all this…LIFE stuff going on (all good–just demanding tons of my time)…and my gardens and my job is actually busier in the summer…so I’m finding that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I don’t even feel that slutty lately. BIG sigh. Just a few more weeks…


  1. It’s like eating hot food. If you do it all the time, you don’t notice the hot. However, if you don’t eat it all the time,…. FLAMES!!!!

    So, I hope He helps you get your mojo back. Oh, and I love the splotch!

    1. thank you dear friend…it was a ginormous explosion. 😀
      and I know I need pain…just it’s not the same when i do it, rather than HIM doing it to me or ordering me to do it. *sigh*. this too shall pass….


  2. Once you see Him, even for a bit, He will likely pinch you and your ‘pain mojo’ will come barreling back through your body/mind with each bite of pain from His fingers.
    Plus, He knows you, right?
    Oh yeah, Nilla, I am certain you won’t have any problem getting it back.

    1. Thanks Rose…that is my hope as well…it’s been a bit longer than 3 weeks since we were last face to face, and not sure when we can manage another. Summer is crazy. 😀


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