Seriously, WTF was I Thinking?

It’s been a bit of time since I last saw Him face to face…and that time  had been brief. But time opened up today and we managed to find a central location and …

But wait! Let me back up a wee bit.

I moved my bedroom in my home for the winter. Last year it got extremely cold in there and the only place to put my bed is on the one wall–where the heater is. So no heat, and really it hasn’t been a problem until last winter. SO …I’m all moved in. But when I did a “sweep” of my room to make sure all my toys had been cleaned up and moved, I found where I’d hidden a few toys that M had left behind when he was here last.

Don’t ask me how I remembered them, because my memory is just not that good, normally. But I DID remember them and decided that it would be good to get them to Him, and here we were, meeting up. How convenient.


I get so terribly caught up in the vanillaness of my life that I fucking forget.

He’s a SADIST, nilla.

Duh, nilla.

I climb into His car, and hand them to Him. He smiles and thanks me and…His cell phone falls. I mean “falls”. I slide bend down from my seat to see if it fell on my side of the car.


I rear up and stare at the man, affronted. He raises his eyebrow at me. His body language says “yeah?” and it’s fucking daunting. I sigh and go back to looking for the phone. TWACK!!!

This time the fucking wooden spoon nails my ass. Fucking HARD! And again, and in the same spot as the previous blow. He’s really into hitting the same area to deepen the bruises and let me tell you, it works.

He nails my ass, my back, and when I sit up whimpering, each thigh. He’s not holding  back either.

He looks on his side of the car.

“Oh, here it is,” he says, his tone all congenial. And he raps me on the forehead with the fucking spoon.

And laughs.

Not long after, this group of sporty cars pulls in where we’re parked. MG’s or something like that (to me a car is a box on wheels that gets you places, a stance which does distress Him no end). He waits until the guys are standing in the middle of the parking lot and then vroooom His hand snakes into my shirt so fast I never see it coming. His fingers are inside my bra and squeezing my tit like he’s testing melons (heh!) and then he finds my nipple and pinches the fuck out of it. I tell you, the man does NOT need nipple clamps. He IS a nipple clamp. And then he’s tugging it, stretching it as I’m sort of half laying over the console in the middle and whimpering.

It hurts so fucking good.

Later he tells me that next time when we play, He will add a twist to our OTK time. He’ll put his foot on the chain that dangles down from my nipples as I’m over his lap, just to make sure I don’t slither away.


There won’t be any slithering! Guaranteed!

(and you all know how wet I was when I finally slipped back into my car, right?)

He does know how to press my buttons….