The Job (17)

She couldn’t find Keegan anywhere. Not that it was a surprise. He and his crew circled constantly through the club, checking on scenes, overseeing the private play rooms, checking the people at the door, walking the staff women to their cars–he could be anywhere.

Down in the bar area she ran into Macey, the “little” who had first ushered her into Jakob’s office. She hadn’t understood what a little was back then, and it wasn’t anything she related to personally. But she liked Macey.

“Have you seen Keegan?”

“Thought he was headed back towards Sir J’s office, but that was a while ago. Sorry. Hey, want to go up to three and watch? There’s a suspension going on up there by this rope expert that I really want to see. And you never know when He’ll take volunteers from the floor. Puts on a hella-good show, at least what I’ve seen from his videos.”

Shrugging inwardly about not seeing Keegan, she and Macey headed upstairs.


She hadn’t a clue how it happened. One minute she and Macey were standing there admiring Spider’s work, and then the next? She was involved in it. And by involved, she meant tied, tightly yet erotically, a foot up behind her calf, arms wrapped around her waist and back, knots over her crotch so that wiggling was both painful and a turn-on. Her tits looked like they were going to break free of her corset top any second, and she was afraid to breathe.

“Ready, slut?”


“I’ll take that as a yes…”

His words spoke of a grand florish, and the crowd responded with titters and laughter. He sure knew his audience, she thought. It was her last clear thought before her  foot left the ground, and she began to tip.

“O.M.GEEEE….” she yelped, causing the crowd to laugh even louder. She felt his hand on her foot, felt the hard push setting her spinning. She watched the floor spin round, round as she lay prone above it. Her body was a blur, the crowd was a blur. Shutting her eyes didn’t help. Just when she thought she was going to throw up in front of everyone, his hand snagged her ankle, and she stopped moving. Her head kept spinning, but her body had come to a full stop. She noted that her clit was throbbing and her nipples were hard and that her breasts had indeed fallen out of her corset, and hung there like big white eggplants.

Why was she thinking her tits were like eggplants, she wondered, her brain muddled. And why was she turned on and floaty?

Oh, yeah. She was floating. In the air.

She didn’t really remember coming down, his hands gently but quickly releasing her, the joke he made about shaking fruit out of the melon tree as the crowd stood, mesmerized. She came back to herself to see Jakob. It was amusing because he was at eye level and she was slumped in a chair.

“I see you’ve decided to rejoin us,” he murmured. “Spider got a bit nervous as you were very woozy there. Here, drink,” and he tipped a water bottle to her lips. Cool liquid slid down the dry length of her throat and she swallowed it gratefully.

“Keegan,” she croaked. “I can’t find him…”

His eyebrows shot up.

“So you decided to come up here to three to look for him? Have you learned nothing, considering what happened to you here last week? You’re not ready for third floor stuff, Mandy. Normally I’d let a sub find that out for him or herself, within reason. But…I care about what happens to you. You’re family.”

She shook her head, the wrong move as it turned out.  A wave of dizziness nearly sent her sliding off the chair.

“Let’s get you downstairs, hmmm?”

Scooping her up he carried her to the door. She looked down in horror to see her tits were just still hanging out there.

“Ohmygawd,” she moaned. “Sir J…I need to fix…”

Her left hand rose, trying to stuff her breast back into the corset.

“Trust me, I don’t mind a bit.”

“You’re a perv…”

“Never claimed otherwise…and you have a fine set of tits, Mandy-girl.”

“If you sing that Mandy, you’re a fine girl about my tits..” her voice trailed away as she blushed.

“I hadn’t thought of that. But if you don’t stay off the third floor, sub, I’ll be a utube sensation with that song.”

“Geeze,” she flushed. She felt the skin heating, down her throat, across the tops of her breasts.

He let her feet down, let her slide down the long length of him.

“Get your head on straight, and lets head back downstairs now. Go find Keegan, who is on the Floor, and go fix whatever got him in a tizzy.”

She blinked up at him as she continued to shift her corset to cover herself.

“I…well, we  had a small tiff…”

“He came downstairs with a face like a stormcloud, after following you. Saw the whole thing. Don’t know what happened after you two went tearing out of here, but the club is not the place for those sorts of quarrels.” He sighed.

“You go to my office and stay there. I’ll go get Keegan myself and we’ll get to the bottom of this. Got it?” His tone brooked no argument, so she nodded. Together they headed downstairs, separating as she headed for his office as he headed to the back room Floor to find Keegan.


17 thoughts on “The Job (17)

    1. I keep forgetting this is a sex blog…and not putting much sexy shit in here…and yet you all are still reading! 😀 There’s going to be some really hot stuff ahead..(she says hopefully)….after Master and I have playtime I’m sure I’ll be VERY inspired!!


  1. PS Pervie friends…if you want to read this from the start, you’ll notice that there is now The Job up in the Pages section in my header. Twenty-two thousand words of it…huh…I’m writing a novel!


    1. guys are making me smile–I’m hoping to have time after vanilla life goes back to normal then…


    1. *GRINNING HUGELY* First, this is on my playlist and I lOVE this song….and I love how “impatiently waiting” you are. 😀

      Thanks monkey! Made my day!


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