The Job (14)

a little New Year’s treat for you all who have waited so patiently for the next chapter!  ~n~

He slept like the dead.

It took a few none-too-gentle shoves to tug her hair out from under his shoulder, to get her lega s free of the sheet that he was all but mummified in–and her with him. He slept on, oblivious. True, they had fucked like minks yesterday when they came home from the club. She noticed the very deep soreness in her pussy as she rose and padded down the hall to her kitchen. She turned on her teakettle, prepared her cup with a teabag, then set about making coffee for him. Holding the opened bag in her hand, she paused, tilting her head in wonderment.

When had she started buying his coffee?

The smile bloomed as she made her tea. It seemed they had just kind of flowed into each other, despite the lack of orgasms on her part. Well, lack thereof until yesterday. Despite the hard use of her body, the beatings had been fairly gentle. She felt a twinge in her shoulder as she reached up for his mug, and another in her side as she turned to grab a pencil from the box she kept on her microwave. Yup, there were some sore spots. She wondered if it would hurt to sit, not that she sat that much in the morning anyway.

But she felt–yeh gods, she felt like she could break out of her skin and fly. It was so fucking weird.  It was almost a religious experience, she mused, filling a filter, setting the pot up so he only had to push one button when he rose. She’d had some kind of epiphany. Still not certain when Jakob had slipped away, the time and effort that he and Keegan had put into helping her through that frigging barrier in her head had been nothing short of amazing.

Who did that? Who spent time on helping someone with such a strange issue? It seemed that those who were “dominant” by nature were perceived as creatures to be wary of. They were dark and moody and prone to random acts of violence. Or so spoke mainstream media. She knew better now–the depths of care that a good Dom put into what they did–knowing their submissive’s needs–even if she didn’t want to admit them to herself. The media people didn’t get it. No, they didn’t get it at all.

Finishing in the kitchen, she scribbled a quick note, propping it on top of his mug.

coffee ready-just press start

muffin in the micro–just press start

heading to the club to clean. kiss ya later.

and maybe more.


She was flirting. On a post it note. Shaking her head at her silliness, she dashed into the bathroom and dressed in her work garb, then back out to the kitchen to grab her gear. Taking her keys, she slipped quietly out the back door and headed out to work.


She rolled her trash barrel out the doors, and down the back ramp. Enjoying the opportunity to be outside on a lovely morning, she looked up at the deeply blue sky. The air was clean, if chilly. The barrel rolled down the ramp with minimal effort. It was noisy, the only sound she could hear. A short push brought her to the dumpster. As the barrel came to a stop, she heard the faint hum of traffic on the distant highway, and something else. Egads, she hoped another freaking squirrel hadn’t gotten into the dumpster. The last time that had happened, she about had a heart attack when she opened the door and the grey beast had leapt out, chittering madly.

Cautiously, she opened the slider door on the side. It was silent inside, but she wasn’t taking any chances. She threw the bags in and closed the slider quickly. Pivoting, she began to tug the barrel back up the ramp when she heard the sound again. It sounded almost like a moan. Frowning, she moved around the dumpster.

The car, one of those mini-styled ones, was so tiny that she hadn’t seen it from the other side of the dumpster. She could see that there was someone inside. She approached cautiously, reaching into her pocket for her phone. There! There was the sound again. It was definitely coming from the person in the car. She rapped on the window.

“Hello? Hey, are you okay?”

The window slid down silently. She gasped as Fae turned her head to look at her. Without hesitation, she pressed  the emergency dialer on her cellphone.


They were gathered in the main bar area. Mandy looked around and saw the entire staff for the first time. This was a bigger business than she had imagined. She’d never really counted all the people she knew worked there. But there they were, all waiting for Jakob.

He came in at last, his face serious. Not standing on formality, he jumped up to sit on the bar and began talking.

“Some of you may know our guest, Fae?” He looked around, saw some nods, some questioning looks. “She was attacked sometime last night, beaten severely, raped.”

There were several gasps in the room, including one from Mandy. For all that she thought that she had wanted to beat the woman into a pulp herself, she didn’t really mean it.

