“Beg Me”

first snapshot of our day…

“You know that saying…the one from that old movie? The one that says … please may i? Say it. Say it now.”

He’s holding me by the hair, pinching my tit with the other. In a flash his hand lashes up and out, slapping me soundly on the cheek.

I stutter. The shock of it takes my breath away really, and I’m feeling intense arousal. His words, the action, trying to think…I’m whirling away in my head. His hand tightens. Shaking my head with that hair-wrapped fist, he growls…

“Beg me. Beg me….”

“P-pl-please Sir…may I have another?”


Another growl…..”again…”

“Please Sir, may I have another?”

SMACK! This one harder than its predecessor.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Until I’m dizzy with it.

His hand reaches up under my skirt, and he laughs that sadists laugh…

“My god you’re fucking soaked. You little pain slut!”

and so our time together began…