The Job (24)

The door shut with a firm snick. With a sense of desperation, Mandy worked the knot, trying to ignore the pain in her wrist as she twisted it, digging at the tangled rope. She heard the drawer slam, the echo shaking the air even out here.


His voice was enraged.


Not any more than you already have, Roderick, you asshole, she thought to herself. Yet the fear that he was coming through the door at any moment was a good motivator. She refused to think of the consequences of failing. Her diligence was rewarded as the knot began to loosen. She listened for him, the grunts and yelling as he opened and shut the other drawers, his cry of rage as he slammed the last cabinet shut. She heard the crash as he tore through her possessions seeking the Hitachi that she did not, in reality, own.

“You FUCKING CUNT!” His enraged cry made her dig frantically at the knot. Her fingers were sweaty from fear, when she heard the rattle of the doorknob. It was followed immediately by the thunk of it falling off to the floor.

Thank gawd! She crowed silently. Thank gawd that she’d not gotten around to fixing that stupid, fucking, awesome broken knob. The pounding of his fist against the door, and his yelling spurred her to tug away the last of the knot. Jerking her hand free, she sprang from the bed.


“Something’s not right.”

Keegan found Jakob at the back door, looking for the liquor truck. It was nearly opening time for Nettles and he had been pacing the floor for the last 15 minutes.

“You’re not kidding–that truck had best be here soon–”

“No–Mandy. She’s not answered her phone. At all. I’ve left voice messages. I’ve called a dozen or more times…”

“That’s not like her.”

“No. I’m sorry boss…I need to go.”

A shiver of nerves danced down his back. His radar was up and active, and was rarely wrong.  Jakob knew that look. He glanced out the door again, then at Keegan.


He strode from the room. A moment later he was back with the tall redhead and Bill, another bouncer. His voice was terse.

“You-” he pointed at Bill, “will carry the cases into the cooler, while you, Red” he pointed at the woman, “will take the inventory. Consider this your test run.”

“I get paid for this?”

“For helping, yes.”

“No I mean for being treated like I’m a clueless dolt.”

She rolled her eyes at him.

“You said this was an emergency, and you got your bully-boy here to watch over me to make sure I don’t swill down your inventory….so go.”

“I’ll deal with your shitty attitude later.”

“Like–later after you deal with yours?”

Her smile was falsely bright, keen enough to slice skin. Jakob’s mouth thinned into a firm line, and he stared at her hard for a moment before turning back to Keegan.

“Let’s go.”


The door rattled as he kicked at it. Mandy had the option of running, but who knew where Roderick would disappear to if she left and he got out of her bathroom. She didn’t have time to grab her cell which was ringing madly. Instead she dashed into the kitchen and grabbed the heavy iron fry skillet that had been her Dad’s. She only used it to fry bacon, and it had a good season to it…and terrific heft to boot.

She took up position to the side of the door. She heard Roderick cursing at her, about her, swinging wildly from quiet hateful murmurs to stomping rages. The door shook and trembled, yet held firm. She knew, having been shut in there several times herself, that you could shake it all you wanted and the door would not yield. You had to use a tool to wiggle the tongue free. It grew quiet, and she heard something rattling around inside the knob. It wouldn’t take long for him to figure out how to wriggle and twist the stem and free himself. She would be ready when he did.


“She should have answered.”


“If somethings happened–if it’s that bastard who attacked Fae–I’ll kill him with my bare hands.”

“O no. You don’t want to start your life with your lady with a life sentence. I’ll do it.”

The two exchanged grim smiles. Jakob nudged the car a bit faster, already over the speed limit, and fairly flew the last mile to the apartment.  Neither noticed the dark car following them, too preoccupied with what might lay ahead. The vehicle hadn’t come to a full stop before Keegan leapt out. Jakob was right behind him as they pelted into the building.

“Not waiting for the elevator!” He called over his shoulder, slamming through the door for the stairs.

“What floor?”



The two ran up the stairs, Keegan fishing in his pocket for his keys, even while leaping up the last flight two steps at a time. He paused a moment for Jakob, then whipped open the hallway door. He spent precious moments getting the key into the lock before it slid firmly into place, and turned. The door gave way, the room beyond, silent.  The two men entered slowly, all senses on high alert.


The bathroom doorknob began to turn, slipped, turned again. She heard the faint click as the knob finally released the tongue and the door slid open a scant quarter-inch.

“Daddy’s going to hurt you bad, you fucking whore.”

She drew back her arms, her form similar to a baseball player preparing to whack a home run. Adreneline surged through her, but she took a deep slow breath. She would have one chance. She had no intention of blowing it.

The door flung back into the bathroom, and he stormed through.

Mandy, arms cocked, released as his toe crossed the threshold.


The men looked around the living room. The curtains had been drawn but there was enough light to see things were out of place.

“Someone’s here,” Keegan spoke softly, pointing to a leather jacket tossed on the couch.

