The Job (14)

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He slept like the dead.

It took a few none-too-gentle shoves to tug her hair out from under his shoulder, to get her lega s free of the sheet that he was all but mummified in–and her with him. He slept on, oblivious. True, they had fucked like minks yesterday when they came home from the club. She noticed the very deep soreness in her pussy as she rose and padded down the hall to her kitchen. She turned on her teakettle, prepared her cup with a teabag, then set about making coffee for him. Holding the opened bag in her hand, she paused, tilting her head in wonderment.

When had she started buying his coffee?

The smile bloomed as she made her tea. It seemed they had just kind of flowed into each other, despite the lack of orgasms on her part. Well, lack thereof until yesterday. Despite the hard use of her body, the beatings had been fairly gentle. She felt a twinge in her shoulder as she reached up for his mug, and another in her side as she turned to grab a pencil from the box she kept on her microwave. Yup, there were some sore spots. She wondered if it would hurt to sit, not that she sat that much in the morning anyway.

But she felt–yeh gods, she felt like she could break out of her skin and fly. It was so fucking weird.  It was almost a religious experience, she mused, filling a filter, setting the pot up so he only had to push one button when he rose. She’d had some kind of epiphany. Still not certain when Jakob had slipped away, the time and effort that he and Keegan had put into helping her through that frigging barrier in her head had been nothing short of amazing.

Who did that? Who spent time on helping someone with such a strange issue? It seemed that those who were “dominant” by nature were perceived as creatures to be wary of. They were dark and moody and prone to random acts of violence. Or so spoke mainstream media. She knew better now–the depths of care that a good Dom put into what they did–knowing their submissive’s needs–even if she didn’t want to admit them to herself. The media people didn’t get it. No, they didn’t get it at all.

Finishing in the kitchen, she scribbled a quick note, propping it on top of his mug.

coffee ready-just press start

muffin in the micro–just press start

heading to the club to clean. kiss ya later.

and maybe more.


She was flirting. On a post it note. Shaking her head at her silliness, she dashed into the bathroom and dressed in her work garb, then back out to the kitchen to grab her gear. Taking her keys, she slipped quietly out the back door and headed out to work.


She rolled her trash barrel out the doors, and down the back ramp. Enjoying the opportunity to be outside on a lovely morning, she looked up at the deeply blue sky. The air was clean, if chilly. The barrel rolled down the ramp with minimal effort. It was noisy, the only sound she could hear. A short push brought her to the dumpster. As the barrel came to a stop, she heard the faint hum of traffic on the distant highway, and something else. Egads, she hoped another freaking squirrel hadn’t gotten into the dumpster. The last time that had happened, she about had a heart attack when she opened the door and the grey beast had leapt out, chittering madly.

Cautiously, she opened the slider door on the side. It was silent inside, but she wasn’t taking any chances. She threw the bags in and closed the slider quickly. Pivoting, she began to tug the barrel back up the ramp when she heard the sound again. It sounded almost like a moan. Frowning, she moved around the dumpster.

The car, one of those mini-styled ones, was so tiny that she hadn’t seen it from the other side of the dumpster. She could see that there was someone inside. She approached cautiously, reaching into her pocket for her phone. There! There was the sound again. It was definitely coming from the person in the car. She rapped on the window.

“Hello? Hey, are you okay?”

The window slid down silently. She gasped as Fae turned her head to look at her. Without hesitation, she pressed  the emergency dialer on her cellphone.


They were gathered in the main bar area. Mandy looked around and saw the entire staff for the first time. This was a bigger business than she had imagined. She’d never really counted all the people she knew worked there. But there they were, all waiting for Jakob.

He came in at last, his face serious. Not standing on formality, he jumped up to sit on the bar and began talking.

“Some of you may know our guest, Fae?” He looked around, saw some nods, some questioning looks. “She was attacked sometime last night, beaten severely, raped.”

There were several gasps in the room, including one from Mandy. For all that she thought that she had wanted to beat the woman into a pulp herself, she didn’t really mean it.

“She either has no memory of the event, or is refusing to say. I want everyone to be on high alert, though it doesn’t seem as if it happened here, only that she drove her car here afterwards. Keep an eye on guests, and make sure you watch out for one another. That’s all folks. Thanks for coming in. Security meeting in my office in five.”

He slid down off of the bar, moving through the crowd. He stopped and talked to the gathered knot of barmaids, patting reassuringly. Halfway across the room Keegan joined him. The two men made their way to where Mandy sat, still stunned.

“How is she?” Mandy reached out a hand to Jakob. “Will she be okay?”

He took the hand, rubbing it gently. He felt the tremble there, though she had been calm and level-headed when he’d come from the club at a run. She’d called him, and called the ambulance that showed up a few minutes after he’d come out. They didn’t dare move Fae from the car. Her face was a mess, purpled and swollen, her lip cracked and leaking blood. But Mandy had taken her hand, cradled it and crooned softly to her, whispering words that calmed the broken younger woman.

