The Job (12)

“This will help.”

She wasn’t sure about that as he slid the blindfold over her eyes.

“Trust me?”

She nodded, though the urge to bite her lip and fidget nervously was omnipresent. She didn’t even have the thin protection of her panties, for gosh sake. She was all but naked in front of her boss, and the guy that she was feeling very attached to. Though in all likelihood she was going to have to break up with him, since she was such a bad…

“Follow me.”

His voice cut through her burgeoning self-doubt. His tone was firmer somehow. Jakob was always direct, but now there was more than a hint of steel behind his words. She took a tentative step. She knew she was in the middle of the very large room, knew where his voice had come from, but there was a blindfold covering her eyes. She felt more than a little foolish, and a bit embarrassed. Because, hello, naked. Or practically.

“Where are you?”

“Where are you….Sir.”

The voice came from directly in front of her. Her teeth worried her bottom lip before she could contain herself. His words reminded her vividly of what she had agreed to back in his office. If she wanted to fix herself…if she wanted a chance with Keegan…she had to allow herself to become submerged in their world. There was that prefix again, the one that kept tripping her up. “Sub.” She wasn’t “under” anyone–she’d fought too hard to get to where she was in life to be comfortable being a “sub”-anything. And yet. This was how things worked at Nettles, how things worked in the D/s life that was integral to both men. They were dominant…and she was not. He continue after a brief pause, once more interrupting her mental struggles.

“In here, when we are having a scene, I am “Sir” to you–to any submissive. Not Jakob. Right now I control all that happens to you. Understood?”

She nodded, her voice hidden behind the large nervous lump in her throat. A hard swat fell on her ass.


She jumped, rubbing at her bottom.

“That hurt!”

“That’s kind of the point, kitten. I expect you to answer when spoken to. I don’t hold with too much fussiness regarding protocols, but I do expect manners–and obedience.”

“Yes, SIR,” she responded promptly, as she had seen people in the armed services do.

“Don’t be a smartass, kitten.”

“Yes, Sir,” she muttered. His laugh reassured her.

“Follow me.”

She found, by listening very carefully, she could just hear his footfalls on the wooden floor. When they stopped, she stopped.

“I didn’t ask you to stop moving.”

His voice came from behind her, confusing her.

“Well, hell, where are you?”

There was the sound of two male voices laughing.

“I told you she’d be feisty.”

“That you did.”

Hands took her by the wrists, lifting them up. She was puzzled. Wasn’t she in the middle of the room? Something snapped around them, something chilly and metallic. And … OMG…

“Are you…handcuffing me?!”

She was astonished, and a bit worried now. She’d seen this all before, she reminded herself. Had been working here for months, and seen scenes that unfolded this way–handcuffs or rope, or any manner of strange ways of containment. But it was very different now. Now it was happening to her.

“Hold onto this.”

Keegan. He was handing her something. It was long and thick.

“You want me to hold onto a stick?”

Another hard swat on her bare bum reminded her.

“Sir… You want me to hold a stick Sir?

“Yes, sub. I want you to hold this.”

He pushed her hands closer together. She felt the rope in the middle of the stick. He moved her hands until  her fingers rubbed up against it. A moment later she felt rope wrapping over her wrists, across her fingers, between her hands. There was no way she could let go of the stick now–it was bound to her.  She was bound to it.

“All set.”

Keegan’s voice was directly in front of her, but aimed behind her. She felt a tug against the stick and her arms rose up, steadily upward until they were overhead. And still they rose, forcing her to her toes. Keegan whispered in her ear, as his hands did a quick study of her exposed tits.

“We won’t do this for too long. Enough to make you uncomfortable though.”

Jakob…that would be Sir Jakob now…was behind her. His hand glided over her shoulder, down her back, over and around her ass. It made her feel… uncomfortable. And maybe a bit–just a little bit– erotic.

“Usually I like to gag a submissive for this scene, but I’m interested to hear your reactions. You’re not here to play up a scene…your first time will be a treat for all of us.”

