The Job (20)

He’d wanted some public play. She had argued. Said no. Cajoled. And regrettably, had even whined a bit. Instead, he’d taken her by her hair and propelled her out of Jakob’s office. He steered her expertly out of the private hallways meant for staff, and out to the main floor.

“Stop…sir.. SIR…! OUCH!”

He paused before pushing her through the swinging doors leading to the first floor play space. The room was full of people, of course. He continued to push her through the throng, ignoring people hailing him, until he moved to the far wall. A set of cuffs were dangling there. They were secured to the wall over her head.


“Kitten, put your hands up by the cuffs.”

His tone was firm, and she knew he expected immediate compliance.

“but…I have to pee! And..” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “My cheeks itch!”

“Sucks to be you.”

For a moment, his finger almost-but-not-quite touched the dry mask of semen on her cheek before he snagged one wrist, making quick work of securing the leather bracelet tightly. There’d be no slipping through this cuff.

“You’re a bastard!”

He laughed.

“If I had a nickel for every time a sub said that to me…”

She growled under her breath, quietly. Obviously he heard, though, since he smacked her bottom as he moved around to grab her other hand. She tried to poke at him, but he caught her wrist and used her own hand to slap her face. He laughed at her look of outrage. It took him about two seconds to get her right hand  bound up beside the left. She could have fought harder, but it was challenging enough to resist the urge to pee, exacerbated by the deep throb in her clit. She didn’t think she’d ever been more turned on. Nor had she ever needed to void her bladder quite so much.

“You’re a fucking Neanderthal,” she hissed at him.

His lips moved along her neck, nibbling his way up her ear.

“Neanderthal likes kittens…taste yummmm” and he smacked his lips wetly along the lobe of her ear, and back down her throat before moving away. She had to bite the inside of her cheek to stop the giggles from erupting. It tickled, and it was gross. She felt the line of drool trickling around to her throat. He was so fucking maddening–and funny.

“Ewww,” she said instead, “gross. You’re spit is on me.”

He licked her from the back of her neck to her earlobe until she squealed for mercy.

Damn the man.

“If you’re looking for help, I’m happy to offer,” said a voice to her right.

“No. This is a private deal.”

Keegan’s voice was cool and terse. She risked a glance through her hair, and saw Sir Roderick shrug and move away. Good, she didn’t need anyone else ‘helping’ Keegan as he began his campaign of  ‘kitten ass destruction’ as he’d had termed it as he’d led her from J’s office.

He leaned close, whispering against her hair.

“You stay away from him….a dom who poaches another’s sub is a jerk.”

“Yes Sir,” she replied meekly. Sir Roderick had seemed to be merely consoling her earlier, but perhaps he’d been putting some moves on her…what did she know? She hated being so naive, but that was something only time would help her sort out.

“He was being kind to me earlier–”

“I saw.”

Oh. Ohhh… perhaps that explained his earlier mad.

“He wasn’t…you know…sexing me or anything. He was just…”

“He had his hand on your leg, and his eyeballs were stuck on your tits. Not that I blame him. But poaching that happens in this world? Happens by those more unethical type Tops. It’s more than flirting, Kitten. It’s–”

“It’s wrong. Fishing for someone else’s sub is just not the done thing–especially when she’s very new to the lifestyle. If a Dom wants to add other players to a scene, he’ll do it. For someone to just slide in and  put the moves on a sub? Not ethical.  Just listen to your Dom, Kitten. We want you to be safe, we want to beat you. It’s a dichotomy, I know.”

Jakob’s voice was at her elbow. His hands reached up, checking her restraints. She hadn’t expected him to be here, but what the hell ever, right? It was his club after all. There was movement behind her, and hands on her hips.

“Step back a bit. I know–it stretches your arms.”

Something moved in front of her, and she felt a board or something pressing against her belly.

“Now you can’t move back up and hide against the wall, and your ass sticks out– a perfectly accessible target.”

The happiness in his tone was disconcerting. Still, she understood the sadistic Dom enjoyed creating his scene to get the most from the pain-giving experience. She sometimes thought they got as much fun from crafting the situation as they did through the actual giving of pain.

The first swat stole her breath. Whatever had hit her was hard, unyielding.

“That was a wooden paddle. Makes a lovely sound when it connects, don’t you think?”

Keegan’s voice came from far away. She caught her breath and released a moan.

“Oooh fuck…that hurt!”


