Face in the mattress, butt up across His lap, His hand lazily beats a steady rhythm against my ass. There is deep and intense pleasure in an over the knee spanking–for both of us. I’m in the zone, really way out in subspace, yet also deeply connected to Him by that thudding hand, and my rosy fanny.

I would be the first to tell you that I’m not a huge fan of anal. And the first to blushingly admit that I come like a bitch in heat when He does it.

There is no prelude. No time to prepare. He just matter-of-factly squirts a bit of lube against my asshole and sticks in His finger, loosening it. My head comes up and I gasp (every time).

“What?” He says, His voice laced with humor. “I’m using lube aren’t I?”

My  head plops down onto the bed. I feel  my pussy clench and — His finger is gone before I ever crest that wave.

(Maybe I even moan about it a little bit.)

But it’s all under His control. I don’t get a say in it–He doesn’t ask, or discuss, He just does. I am His to play with, howsoever He chooses.

That’s totally freaking hawt, y’all.

He’s not my boyfriend who might beg, whine, cajole me to try anal with him. He’s not my husband who might do the same.

He’s my Dom, my Master, and He’s totally and completely in charge. He’s not a huge man, but His attitude is imposing. He has a quiet firmness, and I respond to that. (Okay, I’m easy, what can I say?!) He doesn’t have to make nice-nice to get up my ass. He just takes. Quietly, firmly, expecting me to just take it. I do. I take it even when I think I doanwanna. Doanwanna have *anything* up my tender bottom.


It’s a quiet force that plays deeply into my obsession with rape fantasy. It’s not violent, mind you…but it *feels* like a violation (right up until the actual “violation” and then I’m cumming and cumming…if He doesn’t stop as He did this time, the Bastard!)

He checks my pussy, which is, naturally enough, saturated. Between the spanking and His fingers playing in my bumhole, I’m more than eager to be fucked.

“You’re so fucking wet,” He chuckles, smacking my already throbbing right asscheek once more.

And then I feel it. The press of this really big thing against my pussy, AND my ass. OMG. It’s that fucking double dildo (with a wider girth than any of my toys)…both sides are the same thickness, and He pushes with a steady hand, filling me. I moan, maybe try to get away a little bit. But His hand holds me still upon His lap. Once it’s fully inside, He smacks my ass with one hand, while fucking me in both holes at the same time.

I came so hard I pushed the dildo out of me. He shoves it back in, laughing.

I’m hot and sweaty and soaking the bed and His lap.

Because He takes without asking.

And gives me tons in return.

Please Master, may I have another?

13 thoughts on “Matter-of-Fact

  1. One doesn’t hesitate to clear out part of the garden, or tear down an out building (or build one) -without question. Why should a slave’s rectum be some sort of holy grail…?! Fuck it like you own it.

    • Thanks abby–it is both physical and emotional…we tie up our minds with our bodies (isn’t half of submission mental anyway?) all the time in this thing we do…

      It was definitely perfect!


  2. I feel the same way about anal. I don’t love it but I’m a bitch in heat once he goes there. I think it’s the taking that’s the hot part. It could be something other than anal, as long as he takes what he wants and needs.

    • YES! It’s the taking because it’s His because we gave ALL of ourselves to Him. So whether it is nipples or hair or asshole…it’s hawt as fuck to have HIM choose where and how to play with it. nom nom nom….


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