The Job (25)

Blindfolds made her nervous, but Keegan was insistent. He’d gotten her into the car, then slid the black satin sleep mask over her eyes.

“I don’t know why…”

“This is your Dom talking. You don’t need to know just now. Trust. You do trust me, right?”

OH, how she hated when he pulled that card out of his pocket. Of course she trusted him. He’d worked with her for weeks after the attack, using a mixture of dom tactics and vanilla love and cuddles to help her through those first rough days. It helped too that the trial was behind them, that Roderick was in jail for a long, long while, thanks mostly to Fae. When Mandy added her testimony, it sealed his fate. But that was done, over, and she was a different woman these days than she was a year ago.

She’d been surprised by the cupcake sitting on the table in her cleaning office, a gift from Jakob to celebrate her first anniversary at Nettles. How had a year rolled past so quickly? And hadn’t things changed dramatically for her in that time?

The car slowed, pulled to a stop. Before she could lower the blindfold, his hands covered hers.


She remembered that they were on “Dom Time” and sighed quietly.

“Yes, Sir.”

His door opened, closed. She counted silently, getting to 11, when her door opened.

“Let me guide you.”

His hands unfastened her seat belt, then guided her out of the car. She felt him standing behind her, his hands on her shoulders. Resting her head on his chest, she could hear his heart thumping steadily. His hands lifted and tugged the blindfold. For a moment, sun dazzle blinded her.

“Well, what do you think?”

What did she think? What the hell was he talking about? She twisted her head, looking back and up at him.

“It’s a house.”

“It could be our house.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know, if you’d marry me. It has a nice big finished basement which would make a lovely private dungeon…”

He paused, enjoying the total confuddled expressions crossing her face.

“It has a nice kitchen, a decent sized living room, lots of windows…perhaps you’d like to go inside and see it?”

She spun fully around, slapping her hand on his chest.

“Wait just a second. Just…wait. Say that first part again.”

“It could be our house?”

“No, no, no! You know the part, the next part. After that.”

“It has a basement that could become a dungeon?”

He put on his best stupid face, which made her crazy. Her brows drew together and her lips pursed as if she was ready to yell at him. He was crazy….about her. He bent, and kissed her firmly.

“What were you saying?”

She shook her head. When he kissed her that way, his fingers in her hair, it made her feel small and hot and floaty.

“You are…”

“….a wise and wonderful Dom?”

She bit the inside of her lip to hold in the laughter. He was slick bastard, no doubt.



“Are you asking me to marry you?”

“That was in there someplace too, yes.”


“As simple as that, kitten?”

His smile made her heart do a slow tumble. She’d never thought she’d get into the “scene” at Nettles, never thought she’d be interested in a “Dominant”. And she had given up the dream of being in love. She thought she was broken, but it seemed that walking into the job at Nettles had led her down a less-traveled road.

“Yes. As simple as that. I love you. I haven’t said that to many people…but I’ll say it to you now, and show you later how much I mean it. I’m not sure what you’ve got in your bag of tricks…but I’m excited to see what’s coming.”

“Be a good girl…and you’ll be the one coming.”

The giggle–and the blush–came at the same time. It never failed to embarrass her how frank these people were. She guessed they were her people now. But she doubted she’d ever get used to talking about coming and body parts. He took her hand and led her up the sidewalk to the house.


Back in the car, blindfold back in place, they drove away from the charming  house. The best part, from her point of view, had been the lovely back yard. She could have a dog, and a garden. ‘I like naked gardening,’ he’d replied when she mentioned it, laughing at her as she sputtered and dissembled. She wasn’t sure if he was joking about that part or not. She supposed she’d find out. And that brought her a tingle of excitement, and a deep glow of ‘happy’.

When the car pulled over again, she waited for him to take her out of the vehicle. This time he kept the blindfold on as they walked across a bumpy sidewalk. He steered her through a door. A bell chimed above them; from a distance came the sounds of pulsing rock. There were some strange smells. Not food. She wasn’t sure what it was. It wasn’t unpleasant, just something she couldn’t quite place.

“This the one?” A gruff voice asked.

“Ye-up,” replied Keegan.

“Back here.”

She was propelled forward again, the sound of guitar riffs and ripping drum beats growing louder. The floor creaked under her feet, and she felt the soft press of a curtain as she passed through it.


He tugged her hair.

“Dom time,” he reminded her.

Sir” she whispered. She was embarrassed to say it aloud, outside of the club, outside of the bedroom.

“Speak up, girl, and address your Sir properly.”

The gruff voice addressed her.

