The Job 19

Mandy read the paper that Keegan had tossed at her when he had strode back into Jakob’s office. It wasn’t actually paper  since he’d scrawled his words on a cocktail napkin. He stood in front of her, arms crossed, legs apart, looking for all the world like a pirate on his ship. His eyes glittered as he stared down at her. She wanted to be mad, but his crotch was right in her line of sight and frankly, that earlier scene in here had only stirred a deeper want inside of her. She hungered for him.


His tone challenged her.

“It’s rather non-specific.”

“What’s non-specific about ‘obey me always’?”

“Well sheesh, Keegan—Sir–” she amended hastily as his brows knit together. “Obey you always–when we’re here? At home? When I’m working?”


Her mouth opened and closed a few times, but she didn’t know what words wanted to come out. Outrage? No…not really. Shock? Oh, yes, definitely. How did three little words make such an impact on her thoughts?

“You…want me to be your…”

“Submissive,” he supplied helpfully.

“Submissive, fine, always? All the time? Like — even in the grocery store?”

She’d been reading porn on the internet and there’d been this story that had really turned her on, about a girl not knowing her dominant ‘stalker‘ * and him approaching her  in a store. She’d been so turned on by it that she’d all but attacked Keegan, who’d been asleep on her couch while watching some game on the tv. That had ended with a flurry of clothing tossed hither and yon, and the two of them fucking like animals on the living room floor, in the bed when they’d dragged themselves that far, and later, again in the shower. It had been a hell of an evening. But did that mean that she wanted that kind of submission in her ordinary day-to-day living?

“Are you worried that this means I’d make you walk naked through the veggie aisle?”

She sucked in her lower lip, biting it as nerves danced through her before nodding.

“I might well do things to embarrass you, in public or in private, but nothing that would get you arrested. I can’t promise to not harm you–that would be stupid, considering the lifestyle we are in–”

He paused, waited until she nodded again.

“But I would not do something that would inflict serious, life-threatening harm to you. I might want to tattoo my creed on your ass.”

Her eyes widened and he laughed.

“Or I might want you to get your nipples pierced.”

Her hands came up to cover her breasts, but the idea caused a certain sharp throb between her thighs. To let go, so completely of choices like this?

“Would you control where we lived? How I earn a living?”

He ran a finger down her nose.

“You’re not my slave, but my submissive. You’d not lose your voice, and I doubt you’d just let me make all those decisions without your input. I don’t want a doormat, Mandy. Part of your attraction is your sass.”

She’d been told that she had a smart mouth, that she was arrogant, that she was a know it all, that she was —

“I don’t know what you’re thinking but you look pissed.”

“I’m not…I’m…really kind of blown away, Keega—Sir. I mean–I’ve been — I dunno– castigated, I guess, for having this mouth, and here….you LIKE it. I– don’t get it I guess.”

“Whomever you were with before was an idiot. I like you just as you are. If there are things I want to change? I’ll let you know. Maybe.”

He smiled down at her, then cupped her chin, lifting her face. His free hand slowly released his belt, then his zipper.

“I am not planning on making any changes now though—I really, really  like that mouth.”

She’d blown him before, but never when conditions were so…dominant. When He was holding her just so, and was not asking, but just taking. There was no demand, there was just his assumption that she would acquiesce, right here in Jakob’s office where anyone could walk in at any time and see. Once more that curious thrill ran through her.

His thumb pressed hard against her jawbone;  her mouth opened slightly. Her lips were barely parted when he pressed the tip of his cock against them, tracing the line of them. She tasted the slick saltiness that  gilded his head, that whisper of moisture that meant he was ready. His eyes held hers as he paused, his cock pressed against her mouth. The pressure was steady and not uncomfortable. No words came, just that steadily-held look. A quick slap to her cheek made her blink, and in that moment, he pressed hard into her mouth. She understood, as her heart raced, as the crown of his cock hit the back of her throat, as she worked to control her gagging, that this wasn’t a blow-job….this was a taking. 


Her jaws ached. Her face was smeared with his cum, which he’d wiped carefully around her cheeks. He’d spent a long time fucking her face, and her throat was raw with it. There was a tremble in her belly, a need that had grown, to just give. Give him all. It alarmed her how quickly she wanted what he was doing. Showing her by his actions that he was in charge, that she was his submissive, that his wants, needs, requests or orders would come before hers.

Could she agree to that?

Could she go out into Nettles with his cum drying on her face? She shuddered at the humiliation of that. The sound of the door opening behind her made her close her eyes. No. Jakob was coming back. How had she forgotten that?

“I see you two are finished now?”

He’d come in before? Seen? She felt the flush of embarrassment suffuse her face, felt the tightening of her cheeks as the heat dried the cum there.

He came around to his desk, saw the napkin there, then spent his time looking at the pair. Keegan, relaxed in his chair, his expression somewhat satisfied, unsurprising considering what he’d observed when he’d first come into the room. Mandy, face shiny with semen and embarrassment, eyes averted, but looking calmer than she had in a while.


“Yes Sir Jakob?”

He paused, waited until she made eye contact. He smiled, which deepened her blush.

“Do you agree to these terms?”

Her glance slid to Keegan, and she licked her lips. Her fingers knit together in her lap, then relaxed when she realized what she was doing. She looked back at Jakob.

“I do, yes.”

“Very well. Then I shall consider you two reconciled. You will work hard to comply? I don’t believe Keegan expects perfection…you’re much to fun as you are to be “broken” as some Dom’s would like. You’re sexy and spicy and open and honest–which is refreshing to both of us.”

A tear escaped.

“Thank you Sir Jakob..”

Her voice was husky with emotion.

“No one’s ever said that to me before. Well, my parents, but…not since I was out on my own, you know?”

“The world is full of idiots, Mandy-girl.”

She smiled. Her world, precariously tilted an hour ago, had somehow righted itself.


*with deepest appreciation to David. A writer isn’t really ‘gone’ if his words survive to inspire, excite, and touch us emotionally…yet his presence is deeply missed. 

12 thoughts on “The Job 19

  1. Love this story. You are going on aren’t you? PLEEEZZZZ?

    You know you got David in here twice? Beside the link, He said something to me once that was Keegan’s sentence, almost word for word , “If there are things I want to change? I’ll let you know”(.Insert a looong pause here) ” Perhaps.”

    1. OH…that brought tears to my eyes…I’m SO glad I captured a part of David there! And yes. another chapter tomorrow. I’m on a roll. And maybe Sunday too! Woot!

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