She’d been calm as she’d given her statement to the police, calm as they waited for the full staff assembly. It took a lot to impress him. He was very impressed.

“She will be okay. They can’t tell if she’ll need surgery just yet, that will depend on how the swelling goes down, how she heals. There is an orbital fracture; her eye is very swollen and they can’t say for sure if the blurry vision there will be permanent or not.”

He didn’t go into more details than that, not about the broken ribs, the cracked forearm, the broken toes that bespoke of a violent, raging attack.

“I want you to be careful, Mandy.”


“You’re the one who is in and out of here the most. Out to the dumpster, out to clean the front door, down in the basement–it’s a risk. And you and Fae have a brief, but nasty history. Though I think that the two things are likely not even connected.”

He paused at the look of shock on her face. He had certainly given the cops the name of the man who had threatened him, and one of his employees. It didn’t hurt to be overcautious.  A private word with Keegan would do well here.  He didn’t want her to be paranoid, either. Squeezing her hand, he continued.

“Fae could well have gone to one of the other gatherings in town where things aren’t always as well regulated…or hooked up with someone who just has a big old case of “don’t give a fuck” for a sub. We won’t get any answers for a while. I just want you–and the other women on my staff–to take an extra moment to check before you head out, okay? And if you’re here in the evening, to get an escort to take you to your car.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but his finger covered her lips.

“No arguing. I’m the boss. This goes for all of you women. And–I’m sure I’ll get this same shit from all you girls; nonetheless, it’s my club, and my rules.”

She licked his finger. His brow rose. Behind him slightly, Keegan saw what she had done and tried to stifle his own grin. Sassy assed wench, he thought. He knew who would win this bout. Still, it was entertaining to watch. He caught her attention.

“Are you done here, Mandy? I can escort you to your car and feel you up.” He winked and leered suggestively.

She blushed. “Must you be so…so…brazen?

He laughed.

“You’re reading too many romance novels. Brazen? Who says that at a sex club?”

He laughed again. Her scowl fierce, she settled for poking him hard in the chest, before turning back to Jakob. In her best little-girl sing-song voice she offered him her most saccharine, insincere smile.

“Yes Sir. I pwomise to not go outside at night without a big, bad, fierce escort, and to look twice before I go outside.”

He tugged her ponytail, and shook his head with a sigh.

“You are all going to give me a ration of shit about this aren’t you?”

Not waiting for an answer, he turned to hail Marcy, one of his barmaids.


“He means it, and I mean it too. Make sure you get an escort to your car, got it?” Keegan’s face was serious.

“Yes, Sir two. I got it. . . get it. I’ll be fine, but …poor Fae. She was a stupid girl to set me up like that, but she didn’t deserve what happened to her.”

He hugged her tight, and kissed the top of her head.

“I need to finish up. I’ve dumped the trash,  cleaned the bathrooms, mopped the floors. I just need to restock the washrooms and then I’m done.”

“I’ll help you–”

“No. You’re the bouncer. I’m the cleaning woman. I don’t do your job–” she made a face at his quick, amused grin “–and you don’t do mine, Mr. Tough-guy.”

She felt his eyes following her as she headed into the store room. It felt good to be fussed over, to be worried about. Funny that she felt the same way about him.

New Dancer Chapter!

You may remember that Will Redbud and I have been co-writing a story “The Dancer”. If you’d like to read his latest chapter, it is to be found here. It’s a wonderful addition to the tale and it has certainly (ahem) whet my whistle to dive into my chapter! Alas, my writing time is once more being curtailed (holidays, vacation, and the ending of the two week crud)…but new things are in the works soon, my pervie readers. For now, go visit my Dark Fantasies site, and read Will’s latest offering…you won’t regret it. Plus there are links to the original story and the other chapters there as well!

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By now, I would have been fucked in the ass.

Fucked in the ass, and the mouth, and the cunt.

There would be huge bruises on my tits, on my ass.

Welts. Oh, yes, there would be welts, too.

Sitting would hurt.

My pussy would throb. Because He does love to make me cum. And cum. And cum…until I’m whimpering and moaning and asking for no more, no more…but still He does it again, mouth or fingers or toys, making me cum, making me dizzy, making my pussy turn red and swollen, a hot, aching fire of awesome pain and sublime satiation.

My arms would hurt. Sore from His pinches, sore from being contained, cuffed to my thighs or over my head, when I jerk and twist and try to break free to stop what He is doing (fat chance, but still those herky jerky movements come).

His hand would be sore, from the strict over the knee spanking that He loves to deliver, that I love to get, even if I do wind up squirming and whimpering well before He’s done.