“UHM…Sir….where are we?”

There was the sound of male laugher. She had no idea where she was, who the guy was, or what Keegan’s next move was.  She was pushed into a chair. The blindfold was tugged away. She still had no idea where they were.

“Based on the picture you sent me, I worked this up.”

The man, who was definitely the stereotypical  ‘biker guy,’ passed a paper to Keegan. He looked at it, then smiled.

“This is exactly what I was looking for–without knowing exactly what it would look like. Brilliant, Jimmy.”

Keegan sat on a stool beside Mandy.

“Kitten, this is the plan. This,” he pointed to the paper in his hand, but not showing it to her, “is the diagram of a tattoo I’ve had Jimmy design for us. You could call it our joining mark. It won’t erase the past.”

He laid the paper on her lap. In it, she could clearly see the three parallel lines branded on her wrist. Yet, the tattoo artist had crafted a “K” and an “M”, interwining them over the mark. Surrounding the entire design was the faintest outline of a leaf. She could see that end result would change the lines into something new, just as she felt Keegan had changed her.

“That’s a nettle leaf,” Keegan added, pointing to the outline. She swore she could feel her heart smile.

“I like it.I like it so much!”

“I do as well. And I’ll be wearing that same mark on my wrist.”

She didn’t want to cry, but no gesture could have touched her more. She squeezed Keegan’s hand hard, then looked back at Jimmy, wiping away the one happy tear that had escaped.

“Will it hurt?”

“Not as much as that did,” he replied, pointing at her branded wrist.

“Well–okay, then.”

She took a deep breath, and laid her unmarked hand in Keegan’s.


She took a deep breath.

“I’m ready.”

He lifted her hand to his lips, biting into the pad of her thumb. She smiled at that small pain. She’d gone from lonely to being included in a wildly eclectic group of weird freaks. Not only was she was genuinely fond of them, but she’d become one of them. She was with a man who was exciting, who thrilled her, and who loved her as much as she loved him. She’d gone from being ‘broken’ to being whole. And she owed it all to her job. Later she’d thank Jakob for taking the chance in hiring her. But for now she was going to focus on the present. Her free hand encased in Keegan’s, she watched as the tattoo artist took up his tools and began to transform her from ‘victim’ to ‘owned submissive.’

 The End


afterward~or in the new beginning….

Prepping for Saturday’s crowd, Jakob took inventory of his stockroom. He made a note on his master list that he was running low on Nettles custom bar napkins. In the middle of counting glassware, Bill poked his head around the corner.

“Boss? You got company.”

“Yeah? I’m busy here.”

“Well, that’s just too damned bad.”

He knew that voice, and he had to forcibly bite back his irritation. He did not have time for this. The lanky redhead slid into the stockroom uninvited.


His voice was terse and unwelcoming.

Her head canted to the side, smiling that killer smile at him. He definitely did not have time for this. He ignored, he swore he ignored, the skintight leather pants, the leather bustier that was laced tight, the swell of an impressive rack.

“I believe I was supposed to start work tonight.”

“What, you don’t make enough as a detective, Detective? Sorry, got no room for dicks in here.”

She laughed at the double entendre; her tits jiggled enticingly. His cock shifted. He did not have time for this. Down boy, he growled inwardly at his penis.

“Hey, you hired me, and here I am. Lots of cops have other jobs on the side. I choose to spend my time in places that feed my….proclivities.”

“And what might those be?”

Despite himself, he was drawn in. Damn her.

“I like the scene. I like hot, naked bodies, the whistle of a whip as it sails through the air, the sharp snap when it connects…”

He didn’t want to know, but his mouth formed the words anyway.

“And which side of the whip are you on?”

She laughed.

“I guess you’ll have to see–after my shift. No playing on the clock. My boss said so.”

She slid out of the small space, her heels clacking. He could hear her husky voice at the bar. For now he was going to go back to counting glasses. And ignore the stab of lust that speared straight to his balls.



*of course, if you’d like to know more about what happens with Savannah and Jakob, do let me know…their story has yet to be fully explored… ~nilla~ 




36 thoughts on “The Job (25)

    1. Hi bean!! Nice to hear from you again. (Your name always makes me smile.) I’m so psyched that everyone wants more of this setting, and Jakob and Savannah. Put on your seat belt…I think this will be one wild ride!


