HNT- A Well Spanked Ass


Our time together was amazing. Not only because we hadn’t been together this way in months…but for the wonderful mix of tenderness and wicked pain. He started right away, as if His fingers had been itching to be turned loose on my body.

It was amazing…because He only used his hands. We were both very tactile with each other, touching and caressing…and His spanking and pinching until I was dancing to get away, and squealing, and finally, whimpering.

And there was this spanking–later there were wicked pinches, and more spanking–and when my ass was finally the “right shade of red”– redder than this…He took an enormous bite from the burning-hot right cheek.

But before all that, there was His body pressed hard against mine, pinning me firmly to the bed while He took a long, sweet time spanking my ass. He just starts hard–no warm ups for Him– and it felt good, and right, and necessary. And then it starts to burn, and hurt, and it makes me try to squirm away, but His arm is hooked over me and there is no way to move as He’s laying partially on me. I can’t move, I can’t speak, my fist in my mouth to hold back the cries. Then a tear swells up, and another, and my head falls to the bed and I cry a little bit and still He  spanks, His pace steady, His hand firm. And I’m empty and drained, contained and hurting, and so full of Him as my ass throbs hard with the heat from His work.

Later we are curled together my head on His shoulder. I stroke his beard, running my fingers up and over and around His face, and we’re tender and calm…for a moment or two..until He decides to let His fingers loose on me again.


8 thoughts on “HNT- A Well Spanked Ass

  1. Such a very lovely shade of red…suits you!!!! I always tell Master His hand is the best spanking instrument there is……and yes it can get me squirming.
    hugs abby

  2. You have one of them bumms that screams to be spanked. I can see how much fun your master has turning it a great shade of red. Or was it warming you up against the cold and shut weather.

  3. I can’t tell you the number of times he’s had me get out “all the toys”… only to end up using none of them. And I promise you, I never feel like I got off easy! Kinda the opposite sometimes. 🙂

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