HNT- Fucked Up

We (meaning “submissives”) usually go to playtime looking our best. Make up done perfectly, lovely outfits, hair just so. And then we are in the middle of playtime and He decides that I look SO good that He should take my picture (mind, I LOVE it, love how He musses me, love that He strips me down to the bare essentials…). You know, to show YOU all what a shameless slut I am. Marlborough-20130609-00030

13 thoughts on “HNT- Fucked Up

    1. see? That right there. So …hot. It’s wackadoo to love that–but we do. (even trying to comb all those fucking tangles out afterwards….)


  1. It may be wackadoo to love…just call me Wacky. 😉

    And speaking of the tangles, thankfully SSir usually does so much I need a full shower afterwards – conditioner is my best friend for getting out the tangles. 😀

    1. nodding…yup that is not an option for me until the next day, usually (and I HATE to wash his scent off of me)…but I have that wonderful pink brush that gets the tangles out…:D


    1. LOL….I’m sure you could, darling. I’m sure you can. You could, you know…give it a go…(just a thought…)



    1. thanks lovely one! it’s quite a happy warm hawt memory! (I didn’t even know he took that pic until I was cleaning up my email box last weekend…)


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