The Job 18

Mandy sat in Jakob’s office. The smell of leather, the overlaying scent of man–hard to describe but unmistakable– soothed her. She was too nervous to sit for long. She didn’t believe in pacing. She rose and calmly moved around the office.  Her hand rested on the back of the chair for a moment before sliding the tip of her pointer finger along the cool smoothness. She moved from the chair to the fireplace, looking at the photo’s there. A younger Jakob, and was that Keegan? They were in the water, a big wave behind them. It made her smile, knowing that the photographer knew that the water was bearing down on them, as they stood smiling into the camera.

“That was taken in Maui. Fucking Denny. Remember that?”

She turned to see Jakob’s wide grin slanted at Keegan. Keegan’s face was an unreadable mask.

“I do. Bastard had us stand there. ‘Oh that one didn’t come out. Oh you blinked. Fucking take the picture man…”

Jakob took up the tale.

“And then BLAMM! That fucking wave knocked us over, rolled us up in the surf…I had sand and snot and water in every orifice…”

Keegan’s face cracked a bit, a thin smile rising.

“We threw his ass in the water after we wrestled the camera away from him.”

“He screamed like a girl when he stepped on that crab…”

The two smiled at one another. She could see that their fondness went way past their relationship here at Nettles.

“I didn’t realize you two knew each other from before.”

“College,” replied Keegan, his voice cool.

“Come, sit.”

Fuck….definitely trouble in paradise, he thought to himself as he ushered the two into the chairs. While he could have sat with them, he chose the position of authority behind the desk. The better to remind them who was boss here. 

“So…” he paused, making eye contact with each of them. Keegan, his face neutral, but wearing, he knew from their long friendship, a mixture of hurt and pissed. Mandy, blushing still in her lovely, revealing outfit, gently mussed, confused and longing for Keegan to look her way.

“So,” he began again. “What the fuck is going on here?”

For a moment, neither spoke, and both avoided looking at him, and at each other. Both started to speak at once, then fell silent at the confused babble.

“Mandy. Your version please?” Jakob’s voice cut through the silence; the tone demanded an answer.

“I–I spent…” she stopped, looking at her fingernails. They were painted a killer scarlet. She flashed them up, waving them at Jakob.

“This. This. I never do this. Paint my nails? Paint my face? Dress like a…well, dressed this way. I don’t do that sort of thing. Until Him.” She jerked a thumb in his direction. “And then he doesn’t even notice. Instead he lectures me. Lectures  me as if I was a teenager missing curfew. Which I didn’t. I told him. I got stuck in the fucking bathroom when the knob came off in my hand, and my phone was in the bedroom. I got myself out — I didn’t need a white knight…or a dark  night–what-the-fuck-ever-you color yourself as.”

She shot a glare towards Keegan, then looked back at Jakob.

“I rescued myself and still came here looking good. And he didn’t even say a fucking thing. Asshole!”

She settled back in the chair with a huffed-out breath, arms crossed.

He tried not to look at her disconcerting cleavage. He was a Dom, had been topping sassy-assed girls for a long, long time. He wasn’t sure why this one was getting under his skin–and refused to speculate. And he had noticed, dammit. From across the room downstairs he had seen her–and not just the tits rising high over the top of the tight corset. He’d never seen Mandy like that before. But overriding the sharp stab of pure lust to his cock, his first concern had been why she was late. He’d called her, no answer. He’d thought about going over to her apartment, but that seemed a bit extreme. So of course that had been his one concern when he’d  seen her finally strolling across the room.

“You were late. Really late. You didn’t return my calls.”

“Well, I was on my way to the club–why would I call? I was in a hurry and didn’t even look at my phone, just stuffed it in my purse and headed here.”

“That’s inconsiderate. The next time you’re late you need to call me promptly and let me know.”

Jakob bit the inside of his cheek to stop from laughing. Oh, wasn’t it going to be a fun ride watching these two tussle out some rules? Oh, sure Mandy wasn’t a submissive. Just like he wasn’t getting an erection from watching her tits bobble as the two continued to wrangle out their ‘he did-she did’s”.

Still, it was time to put a halt to this before the drama-meter broke.  His hand slapped hard on the top of his desk, startling the two to immediate silence.

