Winning Ticket (2)


If she could have, she’d have run from the room in embarrassment. He’d seen to it that she couldn’t…wouldn’t. Her breath hitched as she heard the giggles, the whispers, the low “mmmmmm’s” from somewhere in front and below her. Looking, she imagined, perhaps devouring her form with their eyes.

Because she was naked.

Naked, secured to some sort of arcane device holding her hands over her head, and her legs spread, and hanging there in front of a crowd of salivating strangers. Her pussy jolted awake at the thought of it. Yet it wasn’t some kind of titillating fantasy that she had crafted in her head, in her bed, working for a ginormous orgasm.

Hell no, it wasn’t fantasy at all, she knew,  feeling the very real cold caress of air across her nipples, and the responding rise of goose-flesh over her belly. Very real, very now, very– The word rose unbidden in her mind. Erotic. This  had to be the one–and perhaps THE only public one–most intensely erotic event of her life.

There was a pinch of warmth on her nipples and she moaned. His hands were warm, hot against her chilled skin. Yet the bite of cold metal soon replaced those fingers, making her whimper.

“Pretty.” Her attention focused to her left side as he spoke. Whether he spoke to her or to the crowd, she wasn’t entirely certain. But the cold weight of metal chain against her belly, coupled with the firm bite of the clamps on her nipples combined to re-ignite the furnace between her legs. Her pussy felt hot and wet, her clit erect and throbbing.

The  hum of a vibrator echoed even in the large room, and she jolted as it pressed hard against the open vee of her thighs.

“The first one comes quickly.”

His voice was away from her; she knew that he spoke so matter-of-factly, so drolly, to the crowd. “Pun intended.”

Even as the audience chuckled at his words, she shivered and convulsed. The wicked machine ripped the orgasm from her, leaving her gasping. It didn’t move away, something that she had never experienced before. The press against her sensitive clit sent her spiraling into another orgasm, harder than the first. A whirlwind of sensations blew through her. If she hadn’t been secured, she would have fallen. He pulled another, yet another from her throbbing body until she thought she would explode. Finally it moved away, the devil machine.

“Now comes the fun part,” He said, and she felt the sudden shocking sensation of movement. She was..spinning…

“OH MY GAWD —” Her voice was a gasp of shock. “WHAT??”

In a moment she was upside down.

“Open your mouth, slut,” his voice was firm, nearly harsh. She hadn’t expected this, not by a long shot. The taste of strawberry slid across her tongue, and she realized he’d donned a flavored condom. His thick hardness filled her mouth. She’d only sucked cock a few times in her life, had never yet “serviced” a Dom-type.

Oh my gosh she hoped she didn’t suck.

Or did suck but didn’t suck. 

Oh gods this was confusing. Her mind whirled as he pressed a bit deeper. The head of his cock popped into her mouth and out of her mouth.

“waa  arrr ooouu ooin”

She tried to speak around the cock that was pushing in, popping out of her lips.

“Shush slut,” he spoke quietly. “It is time, girl,” he spoke louder, head turned away, and she knew he was once more performing for the crowd as much as for her.

“Take it all slut,” was the only warning she got before that flaring hood hit the back of her throat. She gagged and he moaned, just a little.

There was a hummmmmmm and in seconds the fucking awful awesome vibe was pressed against her cunt. She tried to shake her head no, but he’d pinned her cheeks with his thighs, as his cock pumped in and out of her mouth, her throat. She gagged, she shivered, the chain on her tits banged his cock, pulled her nipples.

She was a welter of sensations.

Her orgasm wracked her body, as his shaft buried itself deeply in her throat. She felt the sudden stretching of the rubber, the ballooning as his semen filled it. Despite his cumming, he still held the vibe hard against her pussy. She thought guys always lost concentration, fell asleep after they came. Her last boyfriend always did (and always before she’d gotten her share of good stuff.) This was a very different world she had stepped into.

The cock in her mouth relaxed, then pulled out. She was gasping, drool running up her face, into her eyes. He tugged the jiggling chain that joined her tits, making her yelp.

“Hold this,” he said, stuffing the chain into her mouth.

“Don’t drop it…that won’t be good for you if you do…”

She could hear some of the voices in the audience chanting “drop it drop it drop it”…and when he spun her upright, the vibe holding steady against her quivering pussy, she nearly did drop it. Her tits fell into their natural position, the nipples now held firmly upright by the chain between her teeth.