My toes would throb, sore from the 6.5″ heels I wear with Him, standing with my nose to the wall while He sneaks up and beats where ever He wants. Thighs, calves, arms, back, ass–all are here just waiting to fall victim to His toys.

My legs would be stressed from being spread so wide as He fucks me. Ankles up on His shoulders, or splayed wide as I’m facedown on the bed’s corner while He slides things in my ass to stretch me before His cock fills me.

My nipples would be stretched and sensitive. The clamps hurt when He throws me onto the bed, belly first. They rub and twist and ache, and yet I cum, cum hard when He does it. His mouth, sucking and biting and tormenting them afterwards, as He feasts on the prepared bits of my breasts. They are swollen, too, aching and arching for Him, no matter how hard He hurts them. And I cum, as He sucks on them, even before His fingers reach down, and slam into my cunt and demand more.

If only.


*cough cough cough cough*

The Job (13)

She whimpered, she moaned, she struggled but she could not expel the thing in her ass. A hand came to pet her head, long gentle strokes that soothed.

“I know kitten, it’s uncomfortable. Does it help to know that it will get worse before it gets better?”

Worse? she thought, slightly panicked.

“Worse? How…I…”

She felt the shift of air, heard his voice much closer, and guessed he was now sitting beside where she lay, head over the horse.

“Whomever put that block in your head, gods save him if I ever discover who he was, caused you to believe that the failure was yours. In truth, little one, many women can’t cum from just penetration…they may need clitoral stimulation, or anal play or something else. So…we’re going to go with “something else” and do something that Doms really, really enjoy.”

He paused, his fingers stroking along the tops of her breasts as they spilled out from the top of her corset, hanging like ripe fruit in this upside-down position. She gasped as his fingers tugged at her nipples, the sensation traveling like a jolt of lighting to her clit.

“See? Already your senses are on high alert, girl. We’re going to push you hard, through pain to pleasure.”

She felt that small swirl of air on her face, and knew he’d risen and moved away.

“You’ll feel a little pinch,” Keegan’s voice came from her side, moving towards her. Dear gods now what where they going to do to her? She shivered, feeling very vulnerable. She reared up when her right nipple was pinched, hard.

“A LITTLE pinch?” she yelped, knowing her other nipple would be grabbed next.

“Hey, at least we’re not using the big chain,” Keegan laughed.

“It really hurts…”

“It really is supposed to…”

“You’re totally unsympathetic, you bastard!”

“I know.” His voice was amused, not in the least bothered by her heated response. She was more aroused now than she had been when they’d spent the night together, and he’d used every vanilla trick in the book to try to eke out a response.

All was quiet for a moment, as she absorbed the ache in her nipples. She realized the throb in her anus had lessened–or perhaps the pain in her tits ruled just now. A faint click was followed by a humm that she recognized as a vibrator. It touched along her pussy lips, slowly moving down, up, around, even pressing against the plug in her bum. Her moan was involuntary.

With a slowness that was maddening, the shaking press of the vibe moved up her slit, until it found her clitoris, and pressed firmly. A hand came down sharply on her right cheek, the first time that side had been touched. She yelped, she yowled, she shuddered and twitched as one of them–she was sure it was Jakob, as his hand fell repeatedly on her ass. Fingers slid inside of her, pressing in and out firmly, the vibe still shaking her clit. He hit a spot..the infamous g-spot?, her over-active mind wondered, and she arched, yowling.

“Yessss,” came the hiss of satisfaction from behind her. “Again..”

The slaps on her throbbing butt came harder, faster. The vibe slipped around her clit, short circles that tormented. Fingers thrust and stroked.

Something built deep inside of her body, a quiver, a tremor, and suddenly, a shockwave of sensation snapped through her like a broken bow. She screamed, her body drawn taut, before it exploded. She shook, her heart raced, her pussy was destroyed. Paroxysms tingled through–fingers, toes curled, her eyes squeezed shut, her breath caught and held. She was alive, she was dead, she dripped sweat, she was slicked in cum. Tension drained, her body softened, and she collapsed, spent. Dimly she heard the men talking, their voices seeming to come from miles away. She didn’t feel, didn’t notice, when her hands were freed, that she was pulled from the horse, cradled against Keegan’s chest.


When she roused, she shivered.


“yes…I’m…so wet…”

He chuckled.

“That would be an understatement. I’m glad you’re awake–you have quite a mess to attend to…”

She blinked.

“Wait…what? I finally have an orgasm and you’re making me clean it up?”

“Well, unless you want to take a smear of it and hang it in your office as a trophy, of course you’re going to clean it up!”

“You made me cum.”

She paused, staring up at Keegan, glancing over at Jakob.

“And really? We’ve only just begun.”

They exchanged amused glances as she was tugged to her feet. oooOh my, was her last rational thought for quite some time.

