Infinity (9)

She stared at him, her mouth somewhat agape.


“You heard me. And yes, I’m pressuring you a bit. However–you are a submissive, and I am a Dom. Neither of us currently has a partner, so I’m not poaching. And it is an interesting question, oui?”

If she could have spoken, she have mumbled “a bit? You’re pressuring me a bit?” But her lips were incapable of forming words, apparently.  She swallowed, found her mouth dry. Grabbing at her wine glass as a lifeline, she very nearly upset it, before getting control of herself and it. She chugged her wine; he winced.

“Please,” He murmured, his expression pained. “Sip the wine.”

She coughed  as the mouthful of wine went down the wrong way, making her eyes tear, and her cheeks flush with mortification. Could there be any more embarrassment here?

“I *cough* ….YOU *cough – cough*…” she gave up, grabbing her napkin to wipe at her watering eyes.

He shook his head, before grinning. “I did warn you to sip, little one.” He gestured to the glass. “Another small sip will help. Sip,” he admonished.

The waiter approached as she lifted her wineglass and sipped as ordered.

“Is Madam okay?” His voice was smooth, cultured.

“She’s fine.”

She nodded, clearing her throat, trying to stuff the cough away.

“Very well then. Are you ready to order or do you need a moment?”

“We’ll have the steak with potatoes, and the broasted breast of chicken with scalloped potatoes.”

He didn’t look at her, nor did she contradict him.  The waiter took the menus and left them.

“Now would be a fine time for you to go.”

Her eyes flashed up at him, the blue a quick slash of shock. He smiled gently.


She rose and slid quickly from the booth.


In the ladies room she frowned at the panties in her left hand. Had this been inevitable, then? To have such a handsome and okay, very sexy, Dom be so close to hand AND her landlord– had it been etched in the stars or something, that he would eventually try to Dom her?


She all but snorted as she sat on the toilet. There was no ‘try’ about this. Here she sat, panties in her hand, ready to go out there and …and what? Would he treat her like a character in one of her stories? Hang them over the wine bottle? Leave them on the table where the waiter would see them? Her thumb slid over the red silkiness as she rose. Time to go out there and face him, or else he’d be thinking that he made her nervous or something nonsensical like that.

Taking a deep breath, she rose, unlocking the door, and headed back to the dining room.


Her knees really were shaking as she walked back to the table. How many times had she written that line into a story and thought it was a neat little way to describe the indescribable? And here she was, a character in her own novel, legs all trembly, knees all but knocking as she slowly crossed to where he sat. He was looking at his cell, ignoring her, which made her brows knit together. You’d think that when a Dom did something that..ballsy…he’d at least be interested. He kept looking at his phone as she slid into her side of the booth, but his right hand rose, palm up.

Was it part of her “submissive” side to be so bratty? Okay, he wasn’t her dominant, but he was being domineering and she was letting it ride on. Would she let it go all the way to its inevitable conclusion? She didn’t know. But the brat in her wanted to tease him. She reached into the pocket where the panties were, and found a stick of gum. Trying to keep the giggles at bay, she slid it into his hand.

His attention never wavered, but his fingers engulfed hers with a quick flash of movement.

“Panties, girl.”

He squeezed, hard, then harder until she gasped. He released her a long moment beyond what she would have wanted, a subtle reinforcement about who was in what role. She reached into her pocket and found a dime. Biting her lip to hold in her glee, she slapped that onto his palm. His eyes left his phone, and bored into hers.

“Feeling playful?”

She nodded, giggling with a combination of nerves and naughtiness.  He rose from his side of the booth in one fluid movement, then took her hand in what looked like a gentle grip but felt like steel bands.


He tugged her from her seat, then pushed her into his side. As she sat his fingers tugged up the back of her skirt so that her bare bottom rested on the leather cushion.  There was a soft gasp as her cheeks touched the coolness.

He leaned closer.

“Panties. Now. And open your thighs.”

She took the red swatch of underwear from her pocket and handed it to him. He took them, pushing them with great care into the breast pocket of his jacket. Her blush nearly matched the red of her panties as they rose like a scarlet beacon from his suit coat.


7 thoughts on “Infinity (9)

    1. Thank you! I really do love this story but it’s languished for quite a while…and with Nano coming up, and plans to work on my vanilla novella…well, it will go back to languishing, I’m afraid…


      1. I understand. My ‘vanilla’ life has impinged on my erotic life so much that I’m going crazy. I have all this stuff to write and NO TIME. Hell, I’m not even sure if I have time for NaNoWriMo this year. Uggh!

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