“Painterly” Bruises HNT

He really nailed my tits with His wicked little cane. It’s so thin, so innocuous looking. But the way He flicks it across, over, and around my breasts is wicked and painful and, of course, wonderful. I love it, even when I suck in a sharp breath when He’s hitting the same spot over and over again. The throb that’s left behind–days later–when I touch or accidentally bang it makes me horny all over again.

painterly boobsI love the way the “painterly” effect on my phone app makes it look like He painted me with purple and blue smudges. Who knew that my beloved Master was an artist? 😀


8 thoughts on ““Painterly” Bruises HNT

    • awww…thanks subkitty! that was a really neat comment, and I’ll be sure M sees it as well!

      thanks for “delurking”…always nice to converse with readers.


    • I am definitely Master’s ” piece… (sorry, that just made me smile and giggle..!)

      Thanks abby for the smile..He will love that comment!


    • Pixlr Express is the app…and I love it. There are so many things to play with when one is having insomnia!

      Thank you Rose–glad to see you back…


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