Spanked Resoundingly

My header pic was taken shortly after He pinned me to the bed…on my belly, snugged up tight to Him, His hand or elbow or arm on my hair. I could not move, legs sticking off the bed oddly.

He starts spanking me.


No warm up spanks for Him.

He hits the same. fucking. spot.

5 times

10 times

16 times

Then finally strikes the other side before I start screaming…

A few odd shots there, circling around my ass.

And then.

Back to that same. fucking. spot.

I don’t have to count.

He just hits for however long He wants to.

I’m whimpering, trembling, moaning, crying.



Smack, mercifully on the other cheek again. Then my upper thigh.

Then– well, you know.

Once my ass is burning…full on fire burning…He leans over me…

and sinks His teeth into that one aching spot…

11 thoughts on “Spanked Resoundingly

    1. that was a heat that lingered for days…I forgot one day and plunked into a chair…like Tuesday….and WOOOOOWW…that hurt!


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