HNT–Butt Plugs and the Strange Dream

So, I had this dream the other night. And I forgot about it until I talked with M on Tuesday evening on my way home from work. It was strange because it just *POPPED* into my head. You know when you have those “snippet” types of dreams? It’s like a whole story but it happens in a microburst?

Yeah, that was how it was.

In my dream, I was laying facedown on the bed. M came out of the bathroom. I was recovering from something because I was all limp and kind of breathing hard.

“Nilla,” he says, that devilish tone in his voice letting me know something was about to happen. I LOVE to hear that tone…and it makes me very nervous too. I know nothing good (and everything good) will happen to me when he talks that way. I turn my head to look at him and he’s standing half in, half out of the bathroom, holding something in his hand.

“It’s Big Red,” he says, wiggling the thing back and forth in the air. “He’s been dying to meet you. Or more specifically, your ass.”

And then he laughs, and then time fast-forwards (as it does in those kind of dreams) and M is pushing that humongous piece of red rubber up my asshole. I screetched…(and was of course turned on, because he didn’t ask, he didn’t give me a choice, he just did it.)

Isn’t that sick as fuck?

Isn’t that hot as fuck?

Yeah. Well, anyway, I must’ve woken up then because that was all I remember, other than being very turned on when I woke up in the morning.

I told him about the dream, and he says, “yeah, I know that was a dream.”

“How M?” I say. (I keep falling into that rabbit hole, don’t I?)

“Because that’s WAY more notice than I’d give you in real life.”

*long silence on the phone*

Then he laughs, and laughs.

“I do so love making you speechless, little girl.”

So…in honor of that wicked dream, I’m going to show an HNT that I swore in my head I’d never share. But that I know He wants me to share. It’s mah butt. With his latest butt plug in it. The end piece? Glows and changes colors. And it vibrates. And it’s really girthy, and I came like a waterfall when he impaled me with it. So…ahem…pardon my blush as I post this…0h…and the pearls? Those are the “crotch” of my lace panties…


20 thoughts on “HNT–Butt Plugs and the Strange Dream

  1. Don’t you love it when they just take!
    I’m pretty used to hearing some rattle noises behind me…that’s when i know something is going up my ass…

    Nice pearls, by the way: )

    1. Thanks subkitty!

      oh, the taking makes it the best. It’s so –freeing?– and hot. YES! They do that rattle RIGHT BEHIND US…just to add to the shivers…(i LOVE that…and yeah, it makes me nervous as fuck, too!

      Glad you like the pearls…hahaha!


    1. We really are…there is a nice balance between the hot, the vanilla, and the Domming. And thanks for the pic compliment!


  2. Ohhh nilla, tisk tisk, naughty thing. 🙂 you are lovely all over aren’t you. The new fella (MC) has quite the penchant for all things anal. I’ll be joining you in being totally ravished soon it seems.

    1. This is what happens when I don’t have time to read blogs…I miss things like “NEW FELLA”!!! Congrats and…yeah. all things is truly a love-not-exactly-hate relationship. And the thing is…while I wouldn’t “choose” to do it to myself? when HE does it it’s a HUGE turn on (some of my best orgasms have happened due to anal…so there ya go!)

      happy for you my friend!


    1. I have no idea…I’ll have to ask Him…that’s His toy…I didn’t even know it blinked until he started laughing…and told me. 😀

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