Another swat came from the other side, presaged by a faint whistle of sound. Again her breath caught in her throat and the sharp sting of tears rose in her eyes.

“Wooden paddle–with holes in it. Makes a very interesting pattern of dots on your bottom, kitten.”

“I see what you did there, Boss. Bottom. Kitten.”

There was a sound of laughter and she could tell people had begun to gather. She tried to wriggle to the left or right, but she was arched out too far from the wall, her arms stretched out, her butt jutted out behind her by whatever pressed her bottom half away from the wall.

“We make a good team. Shall we go again?”

Twin swats landed nearly simultaneously, one on each ass cheek. She rose to her toes, yelping, tears falling readily now. There were murmurs from those watching, the smoothing of a hand down her ass, then the blur of pain as she was hit repeatedly. The toys seemed to change, the paddles sometimes long and thin, sometimes thick and round. It seemed it would never end–yet they seemed to sense her breaking point, stopping and murmuring to her, rubbing her throbbing bottom, playing with her tits, once more jiggled free from her corset.

“Time for a lube check.”

Keegan’s voice was so cheerful, completely at odds with the pain he was inflicting. All she could feel was the hot ache of her bottom. Yet his fingers found her, slipped inside her. Torn between pissing and cumming, she held her breath and clenched hard to hold both back. He wouldn’t allow that, however, his fingers diddling deeply inside of her, teasing a ripple of sensation that became a tsunami. Long shudders ripped through her as he finger fucked her. The shock of another hard swat on her right ass cheek made her rise again, Keegan’s fingers never stopping as her boss and her Dom drove her straight into an orgasm overload.


Her body quivered as an aftershock shivered through her cunt. Her arms had been freed, the prop-shelf lowered against the wall. Keegan, hands in her hair again–which seemed to be his favored means of moving her around–pushed her towards the bathroom. He stood outside the stall after pressing her inside, watching her.

“I can’t pee if you’re watching me like that,” she said, embarrassed.

“Sure you can. Spread your legs wide.”

She didn’t hesitate to obey, despite the pain in her ass as she shifted on the seat. Catching a flicker of movement from him, she stared as he freed his cock.

“You wouldn’t…”

His smile was a challenge.

Hell, he would…it was such a lewd, depraved act…yet she felt the heat build as he pissed between her legs, bathing her pussy in his urine. Her flow joined his, the release blessed, but the embarrassment was running right there along with the turn-on.

“You liked that you little slut.”

She shook her head, but his fingers dipped into her pee-soaked slit, finding her juicy hole.


His hand slammed up into her pussy, his fingers ravaging her. He was finger fucking her, hitting that spot inside, and she was going to cum. On the toilet. How fucking depraved was that?

She pressed her palms to the walls of the stall, head thrown back as it built inside of her. When she came, it was a geyser, soaking his hand, the leg of his jeans, but it didn’t matter. The pain blended with the pleasure and sent her flying.

Later, she barely remembered his helping her from the stall, washing her hands with his, her flushed face in the mirror, his smiling, knowing glances making her blush. Later,in the morning,  she would be back here, cleaning her mess from the bathroom, and blushing while she did so.

And dreaming of it happening again.

The Job 19

Mandy read the paper that Keegan had tossed at her when he had strode back into Jakob’s office. It wasn’t actually paper  since he’d scrawled his words on a cocktail napkin. He stood in front of her, arms crossed, legs apart, looking for all the world like a pirate on his ship. His eyes glittered as he stared down at her. She wanted to be mad, but his crotch was right in her line of sight and frankly, that earlier scene in here had only stirred a deeper want inside of her. She hungered for him.


His tone challenged her.

“It’s rather non-specific.”

“What’s non-specific about ‘obey me always’?”

“Well sheesh, Keegan—Sir–” she amended hastily as his brows knit together. “Obey you always–when we’re here? At home? When I’m working?”


Her mouth opened and closed a few times, but she didn’t know what words wanted to come out. Outrage? No…not really. Shock? Oh, yes, definitely. How did three little words make such an impact on her thoughts?

“You…want me to be your…”

“Submissive,” he supplied helpfully.

“Submissive, fine, always? All the time? Like — even in the grocery store?”

