HNT- Tit Grab



(That really fuckin’ hurt, Master.)


(I had a bruise from His thumb right  ^ there for over two weeks!)

14 thoughts on “HNT- Tit Grab

    1. aren’t bruises wonderful? My sides and arms and belly and ass were SO bruised up from him. Amazing what a guy can do with his fingers…


      1. I used to think I bruised easily, but now SSir and I have learned that the cane is required. I hate the cane, but I love bruises – especially the three or four on my ass right now. 😀

      2. the worst bruises I ever got was from the cane. I wonder what it is about it? The thinness? the force (I think *they* think they have to hit harder because it is so thin, you know? Wicked ouchies…wonderful bruises.

        The cane can sure help you fly…


    1. 😀 She’s quick on the draw, our Kayla! Yes, that was a *yummy* bruise…it was bigger than a Kennedy half-dollar, too…I think it was nearly 18 days before it was fully gone, even the shadow. I’d look at it every morning, and every evening…trace my fingers over it, remember that grab “for the blog, nilla”…. (sure, M, it was alllll for the blog…..)


      1. aaaah…gotcha…

        I suppose one could argue (as HE would!) that it was a pinch…just a really, really BIG pinch…(laughing!)


    1. He did take all of these, yes. That’s why He said He needed to get the grip “just right”…sneaky Bastard!



  1. I agree about the bruises and the cane…..whenever i am getting to leave for a bit…as i am know, i know there is a caning as part of my good-by….love it/hate it. Master would call that pic…milking…
    hugs abby

    1. Funny! M had captioned that photo and I left it off — it said “What we have here is a failure to lactate…” Nice twist on a famed movie quote… ! Enjoy your upcoming caning…and safe travels!

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