The Job (13)

She whimpered, she moaned, she struggled but she could not expel the thing in her ass. A hand came to pet her head, long gentle strokes that soothed.

“I know kitten, it’s uncomfortable. Does it help to know that it will get worse before it gets better?”

Worse? she thought, slightly panicked.

“Worse? How…I…”

She felt the shift of air, heard his voice much closer, and guessed he was now sitting beside where she lay, head over the horse.

“Whomever put that block in your head, gods save him if I ever discover who he was, caused you to believe that the failure was yours. In truth, little one, many women can’t cum from just penetration…they may need clitoral stimulation, or anal play or something else. So…we’re going to go with “something else” and do something that Doms really, really enjoy.”

He paused, his fingers stroking along the tops of her breasts as they spilled out from the top of her corset, hanging like ripe fruit in this upside-down position. She gasped as his fingers tugged at her nipples, the sensation traveling like a jolt of lighting to her clit.

“See? Already your senses are on high alert, girl. We’re going to push you hard, through pain to pleasure.”

She felt that small swirl of air on her face, and knew he’d risen and moved away.

“You’ll feel a little pinch,” Keegan’s voice came from her side, moving towards her. Dear gods now what where they going to do to her? She shivered, feeling very vulnerable. She reared up when her right nipple was pinched, hard.

“A LITTLE pinch?” she yelped, knowing her other nipple would be grabbed next.

“Hey, at least we’re not using the big chain,” Keegan laughed.

“It really hurts…”

“It really is supposed to…”

“You’re totally unsympathetic, you bastard!”

“I know.” His voice was amused, not in the least bothered by her heated response. She was more aroused now than she had been when they’d spent the night together, and he’d used every vanilla trick in the book to try to eke out a response.

All was quiet for a moment, as she absorbed the ache in her nipples. She realized the throb in her anus had lessened–or perhaps the pain in her tits ruled just now. A faint click was followed by a humm that she recognized as a vibrator. It touched along her pussy lips, slowly moving down, up, around, even pressing against the plug in her bum. Her moan was involuntary.

With a slowness that was maddening, the shaking press of the vibe moved up her slit, until it found her clitoris, and pressed firmly. A hand came down sharply on her right cheek, the first time that side had been touched. She yelped, she yowled, she shuddered and twitched as one of them–she was sure it was Jakob, as his hand fell repeatedly on her ass. Fingers slid inside of her, pressing in and out firmly, the vibe still shaking her clit. He hit a spot..the infamous g-spot?, her over-active mind wondered, and she arched, yowling.

“Yessss,” came the hiss of satisfaction from behind her. “Again..”

The slaps on her throbbing butt came harder, faster. The vibe slipped around her clit, short circles that tormented. Fingers thrust and stroked.

Something built deep inside of her body, a quiver, a tremor, and suddenly, a shockwave of sensation snapped through her like a broken bow. She screamed, her body drawn taut, before it exploded. She shook, her heart raced, her pussy was destroyed. Paroxysms tingled through–fingers, toes curled, her eyes squeezed shut, her breath caught and held. She was alive, she was dead, she dripped sweat, she was slicked in cum. Tension drained, her body softened, and she collapsed, spent. Dimly she heard the men talking, their voices seeming to come from miles away. She didn’t feel, didn’t notice, when her hands were freed, that she was pulled from the horse, cradled against Keegan’s chest.


When she roused, she shivered.


“yes…I’m…so wet…”

He chuckled.

“That would be an understatement. I’m glad you’re awake–you have quite a mess to attend to…”

She blinked.

“Wait…what? I finally have an orgasm and you’re making me clean it up?”

“Well, unless you want to take a smear of it and hang it in your office as a trophy, of course you’re going to clean it up!”

“You made me cum.”

She paused, staring up at Keegan, glancing over at Jakob.

“And really? We’ve only just begun.”

They exchanged amused glances as she was tugged to her feet. oooOh my, was her last rational thought for quite some time.

10 thoughts on “The Job (13)

    1. Thank you! So nice to be on there again! I need to go check out the list again…last I looked I was fevered and have no recollection of who is there…


    1. Thank you! I have to make time …you understand that burning need to write…especially in your new chair! (yes, I read it. no, didn’t have time to comment, yes, did have time to squirm…!)


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