She’d been reading porn on the internet and there’d been this story that had really turned her on, about a girl not knowing her dominant ‘stalker‘ * and him approaching her  in a store. She’d been so turned on by it that she’d all but attacked Keegan, who’d been asleep on her couch while watching some game on the tv. That had ended with a flurry of clothing tossed hither and yon, and the two of them fucking like animals on the living room floor, in the bed when they’d dragged themselves that far, and later, again in the shower. It had been a hell of an evening. But did that mean that she wanted that kind of submission in her ordinary day-to-day living?

“Are you worried that this means I’d make you walk naked through the veggie aisle?”

She sucked in her lower lip, biting it as nerves danced through her before nodding.

“I might well do things to embarrass you, in public or in private, but nothing that would get you arrested. I can’t promise to not harm you–that would be stupid, considering the lifestyle we are in–”

He paused, waited until she nodded again.

“But I would not do something that would inflict serious, life-threatening harm to you. I might want to tattoo my creed on your ass.”

Her eyes widened and he laughed.

“Or I might want you to get your nipples pierced.”

Her hands came up to cover her breasts, but the idea caused a certain sharp throb between her thighs. To let go, so completely of choices like this?

“Would you control where we lived? How I earn a living?”

He ran a finger down her nose.

“You’re not my slave, but my submissive. You’d not lose your voice, and I doubt you’d just let me make all those decisions without your input. I don’t want a doormat, Mandy. Part of your attraction is your sass.”

She’d been told that she had a smart mouth, that she was arrogant, that she was a know it all, that she was —

“I don’t know what you’re thinking but you look pissed.”

“I’m not…I’m…really kind of blown away, Keega—Sir. I mean–I’ve been — I dunno– castigated, I guess, for having this mouth, and here….you LIKE it. I– don’t get it I guess.”

“Whomever you were with before was an idiot. I like you just as you are. If there are things I want to change? I’ll let you know. Maybe.”

He smiled down at her, then cupped her chin, lifting her face. His free hand slowly released his belt, then his zipper.

“I am not planning on making any changes now though—I really, really  like that mouth.”

She’d blown him before, but never when conditions were so…dominant. When He was holding her just so, and was not asking, but just taking. There was no demand, there was just his assumption that she would acquiesce, right here in Jakob’s office where anyone could walk in at any time and see. Once more that curious thrill ran through her.

His thumb pressed hard against her jawbone;  her mouth opened slightly. Her lips were barely parted when he pressed the tip of his cock against them, tracing the line of them. She tasted the slick saltiness that  gilded his head, that whisper of moisture that meant he was ready. His eyes held hers as he paused, his cock pressed against her mouth. The pressure was steady and not uncomfortable. No words came, just that steadily-held look. A quick slap to her cheek made her blink, and in that moment, he pressed hard into her mouth. She understood, as her heart raced, as the crown of his cock hit the back of her throat, as she worked to control her gagging, that this wasn’t a blow-job….this was a taking. 


Her jaws ached. Her face was smeared with his cum, which he’d wiped carefully around her cheeks. He’d spent a long time fucking her face, and her throat was raw with it. There was a tremble in her belly, a need that had grown, to just give. Give him all. It alarmed her how quickly she wanted what he was doing. Showing her by his actions that he was in charge, that she was his submissive, that his wants, needs, requests or orders would come before hers.

Could she agree to that?

Could she go out into Nettles with his cum drying on her face? She shuddered at the humiliation of that. The sound of the door opening behind her made her close her eyes. No. Jakob was coming back. How had she forgotten that?

“I see you two are finished now?”

He’d come in before? Seen? She felt the flush of embarrassment suffuse her face, felt the tightening of her cheeks as the heat dried the cum there.

He came around to his desk, saw the napkin there, then spent his time looking at the pair. Keegan, relaxed in his chair, his expression somewhat satisfied, unsurprising considering what he’d observed when he’d first come into the room. Mandy, face shiny with semen and embarrassment, eyes averted, but looking calmer than she had in a while.


“Yes Sir Jakob?”

He paused, waited until she made eye contact. He smiled, which deepened her blush.

“Do you agree to these terms?”

Her glance slid to Keegan, and she licked her lips. Her fingers knit together in her lap, then relaxed when she realized what she was doing. She looked back at Jakob.

“I do, yes.”

“Very well. Then I shall consider you two reconciled. You will work hard to comply? I don’t believe Keegan expects perfection…you’re much to fun as you are to be “broken” as some Dom’s would like. You’re sexy and spicy and open and honest–which is refreshing to both of us.”

