“Master, I’d Like You to Meet….

….Mr. Hitachi.”

That’s how I rehearsed how I was going to introduce them, at least. My imaginings never quite match up to His reality. (Imagine that!)

I left it out on the back of the bed (which is against the wall so it couldn’t roll off). It was plugged in and ready to rumble. He started on me the second we got into the room (after having a leisurely and lovely dinner together)–pulling my head back to His shoulder by my hair. Kissing me hard, while squeezing my tit. I think I screamed into His mouth then. I thank the goddess every time we play that He didn’t go into mammography! He throws me onto the bed and is pinching me everywhere. I’m squirming and trying to keep my whimpers down so it doesn’t sound like He is murdering me, but oh! How it hurts (and OH, how good that is, too) as His hands roam over me.

He attacks my toes. I try to curl my toes so that He can’t take the socks off the last bit there, and He laughs.

“Yeah, like that’s going to stop me, nilla,” He chortles.

One hard flick and my sock sails across the room, and His dastardly fingers are tickling my toes…between, underneath, over the sole of my foot…even now that makes my toes curl. I laughed and laughed, the damnedest torture, ever. I’m gasping for breath, and He looks up at me.

“Oh, too much?” He says sweetly. (Don’t you go on immediate alert when that Dom voice gets all sugary?) His hands move, fast as lightning in midsummer, pinching my soft and tender belly, tugging and twisting my nipples (how did He get His hands into my bra that fast?? Years of practice, He says, grinning smugly.) Suddenly giggles are transformed to moans of pain. Back and forth between the two tortures He moves, until my head is spinning.

From far away I hear His voice but in truth I am already half-way gone.

“Whoa ho…well well well, and what is this, nilla?  His voice is filled with glee. “I’d forgotten you said you’d gotten this…”

His voice fades away as He flicks the button on, presses it against His hand. He grunts as He dismisses “low” (the ONLY setting I use, mind you), and flicks it to “HIGH”. And presses it against my pussy.

My pussy was wet and swollen and wanting some action after all the torment from tickling and pinching…but having Mr. H land on her in “HIGH” mode almost made my clit explode.

I yelped (He laughed), and squirmed–but He was laying on my arm and hair and His leg hooked over mine. My other leg dangled off the bed, at such an angle that I couldn’t touch the floor with my toes, nor get good contact to brace my leg enough to cross it over my crotch.

In other words, I was fucked.

He laughed as my first orgasm spurted out of me, shutting off the vibe to feel how wet I was, then immediately flicking it back on. On “HIGH”.

And laughing.


26 thoughts on ““Master, I’d Like You to Meet….

  1. I am so loving reading your accounts of your Master time. I love that you stretch it out in small amounts….something to look forward to…Funny, i plan out how things will go….and then He always has a plan too….guess who wins? You two are so good together…
    hugs abby

    • thanks abby. I’m glad you’re liking the vignettes…it’s part letting memories rise to the surface, and part having time to sit and write them!

      YES! We can plan all we like–but it won’t matter a whit because they have their own idea of how it works.

      I love that. It really takes all the control out of my hands, which is the best.



    • I know, right? HIGH? I mean, I knew it was a chance…but I was sure He wouldn’t flip right to it. ha. Proves I DON’T know everything. 😀

      It was sinfully wicked…(and boy was my body thrumming…!)


      • Every so often I start craving the wand and the forced orgasms ripped from my body. Like now. Yes, now I’m craving it. I should probably ask SSir like a nice girl…but ya know that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” As you now know, it’s doubly true with the damn wand.

      • LOL…It’s addictive. You think about it afterwards and are all “Oh, I can’t take that again…I must’ve had a zillion orgasms…” and then even later you think on it more and are all “oh, I want that again…!”

        who really, really wants that again…

  2. Oh. Yum!!! He takes you on a journey…high in the sky… Into the stratosphere and then sets off an explosion!! What do you expect from a sadist?!?


    Btw, I’m just guessing that the masochist in you loved every minute as well

    • Loved every. freaking. minute!!!

      It was amazing how fast I flew–I was sure that it would take a while to get into the groove. But no. 😀 (I think HE was surprised how fast I was out of it, too!)


  3. What is it with men that go straight to high? I can’t stand it when I use it myself, but he always uses it. It’s overwhelming. I makes me kick and fight.
    It feels so damn good.
    Glad they met each other, sounds like you both had a wonderfully wicked time with it.

    • you sum it up so nicely! kick and fight and feels so damned good to be overpowered. HE pins me…arm on my hair, laying on my arm, holding the wrist of my free hand with the arm pinning my hair and a leg over mine…when I realized that i couldn’t even get purchase with my free leg–and heard him chuckling from miles away…I knew I was done for…in such a good way!


    • The laughter is both scary and thrilling. (I get turned on by fear, weird but true)…and it was wonderful torture. I used Mr. H last night … on low. 😀


    • LOL…exactly. It was too much and just enough at the same time, you know? I love that HE controls the situation and I DON’T!! (and I have such a hard time with my brain after cumming like a crazy woman…!!)


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