I was ready.

W A A A A A A A Y ready.

I woke up Sunday morning, my body and spirit tingling with anticipation….and then I sat up. The migraine took me totally by surprise–I rarely get them, maybe one every few years. It hurt to blink. To move my head.

And driving 40 minutes to visit him? Out of the question.

I had to text, had to cancel. He was solicitous. I told him that I’d just “putter in the house”.

“No. Rest.”

That was clear (and dominant!)

I did get permission to go to the garden center (less than 1/2 a mile from my house) after my aspirin had been taken, and spent some of the late morning in my garden, which was very soothing.

I woke up today with just the “edge” of a headache–the aftermath of a migraine, really. But feeling much better physically. Emotionally?

Well, you’re smart. You can figure that one out.

It is what it is until it is done.

Hoping we can grab some time this week…but not sure how that will work–my week is pure chaos leading up to Labor Day and all the fun stuff that entails. (It really *is* Labor Day at our house!)

Cross your fingers, and throw your prayers to the wind that we manage to get playtime in a few weeks.

Gods but I miss His face.

10 thoughts on “Really?

    1. dang, but that didn’t happen. I thought it might not–my week was just too jam-packed. How does that happen? My vanilla is really squeezing into my naughty time!


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