The Job (12)

“This will help.”

She wasn’t sure about that as he slid the blindfold over her eyes.

“Trust me?”

She nodded, though the urge to bite her lip and fidget nervously was omnipresent. She didn’t even have the thin protection of her panties, for gosh sake. She was all but naked in front of her boss, and the guy that she was feeling very attached to. Though in all likelihood she was going to have to break up with him, since she was such a bad…

“Follow me.”

His voice cut through her burgeoning self-doubt. His tone was firmer somehow. Jakob was always direct, but now there was more than a hint of steel behind his words. She took a tentative step. She knew she was in the middle of the very large room, knew where his voice had come from, but there was a blindfold covering her eyes. She felt more than a little foolish, and a bit embarrassed. Because, hello, naked. Or practically.

“Where are you?”

“Where are you….Sir.”

The voice came from directly in front of her. Her teeth worried her bottom lip before she could contain herself. His words reminded her vividly of what she had agreed to back in his office. If she wanted to fix herself…if she wanted a chance with Keegan…she had to allow herself to become submerged in their world. There was that prefix again, the one that kept tripping her up. “Sub.” She wasn’t “under” anyone–she’d fought too hard to get to where she was in life to be comfortable being a “sub”-anything. And yet. This was how things worked at Nettles, how things worked in the D/s life that was integral to both men. They were dominant…and she was not. He continue after a brief pause, once more interrupting her mental struggles.

“In here, when we are having a scene, I am “Sir” to you–to any submissive. Not Jakob. Right now I control all that happens to you. Understood?”

She nodded, her voice hidden behind the large nervous lump in her throat. A hard swat fell on her ass.


She jumped, rubbing at her bottom.

“That hurt!”

“That’s kind of the point, kitten. I expect you to answer when spoken to. I don’t hold with too much fussiness regarding protocols, but I do expect manners–and obedience.”

“Yes, SIR,” she responded promptly, as she had seen people in the armed services do.

“Don’t be a smartass, kitten.”

“Yes, Sir,” she muttered. His laugh reassured her.

“Follow me.”

She found, by listening very carefully, she could just hear his footfalls on the wooden floor. When they stopped, she stopped.

“I didn’t ask you to stop moving.”

His voice came from behind her, confusing her.

“Well, hell, where are you?”

There was the sound of two male voices laughing.

“I told you she’d be feisty.”

“That you did.”

Hands took her by the wrists, lifting them up. She was puzzled. Wasn’t she in the middle of the room? Something snapped around them, something chilly and metallic. And … OMG…

“Are you…handcuffing me?!”

She was astonished, and a bit worried now. She’d seen this all before, she reminded herself. Had been working here for months, and seen scenes that unfolded this way–handcuffs or rope, or any manner of strange ways of containment. But it was very different now. Now it was happening to her.

“Hold onto this.”

Keegan. He was handing her something. It was long and thick.

“You want me to hold onto a stick?”

Another hard swat on her bare bum reminded her.

“Sir… You want me to hold a stick Sir?

“Yes, sub. I want you to hold this.”

He pushed her hands closer together. She felt the rope in the middle of the stick. He moved her hands until  her fingers rubbed up against it. A moment later she felt rope wrapping over her wrists, across her fingers, between her hands. There was no way she could let go of the stick now–it was bound to her.  She was bound to it.

“All set.”

Keegan’s voice was directly in front of her, but aimed behind her. She felt a tug against the stick and her arms rose up, steadily upward until they were overhead. And still they rose, forcing her to her toes. Keegan whispered in her ear, as his hands did a quick study of her exposed tits.

“We won’t do this for too long. Enough to make you uncomfortable though.”

Jakob…that would be Sir Jakob now…was behind her. His hand glided over her shoulder, down her back, over and around her ass. It made her feel… uncomfortable. And maybe a bit–just a little bit– erotic.

“Usually I like to gag a submissive for this scene, but I’m interested to hear your reactions. You’re not here to play up a scene…your first time will be a treat for all of us.”

She didn’t know what he hit her with…it didn’t make a sound in the air, and he wasn’t hitting her hard. It stung, but it was bearable. A quick tremble ran through her, a shudder that she couldn’t conceal.  She had no idea why all those subs getting hit did all that moaning and groaning. Perhaps it was all an act after all.

It took a moment for the sound, and the shockwave of pain to hit. It rolled into her consciousness, a tsunami of sensation. The sound had been faint, but the blow, square in the center of her left butt cheek made her dance in place. Her toes ached, her ass ached, and she could not reach down and rub at the pain.

“FUCK! OW! That fucking hurt!”

