Thanks to sofia for reminding me that it’s Love Our Lurkers time.

I’m down with the flu (remind me *why* I even bothered to get a flu shot 6 weeks ago??), as is half my family. Well, we’re getting over it before the holidays, and kudos to the folks who make all those wonderful ‘quill’ versions–one to keep me moving during the day, one to help me sleep at night despite coughing up a lung.

Okay, but this isn’t about me, so let us switch gears here and focus, people! (Okay, it’s focus, nilla, I know)

Happiness for a blogger/writer is comments. We love them. We adore interacting with our “audience”. But for a variety of reasons, many more people come here, (and other sites) and read and move on. They keep coming back (and you know who you are) and are the hidden “bones” that help support we writer-types. We *know* you’re reading, we just don’t build upon any sort of “relationship”…and that’s cool because sometimes it’s just about the sex-reading, getting off, and going back to your life.

I get that.

I was a lurker, too.

Back in the days when I shared a “family” computer, and had to delete the history, before I learned about “incognito” windows, and all the ways one can hide one’s real identity. I did it because…well, there’s a certain shame factor to finding all this dark-assed shit and getting off on it, right? Society thinks we’re all wife-beating sick fucks, after all.

And we aren’t.

We are perverts, but for most of us, I’d guess it’s for our own personal thrill…I’d like to imagine that most of you aren’t dreaming (for real) of going off and stealing someone and making her/him your very own sex slave because that crosses the line, peeps, from fantasy to total ass wipe, in my book. We can roll play all we want, assume the identities that feed us in our own spaces, with those that we trust and I’m down with it, I’m right there with you.

And so we lurk. Because we don’t want our wives, our husbands, our lover, our significant other to know about the darkest of weird things that turn us on. Because they love us as we are (vanilla-style) and wouldn’t understand this new…sick…part of us. (We’re not sick, by the way. Just…differently wired.) Many is the confession I’ve read that the significant other is “horrified”  or “turned off” or “turned away” from this sort of lifestyle. Some of these dark-style relationship do work however, as you can see from some of those other bloggers….sofia, Mistress Molly and Mick, and fiona are three that I know personally that worked at it. And make it work. Make it real.  (And there are more–check out my blog links, or if you read here and living the dream, do post your link back to your blog in my comments so others can find you!)

It helps to know that for as often as we hear the the downside, there is an upside that works, doesn’t it.

And still, I’ve wandered away from my point (blame it on the day version of the medicine…it’s kinda making me buzzed…) here.

My point is YOU, lurkers. You who come here and read, and can’t leave a comment just in case you get busted. Or because you’re protecting your anonymity. Or because you don’t like to fill out forms with your email etc. Or because you don’t want to. Or whatever.

It’s okay.

Today is YOUR day, (okay it might not be *specifically* today, as I think I’m a day or so out of time, since I lost a few days to the flu)…but on MY blog? Yeah, today IS your day, Lurkers.

I love ya…I have for years and years, you who bolster me, who make me feel a little less alone when I come here to whine, or silently make your way through my stories (because if you didn’t like them, why else go through the archives, right? 5 years of writing in there, peeps….I applaud your diligence. 😀 )

Thank you, Lurkers, for your quiet and ongoing support. Do, if you feel you can, take a moment to pop out of obscurity and give me a wave, and I’ll give you a shout out in reply!

Hooray for LOVE OUR LURKERS Day — the celebration of those we know are there, but are hiding amongst the trees…!! Ally ally in come freeeeee….


31 thoughts on “LoL

    1. Thanks for popping out from behind the curtain! Comments are always appreciated, but so is the silent reader…Happy LoL Days!


  1. Hi Nilla, (I feel like I can call you that because we’re friends in my head) I suppose you could call me a lurker but I always read here. Love your blog! Happy lol day!


    1. We are friends in your head and now in mine. You know that I always feel like I’m carrying on a conversation at my kitchen table over tea when I sit down to write, right? So thanks for popping in and chatting with me for real. Your quiet support is gratefully appreciated!


    1. Hi Kelly–thanks for “uncloaking” and waving hi…high five atcha…

      I appreciate (very much) the quiet ongoing support of lurkers and love that we have a day to send our kudos to you!


  2. Hi Nilla,
    Love your blog….it is a bit darker than my lifestyle, but still your thoughts and comments are greatfully received.

    1. Hi! There are times that my stories are darker than my life as well…my fantasy world is a dark place…but I’m so glad that you enjoy reading here. Thanks for coming out and waving hi!


  3. Hello Vanillamom,

    Found your blog from Hermione’s page… So I am new to your blog, can’t wait to read through a bit and get to know you. :0)

    Happy LOL day, loved your bit about the writers living for readers and comments… So true!

    Irish Lucky

    1. Hi Irish Lucky…

      Thanks for popping over for a visit! It’s nice to find new friends isn’t it? It’s true that I write for myself foremost, but without some kind of feedback from readers, it makes for a thin meal, you know? So much more fun to be able to have a time like this to natter back and forth and try to make sense of this life we love.

      I hope you come and visit again!


    1. Hi Chelsea (and Clint!)

      Thanks for popping over! The flu…dang. So early, so …viriluent. Thankfully only 2 of my kids got it, and much lighter than I did. All that aside, I’m SO glad I didn’t miss LOL day…It’s one of my favorite days.

      Happy LOL day and I’ll be over to check your blog at some point as well!


  4. Hi Nilly love reading your blog. You are a very special lady, and your humour is almost british. Wishing you and your family a great thanksgiving.
    Love Ashly
    Today is international nipple appreciation day❗ without them tits would be pointless

    1. Hi ashlyroach,

      I’ll take that as the highest of compliments! British humor? How neat! Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes (I’m sure your history paints those rebellious pilgrims a wee bit differently than ours…!)

      Love your tagline…


    1. oh abby, thank you. I’m hoping to get some more time to write now that I’m a bit more clearheaded. I had the strangest fantasy the other night…but it was chemically induced so I’ve forgotten it already. Maybe I need more nyquill….? lol!

      Happy LOL day, and glad you said hey.. (I’ll get back to visit you at some point as well…)



    1. Hi Ronnie…

      Today saw a dramatic improvement, so thank you for your well wishes. 😀 And thanks for swinging by on LOL day and sayin’ hey.


    1. Hi LadyP….

      I wonder if you know how often I sit to write and think about all of you who come to read. “Will LadyP like this one?” I’ll wonder as I craft one of those sorts of tales. (and I know you’ll poke me for being a HEA gal…! And I always smile when I read you here. Always.)

      It’s knowing that occasionally there will be some one little thing that will spur someone to fill out that fucking form and jot me a line or two.

      I so appreciate when folks do take that time–for me and everyone else, time is such a precious commodity and we’re all strung out with “busy”…but even when there aren’t a ton of comments, I can tell by my statcounter that people have come, have read, and perhaps wandered away with a “hmmm” or an “oh my”…and will come back again for a taste of my naughty mind.

      And knowing that you are all out there, reading, smiling, doing naughty things to yourselves…it motivates me.

      As someone once said in a movie over here..

      “you make me want to be a better…” writer.
      Yes you all do.

      And so I’ll go off and work on honing the tools in my arsenal. And while I may never carry fame or name recognition on the street as “testimony” to my skills…I have you.

      So thank you. For when you lurk, and when you don’t.

      You make me want to be…better.


    1. hi hispreciouspet…

      so nice of you to drop by for LOL…and yes. I’d say you’ve found a perfect place, a perfect time, and a perfect mate…and when those perversions mesh…BOOM…there goes the awesome!!

      Thanks for taking time to comment!


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