Summer Swelter HNT

Too Damn HOT for clothing…

Snapshot_20130616_10(yes, that was me whining <just a wee little bit> about how hot it’s been in New England)

(too much, too fast! I want my 70’s back!)


7 thoughts on “Summer Swelter HNT

  1. Went from high 80’s to low 70’s here – i imagine it will reach there soon. I’m with you though – too hot, too soon. [You know – having your hair up is cooler…. makes better pics too….imho]

  2. Love that photo, seems very retro in a great way. I agree about the hair. Having it down looks better, but I always cave and put it up when it’s hot like this!

    1. Hi sublea, thanks for commenting and I’m sorry it took so long to respond to you! I usually wind up with my hair in a pony or bun when the humidity creeps up. Doesn’t happen all that often up here, nor for that long…but when it does…ugh.


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