He Throws me a (curve) Ball…

so…ya’ll know that M and I are wicked football fanatics, yes? (American football, that.)

So we’ve had this bet thing going all season and I’ve been *wicked* good at it, earning O’s like crazy each gameday. So this week I sent Him my bet without talking to Him first.


What the fuck was I thinking? We’re not a vanilla couple. We’re not equals. I never *asked* but I did ASSume.

Yeah. That makes me an ass.

So the game starts and I’m all happy, and suddenly the Patriots are winning by a mile and the points rack up much higher than all the talking heads on sports radio had anticipated (after all, Detroit was reputed to have a blazing defense.)…and I read a text from Him.

In this game, you LOSE an O from your O-Bank for every point scored over your prediction.

I …my heart just *fell*. We were already 3 points over when I read that, and a sudden touchdown (7 points) totally wiped out my bank. Like–ZERO. And then we headed into negative territory. I have no way to call Him, as I’m home with the family, and only minimal text ability for the same reason and I’m dying inside to know what the ramifications are for going in the hole.

When I leave for work, I call Him, but the game is still on, and He won’t tell me what happens now.

I do recall sputtering….”but…but Master!!  This means I have NO O’s before our playday….”

and His unsympathetic, “aww, that’s too bad, isn’t it?”

So…I still have no idea about what the bill will be…but the advantage has all fallen into His hands.

It’s totally unfair…

…and perfectly right within our dynamic for it to be so.

(Isn’t that maddeningly hawt???!)


6 thoughts on “He Throws me a (curve) Ball…

  1. Really…would you expect any less from Him? Devious minds are a requisite for Masters, i have come to believe…..hope you get some of those O’s back…tell Him abby said so…LOLOLOLOL.
    hugs abby

    • He must have read your mind…I was 16 HALF o’s into this..and freaking out..and he let me bet on the game Monday night. And I’ve broken even. PHEW…He let me sweat that for over 24 hours. So MEAN! I love it. Love it. 😀


    • the penalty was a half O for every point..16. SIXTEEN! But after a 24 hour sweat, He’s let me rebet on the monday night game and I’ve broken even. I think he just wanted me to know he had many ways to take my “bank” without merely taking it…so fucking devious. I just adore that part of him. 😀


  2. Silly girl…yep, those are the kinds of things that happen when you forget who and what you are. But I have a feeling it’s going to be SO worth it when you’re together again. 😀

    • omg yes. It’s been forever. Since September. And I need it sooo ooooo bad. He needs it too. We both just…combust when we’re together. Well–you know how that goes, I know you do.


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