She didn’t know what he hit her with…it didn’t make a sound in the air, and he wasn’t hitting her hard. It stung, but it was bearable. A quick tremble ran through her, a shudder that she couldn’t conceal.  She had no idea why all those subs getting hit did all that moaning and groaning. Perhaps it was all an act after all.

It took a moment for the sound, and the shockwave of pain to hit. It rolled into her consciousness, a tsunami of sensation. The sound had been faint, but the blow, square in the center of her left butt cheek made her dance in place. Her toes ached, her ass ached, and she could not reach down and rub at the pain.

“FUCK! OW! That fucking hurt!”

Another blow fell, and rather than hitting the other cheek, landed just to the side of the prior strike. He made a quick circle of slaps around that first one, each a hard shock to her body. She yelped, she danced, she swore. Her breath came in thick gulps, trying to anticipate the next blow, and always failing. The pain radiated in a hot circle on her left cheek. A warm hand stroked over the abused skin, soothing for a moment before another strike completed the circle. She held onto the stick for dear life, her toes throbbing, her shoulders aching and her ass, dear gods, her ass was on fire. Their voices came from behind her, shaking her from the pain-induced lethargy.

“Looks like a flower.”

“A hairbrush daisy?”

“Needs a stem.”

“No! No it doesn’t need a …oH FUUUCK!”

Three taps with something different moved over the bottom of her ass, including that heretofore unknown sensitive area where her bottom ended and her leg began.  She danced in place, trying to avoid him, trying to avoid the slaps.

“Didn’t know you could dance so well, kitten.”

His voice was thick with amusement as he hammered more blows down her thigh.

“Why are you only hitting THAT side….?” Her wailing yelp ended as another “oh fuck” took precedence over further speaking. He was fucking laughing and her ass hurt like it was on fire, her thigh was burning, her toes were cramping…

Her arms were falling. Hands steadied her at the waist, as she came down to her full feet again, as she wobbled with the sudden release from pain.

“I’d check her if I were you.”

“I’m fine,” she began, but stopped when his hand cupped her.

“Oh…but I’m not..I mean really no….”

His finger slid into the fleshy slit.

“Indeed?” He paused a moment, his fingers sliding deeper between her legs.

His chuckle was warm on her cheek.

“Oh, but you are…”


She thought she would die of mortification. Thanking the powers that be for the blindfold, she could almost tune out that the two men–her boss and her lover–were discussing the state of her arousal. And then the talk shifted to other things, things she could not fathom at all.

“No, that’s too much. The pink one.”

“Yes. And the smaller…yes that one.”

“Come along kitten.”

A finger hooked into her bodice and tugged her across the room. She was fumble-footed, her bottom throbbing. They had not uncuffed her hands, so she couldn’t rub the ache away.

“We’re going to try something  a bit different now. ”

That was all the warning she got before she was directed to step up. And bend over. The smell of leather was familiar, and she knew instantly that she was being bent over the ‘horse’.

“Oh…oh…but wait…I…”

“Yes kitten?”

His voice was in her face, as he fiddled with her hands. There was a tug, and a click.

“I’m not sure…”

“I am.”

His hand cupped her chin. Despite the odd angle, he kissed her soundly, and she melted into the moment. She felt something wet along her buttcrack, and gasped. His lips pressed against hers.

“Ssssh…it only hurts for a moment…”

A finger…not Keegan’s, but her bosses, which added to the embarrassment, probed between…and pressed against her butt.

“OH…oh noooo….”

“Just lubing you up, little one.”

She could hear the smile in his voice. She tugged her wrists, trying to slid back to her feet, but she was firmly attached. She moaned as his finger entered her ass, as it slid in and out. It hurt and it was embarrassing. And then it was gone.

“Keegan, I believe you should attend to this part,” Jakob said.

With a quick kiss on the tip of her nose, she felt the movement of air as he moved away from her.  To her credit, she only shrieked a little when something very firm was pressed quite insistently against her asshole, and a second time when it entered…and stayed.