Hiya peeps…

It’s going to be a crazy next few weeks…and my writing time this week is down to minutes. So this is all you will get from me for a few days. Next week should be quieter. (yay!) I am glad to be busy, but it does leave me precious little time for writing the rest of some of those stories that are dancing about in my head seeking escape!

I am going to do something very different in a few weeks.

I will be *totally* disconnected, unplugged, for just shy of a week. No internet. No facecrack. No D/s blogs. No emails. And worst of all? No contact with Master.

In our 5 years together, this is the first time, ever ever ever that we’ve gone more than a day without touching base with one another.

It gives me a sick-ish feeling in my belly, all nervous and worried. He’s my anchor and my rock. And I won’t be able to even send Him a text. I’ll be having fun, but those nights in my tent will be, simply put, torture.

Between then and now I have good things happening. I’m going to be having a time to hang out with Jz, which I’m looking forward to. I *had* been hoping to have time to hang out with her and meet greengirl, but unfortunately, my still wonky back was not up to the drive/train time and I had to cancel. (I know, how terribly disappointing, to come *that* close to meeting one of my favorite bloggers! Dang it!) I’m going to have some kind of time with Master this weekend. Not sure if it will be playtime or coffee (again that depends on my stoopid back–but I’m going to see the Doctor this week so hopefully we can get this worked out.)

Annnnd….on a side note to the above, I was whining to Master about how this makes it hard to claim that I’m a bona-fide masochist, since this is NOT sexy pain…and there is this ….pause. I frown at the phone as the silence extends.

“Yanno nilla,” His voice comes at last (and yes, He said “yanno”…always a prelude to something Domly/dastardly). And he pauses again.

“Yanno nilla…I’ve heard…..*pause*….that half-0’s are a good cure for that sort of angst.”

*insert sound of waterfalls, crickets, the whirr of a running fan here*

He laughs.

“I love the sound of silence from your end of the phone,” he chuckles.

“I-bda-abada…..” I stutter.

He laughs some more.

“Yes. That.” He is grinning, I can practically feel it, while my heart flutters worriedly in my chest.


In the end, I giggled too. He did manage to knock me right out of my funk with that little threat. (a threat that reappeared in our conversation on my way home last night…rut roe). And that is the magic of Master. Just a few short words and I’m snugged right back in my place, the “small s” as He reminded me firmly.

It’s a really comfortable place to be.


9 thoughts on “Sorry…

  1. Hope that back of yours behaves itself……have a great week. You will be missed…and yes, how is it that just a few choice words can put us right back where they…and we…want to be.
    hugs abby

    1. Exactly! He only has to say just one thing…or in *that* voice…and instantly I’m *back* into that submissive headspace.


  2. nilla,
    I was disappointed – but i’m really glad you are taking care of your self and getting better. I’m rooting for you from here, hoping you get to keep your next date with Him.

    1. If I’m really lucky I might get a bunch of writing done so that you won’t even know i’m gone…but I’m really looking forward to being disconnected, which is very strange (well…except for the disconnect with M…I’m not looking forward to that…!)


  3. I lol’d at the “Yanno”. Davids is “Ya think?” When I hear that all kinds of things tighten up, and I have to think fast and hard about what i just said. 🙂

    Yanno/Yathink? = precursor to some of the most seminal “Oh shit” moments.

    1. nods…yes…exactly that, monkey! He is really a well spoken guy, so when He utters one of *my* colloquialisms…it is definitely an “o shit” moment!


  4. I understand the no time thing. Our life has been crazy. And for the unplugging thing… End of August. 5 days. 🙂

    Then there is the “rut-roe” thing. It made me smile.

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