In a minute…

…He will be here.

I’m on tenterhooks.

Nervous. Feeling a bit shy. And did I mention…nervous.

He’s promised pain. A lot of pain. My tits ache in anticipation, my pussy swells and wets, just by typing that.

I’m such a ball of nerves just now (and who else would I share that with but my peeps –you all get this. Get this feeling. The butterflies roiling in my belly, the shivers, the joy warring with fear (not fear-fear, but anticipation of pain fear)…

I keep looking out the window, hopeful.

My hands shake as my fingers dance over the keyboard.

Anticipation is building.

He’ll be here any minute….

5 thoughts on “In a minute…

    1. I *have* been waiting for EVER!!! (99% my fault, too. Maybe even (hard to admit but…) 99.99% my fault)…

      I’ve learned a few lessons here…1. MAKE THE FUCKING TIME (pun intended!)…(the rest are blogposts for the future!)


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