Just a quick short note to tell you all…

Thank you!

I –(phew, am feeling very emo as I write this, guys…)  am beyond touched, moved to tears several times as I read all your comments on The Job==during the writing, to be sure, (your encouragement was so wonderful)…but for this final chapter? You’ve stunned me, moved me, humbled me.

Thank you for the gift of YOUR words…they have meant the world to me. I’m going to take a wee break…just a little one, just Sunday…time to go outside and snowshoe (hell, you get 60″ of snow in two weeks, ya gotta don the snowshoes at least once, right?!) and clear my head. And maybe write a few of the short and dirty pieces I’ve been keeping tucked inside.

And eventually, I will edit in some more “spice” in The Job–it’s posted in the “Pages” part under my header…by Monday ALL the chapters will be in it if you choose to read it contiguously…and will let you know when that’s done.

But I must admit…Jakob’s story is really tugging at me…and it will be more than a bit different than Keegan’s was…

Thank you. For inspiring me to be better at this. For enjoying my writing. For the validation, for the encouragement, and for taking the time to comment and tell me.

I am truly blessed.


11 thoughts on “Ya’ll

  1. Hey nilla, spice is nice, and I’m sure it will add to this already amazing story, but the story stands on its own as is. It has so many wonderful qualities. It lacked for nothing. Not even sex. Their connection was palpable. His taking her, blindfolded, to the tattoo pallor to rework her branding into a unifying symbol of them both was a form of sex. it brought me to tears. His dominance/her submission… swoon!

    Writing scares me. Scares me silly, you’ve no idea how it freezes me in my tracks to try to gather my thoughts together to compile them for anyone to read. I have serious panic attacks over this process. So, I am in awe of those, like yourself, who have this ability to use the written word to not only express themselves, but write a story that moves your readers.

    So, please stop apologizing for the lack of “sex” on this blog. I frankly don’t think of it as only a sex blog. That seems to limiting. It may have started out that way, but you have made it into something so much more. I cannot describe what that more is, but when you have something sexy to say or write about great; when you don’t that’s great too. You have created a tapestry, also my favorite album from the 70’s, here in this blog of yours. Sex is just one of the colorful threads that you weave with your words.

    I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know what I was thinking.

    ~ denise

    1. Denise…your comment was–amazing. One doesn’t always “see” readers and their own situations…for me, writing comes VERY easily– unless I think I’m writing for the intent of publishing…then I too freeze. Blogging bypasses that panic for me. But I thank you–from the bottom of my heart–for your incredibly sweet words. I’m unbelievably moved.


  2. I just finished reading The Job, and wow! What a ride! And I’m excited to see you’ll be telling us more tales involving Jakob. Thank YOU 🙂

    1. You are very welcome, katsadako! Thanks for enjoying The Job! (and for taking the time to comment–that means a lot to me!)


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