Another blow fell, and rather than hitting the other cheek, landed just to the side of the prior strike. He made a quick circle of slaps around that first one, each a hard shock to her body. She yelped, she danced, she swore. Her breath came in thick gulps, trying to anticipate the next blow, and always failing. The pain radiated in a hot circle on her left cheek. A warm hand stroked over the abused skin, soothing for a moment before another strike completed the circle. She held onto the stick for dear life, her toes throbbing, her shoulders aching and her ass, dear gods, her ass was on fire. Their voices came from behind her, shaking her from the pain-induced lethargy.

“Looks like a flower.”

“A hairbrush daisy?”

“Needs a stem.”

“No! No it doesn’t need a …oH FUUUCK!”

Three taps with something different moved over the bottom of her ass, including that heretofore unknown sensitive area where her bottom ended and her leg began.  She danced in place, trying to avoid him, trying to avoid the slaps.

“Didn’t know you could dance so well, kitten.”

His voice was thick with amusement as he hammered more blows down her thigh.

“Why are you only hitting THAT side….?” Her wailing yelp ended as another “oh fuck” took precedence over further speaking. He was fucking laughing and her ass hurt like it was on fire, her thigh was burning, her toes were cramping…

Her arms were falling. Hands steadied her at the waist, as she came down to her full feet again, as she wobbled with the sudden release from pain.

“I’d check her if I were you.”

“I’m fine,” she began, but stopped when his hand cupped her.

“Oh…but I’m not..I mean really no….”

His finger slid into the fleshy slit.

“Indeed?” He paused a moment, his fingers sliding deeper between her legs.

His chuckle was warm on her cheek.

“Oh, but you are…”


She thought she would die of mortification. Thanking the powers that be for the blindfold, she could almost tune out that the two men–her boss and her lover–were discussing the state of her arousal. And then the talk shifted to other things, things she could not fathom at all.

“No, that’s too much. The pink one.”

“Yes. And the smaller…yes that one.”

“Come along kitten.”

A finger hooked into her bodice and tugged her across the room. She was fumble-footed, her bottom throbbing. They had not uncuffed her hands, so she couldn’t rub the ache away.

“We’re going to try something  a bit different now. ”

That was all the warning she got before she was directed to step up. And bend over. The smell of leather was familiar, and she knew instantly that she was being bent over the ‘horse’.

“Oh…oh…but wait…I…”

“Yes kitten?”

His voice was in her face, as he fiddled with her hands. There was a tug, and a click.

“I’m not sure…”

“I am.”

His hand cupped her chin. Despite the odd angle, he kissed her soundly, and she melted into the moment. She felt something wet along her buttcrack, and gasped. His lips pressed against hers.

“Ssssh…it only hurts for a moment…”

A finger…not Keegan’s, but her bosses, which added to the embarrassment, probed between…and pressed against her butt.

“OH…oh noooo….”

“Just lubing you up, little one.”

She could hear the smile in his voice. She tugged her wrists, trying to slid back to her feet, but she was firmly attached. She moaned as his finger entered her ass, as it slid in and out. It hurt and it was embarrassing. And then it was gone.

“Keegan, I believe you should attend to this part,” Jakob said.

With a quick kiss on the tip of her nose, she felt the movement of air as he moved away from her.  To her credit, she only shrieked a little when something very firm was pressed quite insistently against her asshole, and a second time when it entered…and stayed.



Blessed Solstice


It is officially winter here in the northern hemisphere, as we celebrate the longest night of the year. . . which means that from here on out, we’ll be adding daylight to each day. We even had a wee bit of snow over night. (The snow pictured above occurred in November!)

Blessings to you and yours as the wheel of the year turns winterward….!!


The Job (11)

I am not wearing that.”

“Sure you are.”

“There’s no bottom. And the top is…is…”

“…is a corset? Yes, and what is wrong with a corset?”

“It’s…not my style.”

“Let us be honest here, little girl. You have NO idea about what your “style” is. You’re taking a walk in my world now. Which means I’m the boss…..”

He paused. She wanted to speak up. She wanted to keep that air of bravado that had landed her this job in the first place.  She wanted to remind him that of course he was the boss. He WAS the boss. But also…

Not the boss of me, she longed to say. His eyes drilled into hers. And…damn him! He was the victor in that little contest, she fumed silently as her eyes fell to the black corset he held out to her. She watched as her hand reached out and took the blasted thing.

“Good girl. Because you, my dear, are not the boss, but the listener. And, to remain a good girl, an obey-er as well. Go put that on now.”

His tone told her that he would brook no further argument from her. And since he had plans for her that she was totally unsure of, she decided that retreat was the better form of valor here. She ducked into the bathroom in Jakob’s office. Immediately she opened the door again.

“You’re sure I need to…”

His voice sliced through any lingering doubt.

“Get. Dressed.”

He’d never been quite that stern with her before. Her belly quaked a bit, actually. Not with fear, per se. But some small part of her still quaked at such authority. He didn’t yell, ever. He just used that…that voice.