Jakob put his finger to his lips then pointed to the closed bedroom door. The two moved forward, but froze for a moment when a man’s voice yelled.

“Daddy’s going to hurt you bad, you fucking whore!”

Borne of long years of working together, they moved stealthily but quickly towards the bedroom.


Things seemed to move in slow motion. There was his foot, then his body, even as the heavy pan seemed to float towards him. Her body twisted as she swung the pan, the arc perfect. He sensed it at the last second, attempted to stop, but his forward momentum carried him directly into the blow.

There was a sickening crunch as the pan bashed into his face, and the sudden splatter of blood. Simultaneously, the bedroom door flew open, and Keegan, followed by Jakob spilled into the room. She stood, pan hanging from her hand, staring at them, then at the man laying still at her feet.

“I…I think I killed him.”

Her voice was a whisper, shock written on her face.

Keegan and Jakob moved towards her.

“I certainly hope you didn’t kill him.”

Everyone paused to look towards this new voice. Mandy saw a woman, tall, with flaming red hair and–dear god– a handgun held in her hand.

“What the fuck…” Jakob turned towards the woman.

“It will make it very hard for me to arrest the bastard if he’s dead.”

Savannah holstered her weapon, then turned back to the hallway.

“Get a bus, will you, Drew?”

Keegan ignored her, and moved over to Mandy. His fingers loosened hers on the handle of the pan.

“Don’t drop it,” she said, her voice high. He could see she was holding it together, but barely. His hand touched her wrist and she yelped, drawing everyone’s attention. Savannah stepped through the room and checked on the man laying on the floor.

“He’s out, not dead. Looks like you broke his nose, maybe cracked his cheekbone. Roderick Masterson, I’m placing you under arrest for aggravated assault, aggravated rape, stalking, and whatever else I can throw at you. You have the right to remain silent.”

“I don’t think that counts as Mirandizing since, you know, he’s unconscious. You’re a cop.”

“Well, yes, I am. Detective Savannah Douglas. Thanks for the job, by the way.”

“You could have told me you were a cop.”

“That kind of defies the term ‘under cover’, boss. You had to buy it, so that he’d buy it, if he came back into Nettles. It seemed to be his one regular hangout.”

The wail of sirens came closer. Savannah rose and went to Mandy.

“You did good, honey. May I see your wrist?”

Mandy  held up her arm. Across her wrist were three parallel lines, swollen and angry red.

“He marks his victims, what he calls ‘his girls’ this way. You might notice it on one of the women from your club. She goes by the name of Fae there.”

Keegan hugged her tightly to him, his arms encircling her. She felt the tremors growing in her belly, though she tried to hold them back.

“You didn’t need me at all. I have to admit, that kind of hurts my feelings.”

Startled, she looked up at him. His face was serious.

“I–you–don’t have to rescue me. I’m good at taking care of myself.”

“I can see that. Still. I’m the guy. I should be the one taking care of you.”

“I think you both take care of one another.”

Keegan and Mandy turned towards Jakob, as the three were ushered across the room. Detectives moved through the space, taking notes and photographs, as a stretcher was rushed in. EMT’s did what was needed for Roderick, before lifting the semi-conscious man onto the unit, and securing him to it.


Savannah turned to Mandy.

“I think you should go get checked out.”

Mandy shook her head.

“I have some burn cream here, and mostly I just have a few bruises. Really, he didn’t rape me.” She turned and looked up at Keegan. “He didn’t, I swear. He was going to, but I tricked him into going into the bathroom and you know how that knob keeps coming off.”

He smiled. He’d been stuck in there a few times too, until she had shown him the trick to opening the door. The knob didn’t always come off. She’d been incredibly lucky that it had with Roderick.

“Smart girl.”

“He was so angry…I just knew he’d jerk the knob, slam the door.”

He hugged her tightly. He was so glad she was okay.

“I’m looking forward to hearing the whole story.”

Savanna turned towards the EMT’s. Walking over to the stretcher, she fastened a handcuff to the railing, the other side to his right wrist.

“We don’t want him going anyplace but the hospital.”

“Doctor’s don’t like it when patients are cuffed,” said the smaller of the two.

“Drew? See if you can get one of the guys to ride along.”

She tossed her cuff keys to him, before turning back to the trio. Pulling her notebook from her back pocket, she invited them to sit, and settled in to listen.

She ignored the pointed looks her ‘boss’ threw her way. She’d make amends with him later. Once this job was done.


He had bundled her, despite her protests, out the door and over to his small apartment. He’d helped her pack her necessities, had treated her wrist – she had one of the most complete first aid kits he’d ever seen, including silvadine cream for serious burns – and wrapped it carefully in gauze. His mind was busily working towards a solution for healing that nasty mark.

