Threats? Promises? Enticements? The Dom Awakens…

I confessed to bringing back 4 pounds from vacation…(why don’t people who camp eat camp food anymore? We ate out every single night….not that I’m complaining, but sheesh.)

“That’s okay, I’ll get more money when I sell you–since I’m selling you by the pound.”

“wait wait wait a second Master. I’ve already lost 1.5 of that weight AND…where is *my* cut of that, hmmm?

“That’s okay, nilla, I’ll beat the rest of it off you. When you regain consciousness, we can discuss your terms then.”


*blink blink*

It’s crude.


Totally Master.

And it totally turned me on (I had damp panties all day)

(yes, I re-read the text about 144 times!)


3 thoughts on “Threats? Promises? Enticements? The Dom Awakens…

  1. “…we can discuss your terms then” Not knowing your master, all i can picture is Thor standing there saying, “I accept your surrender.”

    And yea – the verbal manhandling is just irresistible sometimes. Good luck – i hope the terms work out in your favor.

    1. LOL…@ Thor…(He’d love that comparison, but I don’t want to give him a Big(ger) head by repeating that to him yet!)

      “verbal manhandling” is SO apt! It gets me all quivery and excited…not quite so threatening as being in a room with him but not far from it in my head.

      Thanks….somehow I think He’ll be on the winning end of that equation…!


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