from our phone call tonight….

“you know, nilla, I could tell it’s been a long while since we played…you went out of your head really fast.” (this after I told Him that I didn’t remember something that He made mention of)

“I know, Master. I hit the zone when You started hitting me. It was ….so good.”

“Nothing like a good old-fashioned OTK spanking…especially with a dildo up your ass, eh?”



10 thoughts on “Spaced

  1. Yea!!!! You could mention that it may be a great opportunity for Him to write he recollection of your play date 🙂


    1. He actually will write once a month (or so) here! I’m not sure when, but it’s (supposed to be) going to be called “What Nilla Isn’t Telling You, by M.”

      He remembers *everyfkcingthing*…He has to remind me of all the juicy bits…




      1. I am indeed! I need to remind him that he now actually has to WRITE it! LOL! I am allowed to edit for grammar but not change a word without permission. Oh, squirmy times ahead….


    1. :D….

      first thing that popped into my head…”yup, she’s (you, Kayla)…been there, done that. :D”

      which made me giggle. and you know…moan a wee bit. (sluts of a feather moan together?!)


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