This ‘n That and Stuff

Two half-O’s (or edgings if you prefer) and I’m feeling very submissive, very on edge, very needy. And horny. So frigging horny. I don’t know how I will manage to walk around today and not grind my pussy on any pole-like object I see. Suddenly the ‘vanilla’ part of me has been brutally shoved into the background and the slut, well, she’s roaring with needs.

All of which makes me want to write, write, write, because that’s what sexually frustrated sluts do, don’tcha know?

But alas, today my car and my child both need visits to the doctor, the former is an easy (and cheap, for once!) fix, the latter isn’t serious….but those two errands combined will make my morning crazed. Alas, this is all the time I have for banging (see what I did there? I tell you, the slut is *raging* inside of me!) out a few words.

With Christmas looming, and tons of cookies to bake (don’t forget the Cookie Recipe Swap hosted by Jz) and impending vacation of the family here…my writing time will be severely curtailed by the last third of the month. I’m hoping that this afternoon I’ll get some time to put words to paper to help assuage this burning between my thighs. Okay, it won’t totally make it go away, but perhaps it will make it bearable to share some of my horny with you all?


Oh, and if this is your first time reading here in December, then you should know that it snows on my blog (and other WordPress blogs) during the month of December. You’re eyes are not wigging out because you’re running your fingers in unmentionable places.


Or maybe they are – – – but it is still snowing on my blog.


Okay, off to start my day, and see what will develop in my fevered brain for our friend Mandy….

7 thoughts on “This ‘n That and Stuff

    1. Thank you, darling andi…(I’ve been a very neglectful friend, I’m sorry to say. Forgive me?)

      Hugs and much love to a special and wonderful woman–


  1. I’m so glad you explained about the snow!!!!!! LOLOL. My blog started snowing and I thought, oh, how cute. And then I saw other blogs doing it too and I just thought it was my new computer or something. Hahaha!

    1. You can stop it if it bothers you but I forget how now. I like it, and it goes with my background so… 😀 But no, you’re not going crazy and neither is your new ‘puter!



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