A tear escaped.

“Thank you Sir Jakob..”

Her voice was husky with emotion.

“No one’s ever said that to me before. Well, my parents, but…not since I was out on my own, you know?”

“The world is full of idiots, Mandy-girl.”

She smiled. Her world, precariously tilted an hour ago, had somehow righted itself.


*with deepest appreciation to David. A writer isn’t really ‘gone’ if his words survive to inspire, excite, and touch us emotionally…yet his presence is deeply missed. 

HNT- A Well Spanked Ass


Our time together was amazing. Not only because we hadn’t been together this way in months…but for the wonderful mix of tenderness and wicked pain. He started right away, as if His fingers had been itching to be turned loose on my body.

It was amazing…because He only used his hands. We were both very tactile with each other, touching and caressing…and His spanking and pinching until I was dancing to get away, and squealing, and finally, whimpering.

And there was this spanking–later there were wicked pinches, and more spanking–and when my ass was finally the “right shade of red”– redder than this…He took an enormous bite from the burning-hot right cheek.

But before all that, there was His body pressed hard against mine, pinning me firmly to the bed while He took a long, sweet time spanking my ass. He just starts hard–no warm ups for Him– and it felt good, and right, and necessary. And then it starts to burn, and hurt, and it makes me try to squirm away, but His arm is hooked over me and there is no way to move as He’s laying partially on me. I can’t move, I can’t speak, my fist in my mouth to hold back the cries. Then a tear swells up, and another, and my head falls to the bed and I cry a little bit and still He  spanks, His pace steady, His hand firm. And I’m empty and drained, contained and hurting, and so full of Him as my ass throbs hard with the heat from His work.

Later we are curled together my head on His shoulder. I stroke his beard, running my fingers up and over and around His face, and we’re tender and calm…for a moment or two..until He decides to let His fingers loose on me again.


Get Up

He wanted me to get up and show him my new shoes by walking around the room.

“Get up,” he says, his tone firm.

I scootch from the middle of the bed, but it was not fast enough for Him.

“Get UP,” he repeats. “Oh, wait, perhaps you need some help?”

He reaches down his hands extended. I go to put my hands on his, but he slaps them away, and grabs my nipples. Lifting them high and not stopping, I find myself standing, then standing on tiptoe, then whimpering.

“Oh, you’re up. Okay then,” he says as he drops my tits.

A Little Hi…



Seriously, today is a wackadoo day for me. I’d planned to have a marathon writing time but with the potential of our first BIG snowstorm of the season tomorrow, I’ve had to do some shifting of my jobs and will be working most of today…but the story is coming together well (in my head!)…don’t you think?

I keep getting lost in my memories from being with Him. Someone pointed out in comments that the scene in my last chapter of The Job (where Keegan takes her like a Neanderthal against the wall) smacked of reality…and there is truth there. We writers write what we know, right? 😀

Oh, and hey…this is my 1900th post since starting my blog–even if it is uber short!

Here’s hoping I get more than 5 minutes with my computer later today between jobs, so that I can get into some of the upcoming juicy bits…but for now? I’m off and runnin’….

The Job 18

Mandy sat in Jakob’s office. The smell of leather, the overlaying scent of man–hard to describe but unmistakable– soothed her. She was too nervous to sit for long. She didn’t believe in pacing. She rose and calmly moved around the office.  Her hand rested on the back of the chair for a moment before sliding the tip of her pointer finger along the cool smoothness. She moved from the chair to the fireplace, looking at the photo’s there. A younger Jakob, and was that Keegan? They were in the water, a big wave behind them. It made her smile, knowing that the photographer knew that the water was bearing down on them, as they stood smiling into the camera.

“That was taken in Maui. Fucking Denny. Remember that?”

She turned to see Jakob’s wide grin slanted at Keegan. Keegan’s face was an unreadable mask.

“I do. Bastard had us stand there. ‘Oh that one didn’t come out. Oh you blinked. Fucking take the picture man…”

Jakob took up the tale.

“And then BLAMM! That fucking wave knocked us over, rolled us up in the surf…I had sand and snot and water in every orifice…”

Keegan’s face cracked a bit, a thin smile rising.

“We threw his ass in the water after we wrestled the camera away from him.”

“He screamed like a girl when he stepped on that crab…”

The two smiled at one another. She could see that their fondness went way past their relationship here at Nettles.

