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HNT- The Haunted Tit

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The Beast Within

The knocking on the door was loud and insistent. Her head rose up out of the water as she gasped out a breath, coughing. “Jesus, the fucking door,” she said, struggling to get free of the water. Streams and rivulets … Continue reading

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HNT- Please?

Bite me touch me pinch me squeeze me until I whimper then squeeze me a bit more. Make me squirm with the desire that grows between my thighs as you torture me, sharp slaps, snapping toys, fucking pink brush. Please?

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Dancer- Evolution

remember that wee story that I started, and Will Crimson from Erotic Writers added a second piece too? You can find it here.  At the end of summer he *challenged* me to continue on with the tale (as did many … Continue reading

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HNT- The Slumbering Breast

The breast sleeps, but that recalcitrant nipple refuses to rest, relax, lie down, or sleep. What a naughty nipple!

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Infinity (9)

She stared at him, her mouth somewhat agape. “I…uhm…what?” “You heard me. And yes, I’m pressuring you a bit. However–you are a submissive, and I am a Dom. Neither of us currently has a partner, so I’m not poaching. And it … Continue reading

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Winning Ticket (2)

Naked. If she could have, she’d have run from the room in embarrassment. He’d seen to it that she couldn’t…wouldn’t. Her breath hitched as she heard the giggles, the whispers, the low “mmmmmm’s” from somewhere in front and below her. … Continue reading

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Winning Ticket

“Ticket 363872,” called  Le Domme from the middle of the main stage. “C’mon folks, check your ticket stubs and don’t be shy!” There was a commotion from down front and a cute puppy girl raised her paw. “C’mon down, pup,” … Continue reading

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Thank you…

Thank you — you still come here to read though there hasn’t been much written in the last several weeks. Thank you for coming to see my tits, and to see if there is *something* new written. Thank you for … Continue reading

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HNT- nipples, tormented (Playtime)

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