His Gift

We eked out a few moments in our mutually crazy weekends (with a snow/ice storm pending everything was accelerated on our “must get done” lists) to meet briefly. I slide into His car and He hands me a bag, filled to the brim with tissue paper.

“You got me a gift?” I say, totally surprised. I don’t expect Him to give me a gift–He IS my gift, you know?

“Nope. Just a bag with tissue paper in it. Go put it away.”

So I slide out of His car, put it in mine, and back into His. We talk for a few minutes and then He says

“You really think I gave you a bag full of tissue paper?”

“Well…you said…”

“Wait…come here.”

He tugs me close, and blows into my left ear, with His hand over my right ear.

“Yup,” He says, “I felt the breeze. Go get the bag, nilla.”

So I go to my car, retrieve the package, get back into His car, again. He’s shaking His head at me, as I paw through the package…and find a *gorgeous* warm scarf (He’s been nagging me to wear one to help keep my throat and chest warm.)  I love it…the colors are lovely, the scarf is warm as all get out, and it’s an easy enough thing to bring home, you konw?

I hug Him and kiss Him, and then He says…

“nilla, you need to blog this. To let your readers know what I have to put up with on a daily basis.”

“Well, Master, I’m supposed to believe everything you say…” I respond, giggling and blushing.

He rolls His eyes.

6 thoughts on “His Gift

  1. I love this….cause probably i would have done the same thing. So happy to hear you were able to squeeze in some face time. And what a perfect gift…keeps the body and the soul warm:).
    hugs abby

  2. I think you may be a better submissive than I am, lol. I would have questioned the HELL out of why I got a bag of tissue AND why I needed to go put it in the car. By the time I was done, I wouldn’t have been allowed to open it until much later. 😉

  3. And *I* would have automatically assumed sarcasm, stuck out my tongue, and ended up in a BUNCH of hot water!
    See how lucky he is he got you instead?!
    sounds like fun, sunshine… 😀

  4. ROFLOL! Your scarf sounds wonderful. Wold who loves practical gifts, would probably give me a bag full of tissue. 🙂 snarky brat that he is. 🙂 And there would have been a nice prezzie at the bottom.

    So glad you got a few minutes together. Now wear your scarf so you stay healthy!

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