A Little Hi…



Seriously, today is a wackadoo day for me. I’d planned to have a marathon writing time but with the potential of our first BIG snowstorm of the season tomorrow, I’ve had to do some shifting of my jobs and will be working most of today…but the story is coming together well (in my head!)…don’t you think?

I keep getting lost in my memories from being with Him. Someone pointed out in comments that the scene in my last chapter of The Job (where Keegan takes her like a Neanderthal against the wall) smacked of reality…and there is truth there. We writers write what we know, right? 😀

Oh, and hey…this is my 1900th post since starting my blog–even if it is uber short!

Here’s hoping I get more than 5 minutes with my computer later today between jobs, so that I can get into some of the upcoming juicy bits…but for now? I’m off and runnin’….

7 thoughts on “A Little Hi…

    1. Thanks Kayla. Hoping to get a wee bit of time before the Big Storm hits…my internet always goes wonky in big storms.


    1. Thanks abby! I can’t believe it’s that many either! But it’s been a great stress reliever for me to write. Thanks for reading (and liking it!)


  1. Fantastic! I’m at like 1080 or something. As for that whole “was gonna” for writing… oh yeah. I got all excited and wrote most of The Chair, and haven’t had time to do much more than FFF since. My mundane life has been crazy and hectic and COLD! (dratted weather!)
    Here’s hoping we both get writing time!

    1. I’d have way more posts if I published every day like I used to–but now that my kids are older and I’m working so many different jobs…my time to write is so limited. 😀


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