I am…I’ve started the next installment and hope to roll out a few more on Tuesday…but tonight I am anxiously watching the outcome of the football game (American) because I am SO in the hole right now with Him that I HAVE to win tonight or I’m going to be edging for a week and that might just flip me over the edge, you know? I’ll be a growling angsty, angry, needy, weepy child for some sexual action.

Damn He’s good.

I tried to set up a timeline for paying back the ‘debt’ and there is a moment of silence. Then a small breath and a crisp ‘nilla’.

I shut the fuck up right away at that particular tone. I’m not sure why–it’s not at all threatening. Except it is.

“I’m the one who sets that schedule up, nilla. That’s my job, my enjoyment, not yours.”

I feel my throat just slam shut and I squeak out a faint

“Yes Sir, Yes Master”

And suddenly I’m so turned on I can barely believe it. I’m driving and it’s FUCKING cold here and yet, I’m suddenly aware of an inferno between my thighs.


He’s just that fucking good. So now I really have to go and pray that another 20 points get scored so I get out of the hole. I can’t win any O’s…but it will wipe the slate clean if I can win on  points!

MORNING UPDATE….NOT SURE WHAT THE FINAL SCORE WAS–BUT I COULD REST SOMEWHAT EASILY WHEN THE SCORE WENT OVER 55…(i still had to ‘serve time’ for the two from last week, so I got them over and done and woke up horny and needy…just what He wanted…)

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