HNT- An Absence of Pain/Need Pain

When one is a painslut, getting a regular dose of pain — sensual, Dom-inflicted pain– is a necessity, not merely a “thing I do to get off”. I’m missing that touch, other than the control He’s exerted over my cunt this past week. (4 half-o’s down, 4 to go, and MUST be done before Midnight on Thursday. Ah fuck me runnin’….!)

That’s one kind of pain, that edging to the point of orgasm and stopping it, shutting it down cold. I fucking *hate* it…but I love it when He’s dominating me enough to keep us both interested, keeping me on my metaphoric toes. (otherwise what’s the point, right?)

The peg on the nipple is another sort of pain. My nipples have been super sensitive this fall, for no discernible reason. And even the simple touch of the clothing peg is painful.

And delightful.

Not Him, not His hands tormenting me, but still a quick hard bite of pain to tamp down the sudden raging river of need that is swirling through me these days.


7 thoughts on “HNT- An Absence of Pain/Need Pain

    1. we’re all different, aren’t we? And for a while? A clothespin wasn’t enough…these days? VERY sensitive bits…


  1. I can’t imagine having to go through the challenge of edging like that. I hate being edged (though he does it quite frequently). Still, he control that, not me. I don’t think I would be able to edge myself.
    I completely understand where you are coming from on this post.

    1. it’s rough, that edging bit…it is torture. And in my head despite it being self inflicted, it IS at His desire to make me to it. That makes me feel more connected to him, helps me see that He is still very interested in our D/s connection. (He’s way more of an “it’s when we’re together that I care about hurting you” kind of guy…)


    1. Hi little darling…

      thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m glad my post resonated. it’s amazing when we find our way to something that just …helps us define ourselves, isn’t it?



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