He promises pain…and I’m hoping I’ll get some nuggets…sooooon. Sunday. Or, you know, like in 9 hours or so. I feel like a little kid on Christmas eve. Outside, placid older woman.

Inside? Jumping up and down and kicking my feet and twitching and twirling.

It won’t be playtime…but that isn’t too far off either.

Like a hungry person will get a snack when it’s close to supper…to whet but not spoil one’s appetite, tomorrow will be that for me. A touch, a kiss, face time. A pinch, giggling, teasing, and his golden eyes giving me that look when I push too far.

And I will push too far. *wicked grin*

I do it to keep Him on his toes…and not out of rudeness or lack of respect. We have that kind of teasing relationship. (Lest any of you who have a different sort of D/s relationship think I’m merely being “bratty”…He’d be bored to tears with a slut who was a doormat.He is not a “protocol” driven Dom.)

Hopefully this “snack” of Master-time will hold me over (and inspire me to more writing, though I will again be “unplugged” over the holiday weekend. Labor Day weekend is a very vanilla, very very VERY busy time for nilla.

And then…

(oh, and then…)


6 thoughts on “

  1. I’m so happy for you!
    It sounds like you’ve been through an emotional rollercoaster recently.
    Enjoy your “snack” and look forward to dinner and dessert.

    1. Don’t I wish it had come to fruition. He’s been good to me via text and phone but it was a totally frustrating thing, to go from small headache to BAM …guess what, girl, you can’t drive like that.



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