“Beg Me”

first snapshot of our day…

“You know that saying…the one from that old movie? The one that says … please may i? Say it. Say it now.”

He’s holding me by the hair, pinching my tit with the other. In a flash his hand lashes up and out, slapping me soundly on the cheek.

I stutter. The shock of it takes my breath away really, and I’m feeling intense arousal. His words, the action, trying to think…I’m whirling away in my head. His hand tightens. Shaking my head with that hair-wrapped fist, he growls…

“Beg me. Beg me….”

“P-pl-please Sir…may I have another?”


Another growl…..”again…”

“Please Sir, may I have another?”

SMACK! This one harder than its predecessor.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Until I’m dizzy with it.

His hand reaches up under my skirt, and he laughs that sadists laugh…

“My god you’re fucking soaked. You little pain slut!”

and so our time together began…

15 thoughts on ““Beg Me”

    1. we are a bit crazy, aren’t we? but it’s all good, in the end. (that wasn’t a metaphor, btw!)

      thanks for taking time to comment!


  1. H.O.T.
    I’ve only been slapped like that once, but it was so intense, i can remember exactly what it felt like.
    So happy for you. 🙂

    1. Thank you michelle…it is so intense, so …almost surreal. And sexy. And very Dom. (and makes me feel very small and submissive..)

      pushes ALL my buttons…


    1. ME TOO!!!!

      it’s been so long. and I know it has for you but at least you two cohabit (lucky girl, you!)…not saying it’s ANY easier to go without, mind you, just –it’s hard being apart for so long (until it goes numb and then I just trudge through life as if nothing matters)


    1. 😀

      Thank you…it was very hot. It was…there is an incredible intimacy about that kind of eye contact, you know? Like he was looking inside of me…


    1. 😀

      It was truly…amazing. He just…jumps right in, you know? As I fiddle with things and turn and open my mouth to say something to break my awkwardness…He just…dives into it. Always makes me flushed and hot and embarrassed and then I don’t seem to care about any of that anymore…


  2. OMFG!!!!! That is…um…wow! I both LOVE and hate (a little) that they check after doing something like that…and I both LOVE and hate (a little) that soaked is frequently the result. But nothing like getting right to the point. You asked for…and now you got! YEA nilla!!!!


    1. yes…it’s SO humiliating…and SUCH a turn on. Oh, it was a wonderful evening. I’m still sore and bruised (but I can sit without moaning now!)


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