Dom voice.

The one that let her know that all her attempts to wheedle him out of this would be for naught, and she’d wind up wearing the fucking corset in the end, so give up now. Damn him.

And why did it give her heart a curious, giddy thrill? She slid into the contraption, figuring out how to hook the back hooks. There was no way she was taking off her panties. She just wasn’t. The hem of the thing didn’t even come close to covering her ass or her triangle. She looked in the mirror and sighed.  Her bra looked strange underneath. Thinking about the people who came to the club dressed in these outfits, she realized the bra had to go. But boy didn’t it leave a lot of her tits exposed? She swallowed hard as she looked in the big mirror.

“That’s very  nice.”

She hadn’t heard the door open, but he was right there behind her. He towered over her of course. His hands rose to her bare shoulders, trailed down her arms as he bent forward over her.

“Very, very nice. How did I not ever know you had all this under your clothing?”

His hands slipped up her arms, raising gooseflesh in their passage, then, with fingertips only, touched light as a feather over the round mounds of her breasts.  His breath teased along her ear as she watched him touching her. Her eyes were huge, her cheeks pink with embarrassment, for surely that was the only thing affecting her. She looked sexy. Sensual.

He stood up, and his hands moved to her hair.

“Although I do enjoy my girls with ponytails–they do make rather excellent handles–today I want your hair down.”

He tugged out her scrunchie and watched as her hair tumbled over her shoulders and cascaded down her back.

“You have that ‘just ripe’ look that I find most appealing, kitten.”

She refused to meet his eyes, refused to bite her lip like that stupid girl from that summer reading sensation. Her belly quivered. Nerves. It was all just nerves. She was bro—. She stopped that thought quickly, certain he would read it on her face.

“Come along, little one, we have much to get to.”

She wondered what that meant.


They walked up to the third floor. She turned to him on the landing.


“Today this space is private. No one else will come into the club. That’s why we’re doing this now. He’ll be here, watching, of course. I’m teaching him as much as you.”

“It won’t work.”

“Best to get that right out there, huh? That you’re setting out to fail from the start?”

She blinked. “Well…no…that’s not what I meant…”

“Yet it is what you said, what the implications of your words mean.”

“I don’t want you to …”

Now she did bite her lip, looking nervous.

“Don’t want me to what? Fuck you? No. That’s between you and your man.”

“Oh gawd…I…no…I mean..Jesus…how can I…”

She covered her face with her hands.

“Take off those silly panties.”

Her hands fell as her mouth opened in a round O of shock.

“Go on now, girl. Get them off and leave them on the doorknob there.”

“Leave. My panties. On the doorknob??”

He laughed, delighted at her reaction. She smiled back at him, relieved. Aah, so he was just joking then. She moved to open the door, but his hand snaked around her waist.

“Uh huh. Panties first, kitten.”

She couldn’t look at him, couldn’t think. She slid down the panties, crumpling them in her fist and trying to ignore that her bare bottom was inches from his legs.

“On the knob, kitten.”

“Oh gawd…” she moaned softly.


Her hand shook visibly as she draped the white cotton panties on the knob. If this part was hard, what the hell else was going to transpire?


He watched her come into the room, Jakob right behind her. Gods but she was stunning. J had said she had the makings of a real sexy slut, but for once, he just hadn’t seen it. Perhaps he’d been blinded by all the more obvious women who came to the club. Or maybe he just always pictured her with her jeans and white tee-shirt, hair cobbled up on her head. She wasn’t into artifice, didn’t seek to attract. Yet she did, she had. He was drawn to her like he’d never experienced before. She didn’t see him at first, her walk halting as they crossed the room. When she did look up, look at him, the smile illuminated her face. And then the blush glowed richly.

“He made me put on this get-up…”

“He was right to do so. He’s the boss, after all.”

“Not the boss of me.”

A hand fisted in her hair, dragging her to an abrupt stop. His voice  was that firm Dom voice again.

“Tonight I am the boss of you. Best you don’t forget that, little one. For now I am your dom, and you are my submissive. You will follow my directives, and you will cum.”

She didn’t speak, not a word slipped past her lips, but he knew the words locked inside. He shook her head, hard enough to jar.

“You will cum.”


The Job (10)

It wasn’t an epic fail, but it was a fail nonetheless.

Well, she had told him, she comforted herself as she stood under the hot spray of her shower. But he’d have none of that “I can’t” talk, she reminded herself. Just kept putting his finger over her lips when she’d start saying it. So the fail was his as well. She nodded to herself.  She couldn’t have an orgasm. And despite the beginnings of a connection with him, whatever this relationship was, it was already over. Because, hello, she was fucking broken! 

She’d rolled off the bed,  told him to go. They’d had a good time in her bed, time that had been enjoyable. She tried, tried to relax. Tried to feel the building bud of excitement. But she hadn’t cum, hadn’t helped him get off, just hadn’t.

