New Rules

I know–I’m writing right after this, I promise! But it’s time for a little bit of real life catch-up. So, grab a cuppa and let’s chat, hmm?

First the vanilla stuff–

How ’bout dem Pat’s???? !!!!

(See, I don’t have to devote an entire paragraph to gloating about  celebrating my team’s win during the Superbowl. Certainly the tensest 40 seconds of my life, though!)

And how about the classiness of Tom Brady, who, while awarded the MVP of the Superbowl, *immediately* gave his MVP -awarded truck to Malcolm Butler, the player who nabbed that pass and intercepted a win for the Patriots in the last few seconds of the game. That man is a class act.

And snow. This isn’t a complaint. Really. I LIKE snow. I hope to get out and snowshoe in it. But–one must wonder if we needed to get an entire winter’s worth of snow in 10 days? Yes. We’ve gotten 62 inches of snow in ten days. Is that ridiculous or what? And I almost hate to write this, but there are two more storms in the forecast, one on Thursday and another over the weekend to add to that silly total.

Oh well, at least I won’t have to worry about a drought affecting my garden this summer, right?

If only it would warm up a wee little bit. We’ve not seen the north side of 35 in weeks and weeks and weeks. Wordwitch suggested opening my windows to exchange the house air when I got sick again, but seriously? It takes all day for my  old house to get up over 65 when it’s this cold (thank goodness for the woodstove that makes the front room nice and toasty!) It’s currently 6 degrees, a temp rise that’s taken nearly all morning. Brrrr…a bit too cold for this old gal to snowshoe in. Yeah, call me a pansy-ass. I’m okay with that. 😀

And bridging the gap between vanilla and D/s stuff–this just in….

-I cut my hair.

It is a MAJOR cut, as in, just below my shoulders, or about a foot off. (yes, really. A full FOOT of hair gone!)

Of course I did it with permission from Him, and I’m LOVING it. I swear I feel like my head is floating. (And it’s SO much healthier. My hair, that is. My head is still the same sick fuck as ever. 😀 ) And yes…I still have the purple streak in it.

Secondly–Non-vanilla stuff, mostly:


(pauses a moment, sighs happily and smiles)

That Man. You all know I get to have one freebie orgasm a week, on Tuesday. Well, on Tuesday last week, I was recovering from yet another stupid cold. It was the middle of our blizzard, and I was cold, and tired and still coughing a bit. When I went to bed, I decided to not have my weekly orgasm, but bank it.

I send Him a text about that the next morning.  His reply shocked me.

Oh, well, too bad you lost out on that one. No more banking missed O’s.

I hurriedly send Him another text saying mostly “what? WHAT?? When did that rule change?”

OH, didn’t I tell you about the new rules? New year, new Us, new rules little girl.

Okay, so I go from shocked and irritated to turned on and intrigued. Ya, just like that. *snaps fingers*

So — No more saving those Tuesday orgasms. That’s rule one. I only get to bank orgasms with His prior permission–and that will be grudging, I’m sure. (Just typing that makes my clit throb. I tell ya…submissives are a strange bunch!)

On Tuesdays (This is our old “reconciliation day” now called “Like Day” for those of you newer readers.) I must wear His collar to bed. And on Thursday, the day I may never, ever have an O? I have to have one “half-O”. I tell you, there is not much worse than edging yourself before going to sleep–and knowing you might not get any relief for 4 more days…it is a long while between Thursday and Tuesday….!

I’m not sure where all this is coming from–but I like it. Just a total turnaround from our normal day to day. It’s not “tons” of dominance–but it’s just what this sub-girl needed to jolt her out of complacency….


Okay, that pretty much wraps up the news from my neck of the woods. M and I had a wee bit of face time that makes us both happy, I’ll have an opportunity to see Him again on Valentine’s Day (d-awwwww….!), and I’m in a really good place in my life just now.

How’s by you?



5 thoughts on “New Rules

  1. I love the vanilla and not-so vanilla snippits of your life!

    SSir and I are moving forward with several 2015 goals, but, because we’re mean and horrible, we won’t talk about them until there are firm plans. 😉 BUT, in other news, he spanked my ass for 30 minutes yesterday and then fucked the hell out of me – all on an unplanned day off from work. So yay! 🙂

  2. Um…i am heading your way for a week, starting this weekend….i am bringing sunshine and temps at least above freezing…at least that is what i am wishing! I love it when a new…by the way…rule gets thrown in. Well, not always love it, at least at first, but it does get me all…….yes Sir!
    Love hearing vanilla and not so vanilla tidbits..
    hugs abby

    1. oh abby…I hate to tell you this but…more snow tomorrow night…and a BIG storm is being hinted at for Monday…could be a whoppah…but if you bring sunshine instead? That would be fuckin’ awesome!!!


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