Time (3)”

Tell me you want my cock.”

He was across the garage bay, leaning against the front fender of her car. Head tilted to one side, he looked at her. She was a beautiful mess; tits peppered with bruises, skirt hiked up to her hips, her breasts quivering. Her bottom lip was swollen from his hand and from his brutal kisses. Her face showed the strain of having her arms behind her, bearing the weight of the chain . The long length of  it trailed from her wrists to the ground,  pooled between her feet. She was close, he knew, to tumbling headlong into submission.

The tip of her tongue peeked out, her lips glistened with moisture as she licked. His cock twitched as his eyes followed the quick darting movement.

I want your cock.”

Her voice, though raspy, was audible even here. He pushed off the car, sauntering over to where she stood swaying.

“You’ve wanted my cock ever since you stood there watching me take a piss, didn’t you? You wanted to put your lips around it, feel my shaft in your hands, wanted me to shove deep into your sopping wet cunt, didn’t you?”

His words made her burn. Embarrassment warred with greed. She did want his cock. Wanted, yes, exactly as he described. Her fingers itched to hold him, feel the velvet hardness, the strong length of his shaft. Her cunt wanted to feel  him pummel her. He’d stretch her good, ride her hard. He wouldn’t be a gentle lover; he’d take, and use, and …

His hand closed in her hair, tipping her head back. His mouth moved over hers, biting hard into her sore bottom lip. She moaned into his mouth.

“You need to work harder for it.”

He stepped back, then circled behind her. She felt him tug on the chain around her wrists, heard the clank of metal. Before she could wonder what he was up to, he was in front of her once more. He was holding a box, some kind remote control. With a half-smile, he depressed the button. From above her came a click, then a soft whirring sound. She felt the jolt as the slack was taken from the chain, then her arms came up. She cried out as her shoulders protested.

“Best bend over, girl.”

She folded, her wrists and hands rising painfully above her back.  He stepped back, placing the remote on the hood of her car, clicking off the hoist moments before she thought she’d start screaming. He looked at her for a long minute, then unzipped the fly of his work coveralls. Keeping his eyes on hers, he released his shaft. He was half hard as it was; seeing her at her most vulnerable made his cock continue to stiffen. Her head tilted as she followed his progress towards her. He stopped a full two feet away.

“Come get it.”

She took a half step forward, halted by the tug on her wrists.

“C’mon girl, you can reach it–if you want it enough.”

She whimpered as her arms strained, tugged high by her need to taste him with her mouth. He was so close–and just out of reach.

“Please…” she sobbed out the word, her mouth scant inches from the tip of his shaft. The head was swollen, red, glistening right there. Right out of her reach.

“What will you give me for a taste?”

She looked up at him, confused.  The corner of his mouth turned upward.

“You know. You’ll let me fuck you? Let me spank what I think is a pretty fine ass? Let me fuck that ass? What? What will you give me in return for my letting you taste my cock?”

He watched the thoughts flicker across her face. The anal bit certainly made her shift in place, even contorted as she was. He was sure he saw the glisten of juice on her inner thigh–he could smell the arousal.

He shifted his hips, making his cock sway and bounce.


She was more aroused than she had ever been in her life. Her clit pulsed with its miniature version of his erection. Her pussy was so hot that she could feel the press of her swollen lips on her thighs, the taunting rub of her panties jammed in her slit adding to her excitement. Other than slapping her around a bit, he’d barely touched her, and she knew she had to have more.



“Anything you want to do…I’ll …yes. You can do it all.”

He nodded, that half-smile still in place, almost mocking her, or her plight, or her wantonness.

He took a small step forward.

“Offer accepted.”

Stretching out to the furthest she could bear, her tongue barely brushed against the head. She moaned in frustration, stretched herself to her limit, and dragged the top of her yearning tongue across the slit of his cock.

He stepped forward, his hand soft on the back of her head, encouraging her.

“Good girl. Keep working for it.”

She  ignored the scream from her shoulders, and the tears tracing lines of pain down her face as  he slid between her yearning lips. The silky, salty taste of him consumed her, his hand on his head taught her. Her lips stretched wide, the bottom one aching with a throb that was answered between her wet legs.

As he stepped closer, as his cock slid into the hot depths of her wet, succulent mouth, she moaned. It was so big, this magnificent penis, thick and hard, with the tender yielding skin gliding over her tongue. She tasted the sweet saltiness of him, would have taken more, swallowed every drop, but he withdrew from her hot, greedy mouth.

Her moan was answered by his laugh.

“Time to pay your bill, slut.”