Resting her forehead on the shower wall, hot water sluicing down her back, she remembered the feel of his hands sliding over her, the way his fingers cupped and kneaded her breasts, the arousal she began to feel.

Her head came up as tears threatened. She let them drown in the spray of water. It had died, that feeling, almost as soon as it began. She liked him touching her. She loved his mouth, the kisses that were as potent as a drug, the way his mouth had moved over her nipples, had buried itself between her thighs. It just …didn’t happen.

Maybe it was an epic fail.

She snapped off the shower, wrapped her hair in a towel, and her body in another. She’d get her sweats on and go order Chinese or something. She stopped in her bedroom. What was that smell? Hurrying to the kitchen, she wondered if she’d knocked a burner into the “on” position on her way through with Keegan. They’d been kiss-tangled at the time, bouncing off cabinets and her small kitchen set.

She stopped dead in the doorway.

“Hi. Have a nice shower?”

“Wha—what are you doing?”

“I don’t know about you, but I call it cooking.”


“Surely you didn’t think I was just going to walk out and not talk about what didn’t happen in there?” He pointed in the direction of the bedroom. “That’s not how this works, kitten.”

Her mouth opened and closed, but she had no words.

He pulled out a chair and pointed to it. She sat, looking pole-axed.


“So, we talked it through, but there weren’t any concrete resolutions. If she keeps on thinking she’s broken, and god help the asshole who put that thought into her head if I ever find him, she’s going to believe it so deeply that I’ll never be rid of it.”

“It seems she’s already bought into it–”

“Well, she has, but it is always said somewhat tentatively.”

“Don’t interrupt me son.”

Keegan snorted into his coffee cup. There was no one who knew more about sex in general, and D/s as a lifestyle than Jakob. He’d been in the scene almost his entire life; his mother had been a professional Dominitrix –and likely still was though she was going on 75. He’d only met her once but she’d made him very nervous, which no one else had ever done. But when his friend put that Old Geezer voice on? It never failed to make him laugh. Or listen. Damn him anyway!

“As I wuz sayin’…”

“Okay, geezer, I get it. I’m all ears.”

“That’s not what I heard…according to Miz Traylor.” Jakob paused to laugh.  He really enjoyed getting under Keegan’s skin at times. Nothing would jostle him out of a mood faster.  Miz Traylor loved to watch Keegan in a scene, and would tease him relentlessly afterward. She had no interest in bedding him, but she very much enjoyed making him squirm. A die-hard lesbian, nothing made Keegan blush as the things Miz T would say to him. A blushing Dom was nothing short of hysterical, Jakob thought.

“Geezuz, J….” and the tips of his ears pinkened.

“So, back to your little problem. Here’s what I think. I think you need to stop being such a baby with her. She is curious. I swatted her butt way back when she started here, and I know it got her going. Some submissives don’t always understand what’s happening to them. You’re going to be the one to help guide her. So I would suggest doing so carefully.”

“I think you should help. Since you are so sure of her ‘hidden needs’ and all. Besides–It will be fun.”

“Fun, huh? Fun getting my janitor all hot and bothered, so that you can walk in and fuck her, while I get to walk out with hard wood?”

He laughed at the look on Keegan’s face, then continued.

“But lucky for you,  I don’t mind priming her. I like her–and you, though I’m not sure why since you’re so fucking ugly. But she’s wounded and I don’t mind having the chance to help heal that. And she has a really fine ass, too.”

He smiled as Keegan bristled.

“Well, she does, right? Let me know when and I’ll make sure that we have nothing else scheduled at that time. Monday’s are best you know. She’s here, you’re free, club is closed.”

They talked a bit more, until they’d decided on a course of action. Keegan left J’s office feeling much better than he had when he walked in.


He took her to dinner. Took the menu from her, and said “Let me.” To his amazement, she did. If she was bemused that they hadn’t spoken further of the sexual breakdown she’d had, he let her wallow in it for the nonce. He caught more than a few inquiring, curious glances from her, at dinner, and the following day. He’d only kissed her firmly at her apartment door, then with a smile, turned and walked away. She was thinking hard while she cleaned, her brows furrowed more than once when he would walk through the room where she was working.

She wondered what the fuck was going on.He was still interested. Still taking her out on dates. Dinner last night had been a bit strange, but she had kind of liked it too, the guy ordering for the little lady and all. But she was still feeling shy? Maybe not shy. Weird? Yeah. She was definitely feeling weird. Guys she knew from before would have been long gone by now. But Keegan kept taking her out.  At work, he’d seek her out, fondling her tits when he could get her alone, or even sneaking up behind her while she was working and swat her on the ass. When she’d whirl with a squeal,  he’d grab her up,  tug her into another of those torrid kisses. She was puzzled. She was intrigued. She was very curious. Well, there was one person here who knew Keegan better than anyone. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on Jakob’s office door. Her eyes glanced at the “NO” plate. Wondering what, exactly “no” meant, she opened it at his very poorly timed “come”. If only.

