In a minute…

…He will be here.

I’m on tenterhooks.

Nervous. Feeling a bit shy. And did I mention…nervous.

He’s promised pain. A lot of pain. My tits ache in anticipation, my pussy swells and wets, just by typing that.

I’m such a ball of nerves just now (and who else would I share that with but my peeps –you all get this. Get this feeling. The butterflies roiling in my belly, the shivers, the joy warring with fear (not fear-fear, but anticipation of pain fear)…

I keep looking out the window, hopeful.

My hands shake as my fingers dance over the keyboard.

Anticipation is building.

He’ll be here any minute….

Was it His promise of pussy slapping?

or the one about fucking me until I was pleading for Him to stop (then slapping the pussy until she was wet again, then continuing)?

Whichever~I went to bed a wet, horny mess…and woke up throbbing and wet and so fucking turned on.

Oh yeah…the slutty cunt shuts off if it hasn’t been used in a while. It sure as shootin’ does.

But it goes RIGHT BACK ON when He snaps His fingers and paints word pictures of what this day will hold for me (and my cunt)…

That is all…please go about your day as normal (ha. Tell that to my soaked pussy.)