“She either has no memory of the event, or is refusing to say. I want everyone to be on high alert, though it doesn’t seem as if it happened here, only that she drove her car here afterwards. Keep an eye on guests, and make sure you watch out for one another. That’s all folks. Thanks for coming in. Security meeting in my office in five.”

He slid down off of the bar, moving through the crowd. He stopped and talked to the gathered knot of barmaids, patting reassuringly. Halfway across the room Keegan joined him. The two men made their way to where Mandy sat, still stunned.

“How is she?” Mandy reached out a hand to Jakob. “Will she be okay?”

He took the hand, rubbing it gently. He felt the tremble there, though she had been calm and level-headed when he’d come from the club at a run. She’d called him, and called the ambulance that showed up a few minutes after he’d come out. They didn’t dare move Fae from the car. Her face was a mess, purpled and swollen, her lip cracked and leaking blood. But Mandy had taken her hand, cradled it and crooned softly to her, whispering words that calmed the broken younger woman.

She’d been calm as she’d given her statement to the police, calm as they waited for the full staff assembly. It took a lot to impress him. He was very impressed.

“She will be okay. They can’t tell if she’ll need surgery just yet, that will depend on how the swelling goes down, how she heals. There is an orbital fracture; her eye is very swollen and they can’t say for sure if the blurry vision there will be permanent or not.”

He didn’t go into more details than that, not about the broken ribs, the cracked forearm, the broken toes that bespoke of a violent, raging attack.

“I want you to be careful, Mandy.”


“You’re the one who is in and out of here the most. Out to the dumpster, out to clean the front door, down in the basement–it’s a risk. And you and Fae have a brief, but nasty history. Though I think that the two things are likely not even connected.”

He paused at the look of shock on her face. He had certainly given the cops the name of the man who had threatened him, and one of his employees. It didn’t hurt to be overcautious.  A private word with Keegan would do well here.  He didn’t want her to be paranoid, either. Squeezing her hand, he continued.

“Fae could well have gone to one of the other gatherings in town where things aren’t always as well regulated…or hooked up with someone who just has a big old case of “don’t give a fuck” for a sub. We won’t get any answers for a while. I just want you–and the other women on my staff–to take an extra moment to check before you head out, okay? And if you’re here in the evening, to get an escort to take you to your car.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but his finger covered her lips.

“No arguing. I’m the boss. This goes for all of you women. And–I’m sure I’ll get this same shit from all you girls; nonetheless, it’s my club, and my rules.”

She licked his finger. His brow rose. Behind him slightly, Keegan saw what she had done and tried to stifle his own grin. Sassy assed wench, he thought. He knew who would win this bout. Still, it was entertaining to watch. He caught her attention.

“Are you done here, Mandy? I can escort you to your car and feel you up.” He winked and leered suggestively.

She blushed. “Must you be so…so…brazen?

He laughed.

“You’re reading too many romance novels. Brazen? Who says that at a sex club?”

He laughed again. Her scowl fierce, she settled for poking him hard in the chest, before turning back to Jakob. In her best little-girl sing-song voice she offered him her most saccharine, insincere smile.

“Yes Sir. I pwomise to not go outside at night without a big, bad, fierce escort, and to look twice before I go outside.”

He tugged her ponytail, and shook his head with a sigh.

“You are all going to give me a ration of shit about this aren’t you?”

Not waiting for an answer, he turned to hail Marcy, one of his barmaids.


“He means it, and I mean it too. Make sure you get an escort to your car, got it?” Keegan’s face was serious.

“Yes, Sir two. I got it. . . get it. I’ll be fine, but …poor Fae. She was a stupid girl to set me up like that, but she didn’t deserve what happened to her.”

He hugged her tight, and kissed the top of her head.

“I need to finish up. I’ve dumped the trash,  cleaned the bathrooms, mopped the floors. I just need to restock the washrooms and then I’m done.”

“I’ll help you–”

“No. You’re the bouncer. I’m the cleaning woman. I don’t do your job–” she made a face at his quick, amused grin “–and you don’t do mine, Mr. Tough-guy.”

She felt his eyes following her as she headed into the store room. It felt good to be fussed over, to be worried about. Funny that she felt the same way about him.

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