She slept like the dead for nearly 18 hours, before waking with a hunger that nearly outstripped his meagerly stocked kitchen. The woman could eat! Later they made their way to the police station to complete their official statements. Detective Douglas had been kind, but had not given them much information about what was happening with Roderick, beyond the fact that Mandy had given him a first class concussion, along with the nose and cheek fractures, and he had complained bitterly about the pain.

“Some people are clueless about pain,” she said.

“They can dish it out but they can’t take it, you mean,” said Mandy with a look at Keegan. Just this morning he’d whined about a stubbed toe. Of course, she wasn’t sure that he wasn’t just putting one over on her. He was wickedly good at it.

Later he about pitched a fit when she said she was going to work at the club.

“It’s my job,” she said, trying to be patient. “I’m not broken, I’m not made of glass, and that bastard is not going to make me shy away from having a life. Which includes doing my job at Nettles. Jakob needs me. And I need to be there. You can dom me and manage me all you want…but I need this to feel –” she paused, searching for the right words. She wanted him to understand that this wasn’t just her being unsubmissive. This was her, living.

“I need this to feel–me. I need to live my life. I need to be your submissive, but I have to be free to do my thing, you know?”

She lay a hand on his chest, over his heart.

“Nettles gave me a life. And Jakob and  you? Made it worth living. I’m not going to let that asshole take that away from me. If I do that, if I hide here at home, even with you? He wins. I won’t let him win Keegan.”

He hugged her hard.

“You’re damned smart. For a submissive.”

She poked him in the ribs, making him laugh. His arms tightened harder around her, making her squeal as he squished the breath from her. He stole more of it when his mouth took hers, kissing her long and deeply.  It was a good predicament to be in.

20 thoughts on “The Job (24)

    1. Thanks my friend…I’m so glad you liked it that much and so very glad that you let me use you for a sounding board when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed there!


      1. 😀 That just made me smile. This was a tough chapter to write, I’ve been working on it for days (shoutout to sofia for letting me throw some things her way for feedback!) …so I’m really glad it made you feel relief!


    1. Thanks Isabel! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my story that much! (It feels like old friends leaving town, doesn’t it? And that’s good–and bad–at the same time!)


    1. You are so very welcome, NA! I think that this is the longest single chapter that I’ve EVER written…(and intense…it had ME on the edge of my seat!)


  1. Oh, Yay!! One more chapter – sorry didn’t realize – well of course there is. It just feels over. happily over…

    Nice Anonymous – I love your name!!

    1. I did almost leave it here…but there was one little detail…okay, several…that were left hanging, and I wanted to wrap up all the details…


  2. Dear Nilla
    The other night I was seriously pondering whether to write to you about this story. I had fantasies of threatening a boycott/no comments strike of some sort, if Keegan and Jakob turned out to be ex-Navy and on the rescue. I decided against it – they’re your stories after all.
    Even so I’m so glad – relieved actually – that this heroine could save herself with brains and a wee bit of necessary violence. That’s what most girls, and women, should and often have to rely on. In this world too.
    Your ardent reader, Lady P

    PS: Have you noticed that the longer your stories, the lesser sex?

  3. Dear LadyP….
    I was so waiting for you to read this next-to-last chapter…because YOUR voice rang in my head before I began this–even as I wrote the first chapter. She had to help herself, not be “rescued”…now, mind you, that’s my particular fantasy, but I wrote Mandy as a strong female character, not a pansy-ass…and she needed to stay that course as she grew into understanding the D/s dynamic…and as she faced jeopardy. I’m really, really glad that the story turned out as it did (and yes, not as much sex, but more plot this time…the sex (the small amount that happened) was more an adjunct to the story.) And I suppose if I do ever try to market this one, that I’d have to add more sexy stuff to it. I think I’ve a need to write some shorter things for a bit as I take a breather…after all, I’ve been working on this story since NOVEMBER! And pretty consistently, too!(Plus…when you need it, the darker-sexy is on the other blog, when I really have to get some stuff out there…)…but I really REALLY appreciate your feedback. See what you helped to generate?


    1. Thank you for taking time to write me such lenghty reply. I feel a little humbled to have been on your mind from the beginning of this story.
      I regularly check out Dark Fantasies if I need tougher pictures in my head.
      Actually I think this story is so “mainstream” that you might be able to market it with a little editing. In a way it’s very “fifty shades”, but better researched 😉

      1. Thanks LadyP…

        And your comment stuck (from that other story that I wrote last fall?) because (as much as like woman-in-jeop stories)…we also need to show the world that even we “little subs” are capable, strong women, and we damn well can help ourselves. *nods sagely* I need to add a few more things to DF…I’ve had a couple of things “bubble up” that need to be…out there. *winks*…

        Thanks for being a staunch supporter…and for honestly giving feedback when you see an issue that speaks to you.


    1. I was SO happy about that scene! It was a pretty violent (vanilla violent but still) scene yet it stretched me a bit. Always good to stretch!


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