By now, I would have been fucked in the ass.

Fucked in the ass, and the mouth, and the cunt.

There would be huge bruises on my tits, on my ass.

Welts. Oh, yes, there would be welts, too.

Sitting would hurt.

My pussy would throb. Because He does love to make me cum. And cum. And cum…until I’m whimpering and moaning and asking for no more, no more…but still He does it again, mouth or fingers or toys, making me cum, making me dizzy, making my pussy turn red and swollen, a hot, aching fire of awesome pain and sublime satiation.

My arms would hurt. Sore from His pinches, sore from being contained, cuffed to my thighs or over my head, when I jerk and twist and try to break free to stop what He is doing (fat chance, but still those herky jerky movements come).

His hand would be sore, from the strict over the knee spanking that He loves to deliver, that I love to get, even if I do wind up squirming and whimpering well before He’s done.

My toes would throb, sore from the 6.5″ heels I wear with Him, standing with my nose to the wall while He sneaks up and beats where ever He wants. Thighs, calves, arms, back, ass–all are here just waiting to fall victim to His toys.

My legs would be stressed from being spread so wide as He fucks me. Ankles up on His shoulders, or splayed wide as I’m facedown on the bed’s corner while He slides things in my ass to stretch me before His cock fills me.

My nipples would be stretched and sensitive. The clamps hurt when He throws me onto the bed, belly first. They rub and twist and ache, and yet I cum, cum hard when He does it. His mouth, sucking and biting and tormenting them afterwards, as He feasts on the prepared bits of my breasts. They are swollen, too, aching and arching for Him, no matter how hard He hurts them. And I cum, as He sucks on them, even before His fingers reach down, and slam into my cunt and demand more.

If only.


*cough cough cough cough*

17 thoughts on “Today….

  1. When you do connect you “connect”. That’s what really matters. Here’s my hope that your playtime comes soon and, for my own selfish reasons, inspires more creative stories from your sympathetic psyche.

    1. That’s so true, thank you Barbara. I could even use some face time, but that’s not to be for a while yet, either. Maybe next weekend. *le sigh*


  2. Oohhh, you too? I’m totally part of the team. Coughing my lungs out …
    Trying to warm up my chest to send the mucus to neverneverland…
    At least – for us, your dear readers, it might mean time to write more??

    1. That it might be. Silver linings, right? Most of my infection is in my sinus area…as far as I know there is nothing in my lungs. They think I didn’t fully get over my infection when I had the flu 5 weeks ago and it got a good hold on me.



    1. It really, really does. Thanks for the empathy. I’m trying to be a big girl and stay off the pity train, but today it’s really hard.


  3. I am so cough with cough you cough there! My chest infection is also messing up my play date and don’t get me started on the bugs that each one of my 4 kids are harbouring 😦

    Hoping we all feel better soon. X

    1. It SUCKS…3 weeks later, I finally have a voice, but still bouts with That Cough. ugh.

      feel better soon, okay? it’s gonna be a long winter…


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