The Job (11)

I am not wearing that.”

“Sure you are.”

“There’s no bottom. And the top is…is…”

“…is a corset? Yes, and what is wrong with a corset?”

“It’s…not my style.”

“Let us be honest here, little girl. You have NO idea about what your “style” is. You’re taking a walk in my world now. Which means I’m the boss…..”

He paused. She wanted to speak up. She wanted to keep that air of bravado that had landed her this job in the first place.  She wanted to remind him that of course he was the boss. He WAS the boss. But also…

Not the boss of me, she longed to say. His eyes drilled into hers. And…damn him! He was the victor in that little contest, she fumed silently as her eyes fell to the black corset he held out to her. She watched as her hand reached out and took the blasted thing.

“Good girl. Because you, my dear, are not the boss, but the listener. And, to remain a good girl, an obey-er as well. Go put that on now.”

His tone told her that he would brook no further argument from her. And since he had plans for her that she was totally unsure of, she decided that retreat was the better form of valor here. She ducked into the bathroom in Jakob’s office. Immediately she opened the door again.

“You’re sure I need to…”

His voice sliced through any lingering doubt.

“Get. Dressed.”

He’d never been quite that stern with her before. Her belly quaked a bit, actually. Not with fear, per se. But some small part of her still quaked at such authority. He didn’t yell, ever. He just used that…that voice.

Dom voice.

The one that let her know that all her attempts to wheedle him out of this would be for naught, and she’d wind up wearing the fucking corset in the end, so give up now. Damn him.

And why did it give her heart a curious, giddy thrill? She slid into the contraption, figuring out how to hook the back hooks. There was no way she was taking off her panties. She just wasn’t. The hem of the thing didn’t even come close to covering her ass or her triangle. She looked in the mirror and sighed.  Her bra looked strange underneath. Thinking about the people who came to the club dressed in these outfits, she realized the bra had to go. But boy didn’t it leave a lot of her tits exposed? She swallowed hard as she looked in the big mirror.

“That’s very  nice.”

She hadn’t heard the door open, but he was right there behind her. He towered over her of course. His hands rose to her bare shoulders, trailed down her arms as he bent forward over her.

“Very, very nice. How did I not ever know you had all this under your clothing?”

His hands slipped up her arms, raising gooseflesh in their passage, then, with fingertips only, touched light as a feather over the round mounds of her breasts.  His breath teased along her ear as she watched him touching her. Her eyes were huge, her cheeks pink with embarrassment, for surely that was the only thing affecting her. She looked sexy. Sensual.

He stood up, and his hands moved to her hair.

“Although I do enjoy my girls with ponytails–they do make rather excellent handles–today I want your hair down.”

He tugged out her scrunchie and watched as her hair tumbled over her shoulders and cascaded down her back.

“You have that ‘just ripe’ look that I find most appealing, kitten.”

She refused to meet his eyes, refused to bite her lip like that stupid girl from that summer reading sensation. Her belly quivered. Nerves. It was all just nerves. She was bro—. She stopped that thought quickly, certain he would read it on her face.

“Come along, little one, we have much to get to.”

She wondered what that meant.


They walked up to the third floor. She turned to him on the landing.


“Today this space is private. No one else will come into the club. That’s why we’re doing this now. He’ll be here, watching, of course. I’m teaching him as much as you.”

“It won’t work.”

“Best to get that right out there, huh? That you’re setting out to fail from the start?”

She blinked. “Well…no…that’s not what I meant…”

“Yet it is what you said, what the implications of your words mean.”

“I don’t want you to …”

Now she did bite her lip, looking nervous.

“Don’t want me to what? Fuck you? No. That’s between you and your man.”

“Oh gawd…I…no…I mean..Jesus…how can I…”

She covered her face with her hands.

“Take off those silly panties.”

Her hands fell as her mouth opened in a round O of shock.

“Go on now, girl. Get them off and leave them on the doorknob there.”

“Leave. My panties. On the doorknob??”

He laughed, delighted at her reaction. She smiled back at him, relieved. Aah, so he was just joking then. She moved to open the door, but his hand snaked around her waist.

“Uh huh. Panties first, kitten.”

She couldn’t look at him, couldn’t think. She slid down the panties, crumpling them in her fist and trying to ignore that her bare bottom was inches from his legs.

“On the knob, kitten.”

“Oh gawd…” she moaned softly.


Her hand shook visibly as she draped the white cotton panties on the knob. If this part was hard, what the hell else was going to transpire?


He watched her come into the room, Jakob right behind her. Gods but she was stunning. J had said she had the makings of a real sexy slut, but for once, he just hadn’t seen it. Perhaps he’d been blinded by all the more obvious women who came to the club. Or maybe he just always pictured her with her jeans and white tee-shirt, hair cobbled up on her head. She wasn’t into artifice, didn’t seek to attract. Yet she did, she had. He was drawn to her like he’d never experienced before. She didn’t see him at first, her walk halting as they crossed the room. When she did look up, look at him, the smile illuminated her face. And then the blush glowed richly.

“He made me put on this get-up…”

“He was right to do so. He’s the boss, after all.”

“Not the boss of me.”

A hand fisted in her hair, dragging her to an abrupt stop. His voice  was that firm Dom voice again.

“Tonight I am the boss of you. Best you don’t forget that, little one. For now I am your dom, and you are my submissive. You will follow my directives, and you will cum.”

She didn’t speak, not a word slipped past her lips, but he knew the words locked inside. He shook her head, hard enough to jar.

“You will cum.”


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