“You.” He pointed at Mandy. “Need to stop explaining, and apologize for scaring your man.”

“You.” He pointed next at Keegan. “Need to stop haranguing, and sit down and come up with some manageable rules that you both can live with. If you’re going to be her Dom, then be her Dom. If you’re going to be his girl, then you need to work on following those rules–and learning to swallow down the anger, and appropriately speak your piece. He may not be interested in reasons…though I’ve found him to be a reasonable dominant. He isn’t a tyrant, he isn’t an unkind man. But. You both need to find some middle ground. This is done. Over. Ended. Now, move forward.”

He sent another steely glance between them.

“I’ll happily take you over my knee myself if you don’t call Keegan or me if you’re later than you expected to be. Got it?”

At her terse nod, he turned to look at Keegan.

“I’m going back to run my club, if you don’t mind?” His smile was sardonic,  one eyebrow raised. “Work this out. Stay here until you do. I’ll want to see your contract–in writing–when I get back here. You’ll have about an hour.”

He rose and left the room.


“That’s stupid.”

“You’re very insolent, you know.”

“I don’t need a rule to go to bed.”

“You wander around the apartment at all hours. You need rest. It’s a reasonable rule to take care of my property.”

“You’re a Neanderthal.”

His hand flashed out and grabbed a large chunk of her hair. Tugging her head back, he wasn’t gentle when his mouth landed on hers. He swallowed her ‘owww’ of pain, her grunting ‘bastard’ and took his time tasting the inside of her mouth. Lips, tongue, teeth, cheeks, his tongue slipped around, until her grunts became moans.

He jerked her corset down, freeing her tits, and filled his free hand with one. Fingers squeezed hard until she rose on her toes, melding their lips together harder, his mouth taking her cries. He pulled his lips from hers, grinned wickedly down into her shocked face before pulling her across the room by her nipple and his hand in her hair.

“Neanderthal? Oh yeah…I’m your cave man, and I’m going to give you a club…”

Twisting her around, he pushed her back against the wall. Her head banged hard enough to make her whimper, as his hands began to maul her tits. His head dipped down, biting along the column of her throat, across her shoulder, down to her tit, then captured one nipple. He bit the tender tip of her breast, growling “neanderthal takes” as he savaged her nipple.

His hand slid between her thighs, forcing them apart as she attempted to thwart him.

“You like neanderthal man…” he growled against her tit, “fucking dripping wet cunt…”

A finger slid inside her. He wasn’t gentle as he drove another inside, and another,  until she was full of his wriggling digits.

She was overwhelmed by sensations. He’d never been this aggressive with her. Damned if she didn’t like it. Her tit was aching from the sucking and biting, her pussy was stretched, yet clenched tight on his fingers. Her knees buckled as he tugged an orgasm from her, her head thrown back, his body pinning her against the wall as a second wave shuddered through her.

He let her go, leaving her slumped against the wall. It took her a moment to recover.

Now you look fucking awesome.”

He turned on his heel and left the room. She saw herself in the mirror across the room, hair jumbled, lips swollen, tits bruised. She looked used. He was right. It looked good on her.


He crossed the room quickly, seeing Sir Roderick waiting for his drink. Leaning into his space, he spoke four words, firmly.

“She’s mine. Hands off.”

He didn’t stay to see the startled expression on Roderick’s face.



21 thoughts on “The Job 18

    1. Hi Denise. Yes, you can always say, do, or think about fucking here. 😀 And yeah…there might have been a wee snippet or two of Neanderthal in M’s play last week…. *wink*


    1. Thanks Isabel! I have a buncha chapters in my head…but that doesn’t help you does it? Today I just have time to catch up on comment replies…but hoping to write a bunch tomorrow…


    1. thank you! I had taken it down because I was…well, who wants to look at my old beaten ass…but M wanted it back so there it is. 😀


  1. This series is exactly what I needed today! Hot and yummy and funny on a day when nothing has been going right 🙂 I’m glad I came across it and will surely be back for more.

    You may remember me from a long time ago, it’s very good to come back to your lovely words.

    Gray (formerly of Journey into Submission)

    1. Hi Gray! Nice to see you back. Thank you for the lovely compliment. My writing is –slower, i guess, these days…but I’ll keep working at this!


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