“I didn’t realize you two knew each other from before.”

“College,” replied Keegan, his voice cool.

“Come, sit.”

Fuck….definitely trouble in paradise, he thought to himself as he ushered the two into the chairs. While he could have sat with them, he chose the position of authority behind the desk. The better to remind them who was boss here. 

“So…” he paused, making eye contact with each of them. Keegan, his face neutral, but wearing, he knew from their long friendship, a mixture of hurt and pissed. Mandy, blushing still in her lovely, revealing outfit, gently mussed, confused and longing for Keegan to look her way.

“So,” he began again. “What the fuck is going on here?”

For a moment, neither spoke, and both avoided looking at him, and at each other. Both started to speak at once, then fell silent at the confused babble.

“Mandy. Your version please?” Jakob’s voice cut through the silence; the tone demanded an answer.

“I–I spent…” she stopped, looking at her fingernails. They were painted a killer scarlet. She flashed them up, waving them at Jakob.

“This. This. I never do this. Paint my nails? Paint my face? Dress like a…well, dressed this way. I don’t do that sort of thing. Until Him.” She jerked a thumb in his direction. “And then he doesn’t even notice. Instead he lectures me. Lectures  me as if I was a teenager missing curfew. Which I didn’t. I told him. I got stuck in the fucking bathroom when the knob came off in my hand, and my phone was in the bedroom. I got myself out — I didn’t need a white knight…or a dark  night–what-the-fuck-ever-you color yourself as.”

She shot a glare towards Keegan, then looked back at Jakob.

“I rescued myself and still came here looking good. And he didn’t even say a fucking thing. Asshole!”

She settled back in the chair with a huffed-out breath, arms crossed.

He tried not to look at her disconcerting cleavage. He was a Dom, had been topping sassy-assed girls for a long, long time. He wasn’t sure why this one was getting under his skin–and refused to speculate. And he had noticed, dammit. From across the room downstairs he had seen her–and not just the tits rising high over the top of the tight corset. He’d never seen Mandy like that before. But overriding the sharp stab of pure lust to his cock, his first concern had been why she was late. He’d called her, no answer. He’d thought about going over to her apartment, but that seemed a bit extreme. So of course that had been his one concern when he’d  seen her finally strolling across the room.

“You were late. Really late. You didn’t return my calls.”

“Well, I was on my way to the club–why would I call? I was in a hurry and didn’t even look at my phone, just stuffed it in my purse and headed here.”

“That’s inconsiderate. The next time you’re late you need to call me promptly and let me know.”

Jakob bit the inside of his cheek to stop from laughing. Oh, wasn’t it going to be a fun ride watching these two tussle out some rules? Oh, sure Mandy wasn’t a submissive. Just like he wasn’t getting an erection from watching her tits bobble as the two continued to wrangle out their ‘he did-she did’s”.

Still, it was time to put a halt to this before the drama-meter broke.  His hand slapped hard on the top of his desk, startling the two to immediate silence.

“You.” He pointed at Mandy. “Need to stop explaining, and apologize for scaring your man.”

“You.” He pointed next at Keegan. “Need to stop haranguing, and sit down and come up with some manageable rules that you both can live with. If you’re going to be her Dom, then be her Dom. If you’re going to be his girl, then you need to work on following those rules–and learning to swallow down the anger, and appropriately speak your piece. He may not be interested in reasons…though I’ve found him to be a reasonable dominant. He isn’t a tyrant, he isn’t an unkind man. But. You both need to find some middle ground. This is done. Over. Ended. Now, move forward.”

He sent another steely glance between them.

“I’ll happily take you over my knee myself if you don’t call Keegan or me if you’re later than you expected to be. Got it?”

At her terse nod, he turned to look at Keegan.

“I’m going back to run my club, if you don’t mind?” His smile was sardonic,  one eyebrow raised. “Work this out. Stay here until you do. I’ll want to see your contract–in writing–when I get back here. You’ll have about an hour.”

He rose and left the room.


“That’s stupid.”

“You’re very insolent, you know.”

“I don’t need a rule to go to bed.”

“You wander around the apartment at all hours. You need rest. It’s a reasonable rule to take care of my property.”

“You’re a Neanderthal.”

His hand flashed out and grabbed a large chunk of her hair. Tugging her head back, he wasn’t gentle when his mouth landed on hers. He swallowed her ‘owww’ of pain, her grunting ‘bastard’ and took his time tasting the inside of her mouth. Lips, tongue, teeth, cheeks, his tongue slipped around, until her grunts became moans.

