HNT~ Follow-up to WTF*

Teeny tiny fingertip bruises…a nice little reminder when I look in the mirror, of His hands, His wants, His needs and how what He does fills me, centers me.

Reminds me too, that I am a pain-loving slut, that even without sex, without the release of an orgasm, the pain is amazing, clearing my mind and renewing my spirit.

 Aaaah…what a lovely “refresher” of why I do this thing we do…


His fingertip bruises 3 hours after a brief car-visit with Master.

*see WTF here*

3 thoughts on “HNT~ Follow-up to WTF*

  1. You bruise SO nicely. SSir and I have to work hard for me to bruise like that. Oh, and I love that vein…looks like it needs a tongue to blaze a trail across it…mmmm…wait? What were we talking about? 😉

    1. giggle…that cheered me up immensely, Kayla. I bruise so easily it’s not funny. He’ll just grab me a little and–fingerprints… 😀 It’s nice, really, to look back later and see those tangible marks of Him…


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