Thanks(giving) for the Mammory Memories

It’s Thanksgiving here in the States, and the annual tradition of turkey and stuffing and all that good food and companionship and family and friends–and the time to give thanks for our many blessings–is upon us.

I do give thanks for the vanilla parts of my life, very deeply rooted gratitudes for the blessings of my family, my home, my life.

But with this other side of me, there is a different richness of blessings.

I’m blessed to have a Master who knows me as well as He does, who spoils me and teases me and urges me to be a better me. Who loves me for being the slutty little whore who begs for His attention, for being the painslut who loves the slap of His hands upon my body as much as I love the gentle kisses He sometimes bestows. I love the feel of His fist curled up in my hair, the slap of His toys on my ass, the brutal bite of His teeth on my shoulder, the way I go in looking nice, and come out looking used. I love the pain of being fucked to orgasm so many times, (with so many toys, with His cock, with His fingers, with His mouth,) that I can barely walk when our time is over. I love that we’ve made it work for all these years and keep growing closer entwined in each others needs.

And I love the way He marks me.

Three months ago He did this….(it still makes me very wet to look at these pictures…) and I’m ready for more. So yes, I’m greedy–but I have deep gratitude that His needs mesh so well with mine, that He is the answer to the question I discovered lived inside of me. So I’ll have that turkey and veggies, to be sure, and enjoy them fully. And later, not much later, I’ll enjoy the feast of His time and attention. And maybe come out looking somewhat like this once again.


Happy Thanksgiving, and Blessings to you, pervy peeps!


10 thoughts on “Thanks(giving) for the Mammory Memories

    • Thanks Jz…the rainbow colors are so nice, yes? 😀 We’re really strange people sometimes, loving those markings as we do. Even the tiniest of bruises make me happy…

      Hoping your celebration will be equally as awesome!


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