He jerked her corset down, freeing her tits, and filled his free hand with one. Fingers squeezed hard until she rose on her toes, melding their lips together harder, his mouth taking her cries. He pulled his lips from hers, grinned wickedly down into her shocked face before pulling her across the room by her nipple and his hand in her hair.

“Neanderthal? Oh yeah…I’m your cave man, and I’m going to give you a club…”

Twisting her around, he pushed her back against the wall. Her head banged hard enough to make her whimper, as his hands began to maul her tits. His head dipped down, biting along the column of her throat, across her shoulder, down to her tit, then captured one nipple. He bit the tender tip of her breast, growling “neanderthal takes” as he savaged her nipple.

His hand slid between her thighs, forcing them apart as she attempted to thwart him.

“You like neanderthal man…” he growled against her tit, “fucking dripping wet cunt…”

A finger slid inside her. He wasn’t gentle as he drove another inside, and another,  until she was full of his wriggling digits.

She was overwhelmed by sensations. He’d never been this aggressive with her. Damned if she didn’t like it. Her tit was aching from the sucking and biting, her pussy was stretched, yet clenched tight on his fingers. Her knees buckled as he tugged an orgasm from her, her head thrown back, his body pinning her against the wall as a second wave shuddered through her.

He let her go, leaving her slumped against the wall. It took her a moment to recover.

Now you look fucking awesome.”

He turned on his heel and left the room. She saw herself in the mirror across the room, hair jumbled, lips swollen, tits bruised. She looked used. He was right. It looked good on her.


He crossed the room quickly, seeing Sir Roderick waiting for his drink. Leaning into his space, he spoke four words, firmly.

“She’s mine. Hands off.”

He didn’t stay to see the startled expression on Roderick’s face.



Spanked Resoundingly

My header pic was taken shortly after He pinned me to the bed…on my belly, snugged up tight to Him, His hand or elbow or arm on my hair. I could not move, legs sticking off the bed oddly.

He starts spanking me.


No warm up spanks for Him.

He hits the same. fucking. spot.

5 times

10 times

16 times

Then finally strikes the other side before I start screaming…

A few odd shots there, circling around my ass.

And then.

Back to that same. fucking. spot.

I don’t have to count.

He just hits for however long He wants to.

I’m whimpering, trembling, moaning, crying.



Smack, mercifully on the other cheek again. Then my upper thigh.

Then– well, you know.

Once my ass is burning…full on fire burning…He leans over me…

and sinks His teeth into that one aching spot…



He needed to give it–I needed to get it.

And there wasn’t any time to collect myself before it all began.

There is a brief funny story about how we wound up in the room that we did, and it’s all about the stamp collectors…but I’ll share that later. For now, just trying to catch and hold on to those first moments…

He slid into the bathroom behind me, despite my hollering “goals” to Him. I think he laughed at that, actually…there just isn’t a “safe zone” with him in the room. Slammed up against the bathroom wall, face-first, His hands…my fucking gawd…he pinches so fiercely. In fact, in the entire playtime? He never used any tool but His hands to hurt me. He used some anal plugs, and a vibe, and of course, Mr. Hitachi came out to play (he’s a cruel thing, on HIGH when my pussy is already on overload…just sayin’…).

He pins me against that wall and starts pinching my poor arms…the backs of them, and all the way down my sides. Reaching around in front he gets my belly, then goes to town pinching my ass.

Through my jeans.

And it fucking hurts!

Yeah, I know it’s supposed to. I get that. I’m gasping for breath and hurting and frigging flying all at the same time. When He steps away so that I can get dressed, it’s just for a moment, and then He’s back at those same spots again. The bruises I *started* our playtime with…phew. I look like I was attacked by something with pincers on it.

If I get a chance I’ll try to get pics but that’s hard with kids around and the area’s he got…well, they’re mostly behind me, right? So it’s crazy hard to do. He took lots of pics…of other things…and I’ll be sharing some of those, HNT’s and other times.

We weren’t together long…I had to work in the morning, and He in the evening, but the time we had was good. Tender at times, and wicked at others. Hard bites and wicked pussy slapping one moment, deep tender hungry kisses the next. He hurt me and he made me cum like a fire hose.

I’m still flying.