“Ah, Mandy. How are things going?”

“I’m good, boss. Fine. Uhm… I was wondering what “no” meant on the door?”

He looked at her a moment, a faint half-smile on his face.


“Well, ah, that wasn’t why I came in here–I just kind of wondered is all. Never thought to ask before.”

“Ah. Well. It depends on why anyone is coming in here. If someone is looking to fuck in my private space, then NO. If a slut is here asking for permission to cum, then NO. If someone wants a special order? Maybe. But I thought NO was still a good answer and went with it. It stops a lot of bothersome nonsense, you see.”

Steepling his fingers, he gazed at her impassively.

“I’m supposing you aren’t here with bothersome nonsense, are you kitten?”

His voice had turned silky. Damned if that didn’t make her knees wobbly. He could be very “dangerous” in this mood. He teased her quite a bit, in a big brother sort of way. But sometimes he just let the Dominant side of him ride loose and free–and she didn’t quite know how to deal with that side of him yet.

“It makes me nervous when you do that,” she blurted.

“Do? Do what, kitten?”

“That!” she waved her hand at him. “That…dom stuff. You’re not my dom and I am not a submissive and … you still …I dunno….”

His smile grew sharper, and she supposed that this was the sort of things that got other girls going, that look on his face. It spoke of predators, and things that went bump in the night. And in here? It spoke of whips and chains and bondage and sex fantasies brought to life.

She cleared her throat.

“I…uh…wanted to ask about…Keegan. He…I…there was an issue….and…uh…”

She rolled her eyes, and blushed furiously.

“You are SO not making this easy.”

“Good things are rarely easy, girl.”

Taking a deep breath, she moved closer, daring to sit in one of those huge leather chairs.

“I can’t make him stop, you see. I can’t please him, I can’t…you know. I told you already. I’m broke–”


It was pure Dom that interrupted before she could finish the word.

“I have tolerated you saying that for months. Mandy, you are not broken. Someone, somewhere, fucked you up. They were fucking awful in bed, and blamed you at a time when you were vulnerable. Your problem? Is buying into it. If someone told you that you were stupid, would you believe them?”

She shook her head vehemently no.

“No, of course not,” he continued. “Because you know that you’re a fucking smart woman. You have successfully taken care of yourself–paid your bills, maintained an apartment and a vehicle, and a job where your skills are definitely needed. So–not stupid. That said? You took his fuck up…whomever “he” was…because he couldn’t satisfy you…and turned it into a mantra that you’ve repeated often enough that your body believes it. You need to get through that, past that. I don’t think Keegan is able to do that.”


“Hear me out, Mandy. He can’t, because he really cares about you. About fucking this up. So. He’s dumped you into my lap.”

She blinked, sitting up straight in the chair.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Yup. You’re my problem now.”

She stared at him, horror written clearly on her face.

“I–I…no. No. Not possible. I can’t let my boss be the “cure” for my …my …orgasm issues. Oh my gawd.”

Her hands covered her flaming face. Soft ‘no, no, no, this isn’t happening’ came from between her fingers, to his vast amusement.

Keegan was right. This was going to be a lot of fun.


OH Yeah…He *needs* “It”…

He may define “need and want” differently (or more basically) that I…but I’ll tell you that I’m sporting some pretty awesome bruises from his ferocious pinching…in public mind you. We met at a little gift shop that is mid-way between us, and He took that sensitive bit of flesh under my upper arm between His fingers, through my coat, hard enough to bring tears to my eyes…and “escorted” me inside. Sure, it looked like He was being the most considerate of gentlemen, holding my arm as He steered me inside. Only I, and of course He, knew otherwise.

Then at His car, He got my other arm in a biting grip as He talked on his cell to his son. All calm and nonchalant as he carried on this conversation, and there I am, nearly dying to cry out or moan or something and yet I cannot. Because, you know. Phone. Son. Geezuz I was so turned on, hurting so much. He smiles at me, and I see that He’s as into this as I am. Sure, I may crave it more vocally then him, and maybe even more regularly than Him…but He left me in no doubt that hurting me is His pleasure.

And when I showed Him how long my hair was getting, He wraps it in His fist and suddenly I’m looking up at the sky through the lift-back of his car. Tears sting my eyes once more, even as my clit starts banging in harmonic resonance with the throb in my hair follicles.

Today I’m bruised on my arms and belly (where He admonished me firmly that some of that (muffin top–don’t you hate that term?!) had to go…it was simply too tempting, and easy, for Him to assault…) and my heart is singing…