    1. Thanks Hil! I’m going to write that story…I’m feeling really inspired! And yeah. I’m really a happy ever after kind of gal… 😀


  1. Awe, nilla, that was great! I just loved the whole thing.

    And this really read like a novel with the character development and background. Maybe just a little “padding” here and there to bulk the story up. Just Sayin’ 😉

    1. Thanks michelle…Yes! It needs more “padding” ! (I felt the need to put up reminders at times that this is still a sex blog, but the story had me by the throat and it just poured out that way. I’m planning to edit in a few scenes as I work that up into some novel shape. 😀 )
      Thanks for your ongoing kindness and support! It has been so appreciated!

    1. 😀
      I do, too.

      Kidding, I *know*…I just have to figure out how to write it. It’s going to be a wild ride with those two, I think!

      Thanks JB…for the ongoing support and kind words, always.


    1. Hi Isabel!
      It looks like that is exactly what is going to happen. A wee breather, so I can clear out of one story in my head and suck in the new one! I’m so glad you liked The Job!


    1. Thanks NA…I’m so glad that everyone wants to know what the hell is going to happen there! I’m really feeling inspired!


  2. My first time commenting, and that’s because I loved this story. It was SO good, and yes, I definitely want to know what happens with Jakob and Savannah. Bravo!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write to me tranquility…I very much appreciate when a reader “decloaks”…all my stories are my babies…but this one is currently the “favored child”… 😀 a lot of time went into it, and I would dream about it, and try to help you all “see” it as I do…I’m so glad it spoke to so many, despite the “lack of sexual content”…I was close to saying, several times… “I know this is a sex blog but….” 😀

      And yes…the story WILL go on!


  3. I’m in a happy state of bliss. I was so hoping you had not forgotten about Jakob and Savannah. Yes, is my vote for more of their story.

    1. Hi Denise! Happy bliss is a really good place to be…and I thank you for saying that my story got you there! I am so looking forward to putting their story to virtual paper! You all have really inspired me today! Thank you!


    1. Hi Cute n shy….
      welcome and thank you for commenting! I’m so glad that you liked this story enough to comment, and so glad that you want to know what happens between Jakob and Savannah…it will be tumultuous, I think…they’re both very strongwilled people. 😀

      Thanks for the inspiration to write more!


  4. This has been the best one you have ever written. It broke my heart a little to see ‘the end’ – PLEASE develop this into a novel!! And yes, I want to know about Jakob & Savannah

    1. Hi twonefive! Thanks for taking time to comment…that means so much! And that it hurt to have it end is really the best kind of compliment. Yes, I am hoping to develop this into a novel. Add in a bit more sex, as LadyP mentioned, and a few others…it could have had a bit more “spice” but I really wanted to get the story line in place! So…we’ll see how that all develops…always so many NEW stories to be told! Including Jakob and Savannah’s!


    1. Thank you dear sofia! I’m so glad you enjoyed this…really glad. The best ever is very very high praise! I’m honored…and grinning from ear to ear. And maybe giggling a little, too!


  5. You sure got a lot of “pleases” here.Brings out the latent switch in me, that wants to raise one eyebrow at you and say, “Get Crackin’ girl!”, but I’m no Domme, so I will add my “Yes Please” to the chorus.

    1. I dunno monkey…that potential raised eyebrow is pretty daunting… 😀 If only there were more hours…or less I needed to sleep through. Hopefully I’ll start up again really soon! I’m excited by sharing Jakob’s story too! So very glad everyone has loved The Job…it’s thrilling, as an author, to have this sort of amazing response.


  6. I was linked through from the Dancer story – and have since obsessively read everything here – You are amazing! I would love to hear more about Jakobs adventures

    1. Hi and welcome mythea! How wonderful that you have been enjoying Dancer…isn’t Will *amazing*??? I adore him. He’s a wonderful writing companion. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my stories, and this one especially. Jakob MUST have his day!


  7. FANTASTIC……Bravo ….. Well Done …. this should be a novel ….need more Jakob 🙂 …thx nilla
    ps…..u need to finish Infinity …..

    1. dear sista…
      first, thank you for liking this story…but THANK YOU for reminding me about Infinity! I’d let that one lapse, and you’re right. I need to finish that too! And then there’s Jakob and Savannah…so many people, so many stories! Thank you for liking mine!


    1. thank you and welcome, BOOBEA (clever name, that!)

      I’m really glad that you enjoy my little (and not so little!) tales…and yes, there will be more to say about Savannah and Jakob!


    1. HI and welcome Saoirse….glad you’ll have enough to keep you reading for a while! Glee is a word that always makes me smile!


    1. Yeah…I’m a sucker for HEA!! Glad you liked it, thank you for the wonderful comments urging me along and inspiring me!


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