Sick–But Still Domly

We played football gambling again and I lost. And then I lost AGAIN…so I’m 8 half-o’s in the hole…

He tells me tonight, in his deeply raspy sick-voice, that He MIGHT let me take a try on tonights game…but no matter what I HAD to take 2 half-o’s tonight, 3 minutes apart. Fucking TORTURE!

So I said, knowing Tuesday I get my free O…always…that I’d just stay up late and take my half-o’s just before midnight…and then it would be “Like Day” and I could have that free O…

“Oh no you won’t, slut. It doesn’t work like that. You have to have those 2 half-0’s and I don’t care if it is at 10 or 1130 or when…but your Like Day O? Can only happen at the END of the day on Tuesday, and NOT at midnight. I feel like shit–so you can suffer too…”

Put in my place.

Not fucked up after a play day—but still fucked with.


3 thoughts on “Sick–But Still Domly

    1. That he does. He’s still not feeling well…but he’s still SUCH a Dom…*smiling*…he’s very pleased that I’ve been uncomfortably horny all day… (I’m happy to have pleased him and uncomfortable in my own skin today! Clever Bastard!)


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