The pull was incredible. Hot licks of fiery pain circled her throbbing nipples as he began sliding the vibe up, down, around her pussy. He pressed hard upward, making her almost scream at the sensory overload. She came, hard, her body wracked with long explosive shivers. The sound of liquid spattering on the floor from her cunt was audible. He must have put the mic near the floor. The room exploded in cheers and applause.


Serenity roused slowly. The room was dark, a thin sliver of light from under the door the only illumination.

“There you are.”

Someone was sitting beside her. A cup was held to her mouth.

“Sip this…slowly now…good girl. A little energy drink will help you over the hurdle now.”

She drank until the cup was drained, feeling the clenching ease in her belly. She sat up, blinking.

“What happened?”

“Sensory overload. Feels so good and so overwhelming that the body/brain can’t handle any more so you faint.”

“I never faint.”

“You can take it off your bucket list then. Because you sure did. And did it beautifully.”

His arms came around her, cradling her.

“Aftercare?” she murmured against his shoulder. She felt his smile against her head as his lips pressed there in a gentle kiss.

“Absolutely. It’s important–for both submissive and Dom.”

Something floated to the top of her memory.

“Wait…she…LeDomme…said that the public scene was just part of the grand prize. What’s the rest of it?”

He hugged her hard for a moment, then leaned away. A lamp clicked on. He lifted a card from the table and handed it to her.


A public playtime to experience orgasm control and overload.

Winner will also spend time in the company of Master Roarke, as he as kindly offered himself as the grand prize. Details to be discussed once the winner is chosen.

“You’re looking…for a ….” she looked up at him.

“Not anymore.” He smiled, and took the card from her. Clicking off the light, he murmured in her ear.

“There are adventures to be had little one, together, you and I. Let’s take a chance and start exploring them together, yes?”

She was breathless after he kissed her, but not speechless.


26 thoughts on “Winning Ticket (2)

  1. Wow….absolutely wow !
    Sensory overload sound like a beautiful experience. Made me miss the long play sessions we used to have in the beginning.

    P.s I would def` watch a movie inspired by your writing

    1. wow…subkitty…that’s *quite* the best compliment! Thank you. 😀 (beaming here!)

      Yes, we had long long play at the beginning as well…there’s a trickle down effect I think, over time. It’s in learning to find the joy even in the small bits of time that we get with Them that is the trick of “surviving” as a sub…


    1. a Dr Who fan! 😀

      and yes…there is nothing better to be a sub in this position…it’s SO intense, like your own personal tsunami bowling you over…


      1. I haven’t seen it in years but I have vanilla friends who are Who freaks. 😀 Someday I need to make time to watch (that was in my “childless” days which was really, really long ago)


    1. thank you! I swear this one almost wrote itself–and the ending caught ME by surprise. Isn’t it nice when a story does that?


    1. thanks michelle…it was nice to have time and enough “relax” down-time to be able to finally “capture” one of those snippets that floated through my brain last weekend…


  2. OMG that was totally hot.
    LIke forever hot.
    Like…totally want to leave this page open for Daddy to Read with a sticky note asking, “yes please.”
    on the computer hot.


  3. Lovely – the thought of sensory overload is quite alluring …
    The ending was no surprise though…Nilla is such a romantic she can’t resist.
    (Sticks tongue out saying: Na na na na na – Nilla is a Romance Slut)
    Grins LadyP

    1. This made me laugh out loud, LadyP…I am *totally* a romantic slut. 😀 I figure the world is harsh enough, why not have a happy ending, right? And I can tell you first hand that sensory overload is ….amazing…


    1. Thank you for groking my humor there… It’s lovely when a story just comes together that way..and when others enjoy it as much as i did!


    1. Hey e….that made me grin. Always makes me happy when one needs a hands free time after reading one of my stories…


    1. thank you Hydra…thanks for taking the time to comment AND to enjoy my little tale. (I’ve been swamped and just now commenting, my bad…)


  4. Now, finally, I’ve read the second installment. I love how you keep things real — the detail with the condom. (I’m more of a liar than you are. 🙂 I liked how this second half began with the plain, simple, erotic fact of being naked. That, just in itself, is often the most erotic thing of all.

    1. Thank you my friend! Being naked is so many things…erotic, yes, but also that feeling of incredible vulnerability. Always so glad when one of my tales grabs your attention. 😀


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