Face Time

Time is NOT my friend. Like many of you, I imagine, we’re juggling our fall routine here, shaking down all of the “he’s gotta be here, then, and she needs to be there later…and and and…”

But it is working. (I need that kind of organization, so I can go to one place (hard copy–I’ve got a duplicate on my phone but what happens if that dies on me? Chaos, I say, a chaos too frightening to contemplate, ergo a master (ha…even in vanilla life there is a master…!) calendar.) Shake-down week is over, this week is our first full week and damn…it’s working. There had been juggling, to be sure, to make sure everyone is where they need to be. It’s complicated by the fact that I work multiple jobs, some for others and some for my own little business.

Some of that juggling this past weekend involved making time to see Him. It’s been a month plus since we had any face time. A fucking *month* people. We’ve NEVER gone that long, since we’ve been playing together.  He graciously came halfway to me as I was juggling meeting him between contracts. We had ice cream under these enormous pine tree’s (not at that place, sofia) off the beaten path (see what I did there? huh? Beaten* path…(now that’s longing… lol!). There was a series of kisses. There was a lot of pinching. And damn, but He’s adept at doing this discreetly!  Which means I have to use a ton of self-control to avoid squealing in public. I try to step away from him, but it’s pretty fucking hard when he’s got his friggin pinchy fingers holding on to the skin under my arm! Rip off flesh or stand there and take it like the pain slut I am? Decisions, decisions.

At the end, a hug so hard, so firm, that I wanted to just stay there forever. He’ll never say “I miss you nilla” but as my mom said years ago when I was a kid…actions speak louder than words.

Damn, she was right (again!).

He initiated this meeting. Because of His need, and because He knew of my need? My need matched his, I’m sure (and okay, maybe exceeded it a little). (plus he knows how cranky I get when I haven’t seen him in a while. Plus,  He came over halfway, as it turned out, to see me. And … it was thrilling. I can’t lie and be blasé about something that meant so much to me. I was trembling, happy, close to tears several times, and just so fucking glad to see him. To touch him. To be with him even for such a short time.

And this weekend we play.