Secure IT (2)

“I hope this works.”

Pia said nothing as her friend paced the floor of her bedroom. She sat out of view from the cam of Lin’s computer. After another circuit around her bed, Lindsay paused, looking hard at Pia.

“Well? Where are the ‘oh don’t worry honey’ comments? Hmm? This was all your idea, after all. And here I am, half-naked and about to be on display–”

She paused as Pia held up her hand.

“Take a breath. You know you’ve worn that outfit at the club, and you  were wearing that bustier the last time we went to a Munch. So don’t give me the ‘half naked’ line. Secondly–it will work. I’ve known Nic for a long time. His firm did the upgrade to the computer system at the hospital, and I saw him every day for weeks. He’s smart and he knows his stuff. And while this  is a new kind of spin on his tech skills, I have no reason to doubt that he will stop the bastard. Plus–we had a little thing there for a while.”

“He was your “thing”…when? How did I not know this?”

“You knew. I just never said his name…remember? I only called him Sir when I told you about him?”

Willing to be distracted for a moment, Lin paused, thinking back. Pia had no shortage of willing Doms.

“The guy you went with a few years ago? The one with the hot ass, right?”

Pia’s smile was a bit sly.


At her nod, Lin recalled some of the tales of that short-lived tryst. Remembered listening hungrily to the details of bondage sex, and firm-handedness.

“Ooooh, he was that thing. So — you trust him?”

“Implicitly. A girl doesn’t let a guy tie her up in tight knots and fuck her brainless without trust you know. Besides….this thing he does for the Lifestylers? It’s wonderful. Back when we were together, there was a guy who was worried his online stuff would get out, and Nic was able to set up a system that protected the guys identity. I swear, he was ready to kiss Nic. So I’m sure that he’ll be able to stop this guy in his tracks, and not by being a Neanderthal.”


“Ya, you know, go hunt him down and beat the crap out of him? He uses his brain, which is pretty fucking sexy. Those eyes…when he focuses on something? Amazing. So. You’re in good hands. Literally.”

“But Pia….still…to have to get online for that creepy bastard…”

“Yes, I know. But I’ll be right here. And once Nic captures his e-sig, he’ll interrupt your signal and backfeed to his. He’ll start digging remotely through the jerks  files…and pull out as much data as he can. If he finds things he will delete them from the guy’s system. He can also corrupt the entire computer, kind of make it self destruct. And then he’ll put up blockades on your system so when Sir Asshat Thomas attempts to get back to you, he can’t. ”

“So he said to me when we talked on the phone. I just…”

Pia jumped up from the chair, and hugged her friend hard, but she knew that tough love was called for here. She took Lin by the shoulders, gave her a little shake.

“Look, Lin. You need to suck it up. You need to get mad about this, and get your ass primed to kick his.”

The ringing of the phone gave them both pause. Lin stared at the buzzing thing in her hands. Mouthing ‘break a leg’ Pia slipped back across the room and into the chair. Lin straightened her shoulders, took a deep breath, and thumbed the phone on.


“Let’s not play games, slut. You know who this is.”

Lindsay took a deep breath. The shock of hearing his voice calmed her, centered her. A deep simmering rage began to boil. This jerk of a dom was not going to blackmail her into playing. No fucking way.

“Yes Sir.”

“Are you dressed? Properly?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Go turn on your computer, and open your webcam. Now.”

“Yes Sir.”

Pia watched from the sidelines as her best friend crossed the room and fiddled with the computer. While she’d professed calm assurance to her friend, she too had her doubts. Ever since Sir Asshat Thomas had connected with Lindsay at the club, he had pursued her relentlessly. In the past he had always managed to stay just this side of stalking, but this time he had crossed the line. While Lin could have gone to the police, the repercussions would have had serious consequences. Her job as a junior ad executive could be compromised, her family and vanilla friends would be shocked at her “dark” life, and she still had no guarantee that the cops could stop Thomas’s advances.  Pia had given up biting her nails years ago, but without conscious thought, her teeth began to nibble on the corner of her pinkie.


“Gotcha, you bastard.”

Nicolas’s fingers flew across his keyboard, his eyes glued to the scene playing out before him. While he was a dominant himself, it irked him no end that someone would cheapen the role by stalking the young woman currently kneeling before her webcam.  In his opinion, being a Dom carried a ton of responsibility. While “safe and sane” might be stretching the traditional trifecta that tried to simply define what a BDSM relationship looked like, consensual as the third leg of that declaration did make sense. Otherwise, it was just plain rape. And while that made for good fantasy and good role-playing, there had to be consent at some point prior to the relationship going there. Even if it was for one night. Even if it was for the long haul. It was, in his mind, the key fundamental core of the D/s dynamic in a way that “safe” and “sane” wasn’t.

Of course, he wasn’t sure the guy at the other end of the computer would qualify as “sane”  either.

With a last quick flurry of fingers on the keyboard, he watched the pretty blonde begin to break up. First a few pixels. Then a few more. Her breasts disappeared, then her face. Seconds later, with a soundless sort of *bloop* she was gone. He could hear the outrage as the jerkwad shouted out orders to the girl.  He hoped she would remember to block his number from her phone, but he tucked that thought away to mention to Pia later, as he began to harvest data from the now vulnerable computer of the dickass dom. Ah, the lovely, energetic, enthusiastic Pia, he mused. He put that thought to one side and focused on derailing Thomas’s computer.



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    • Thanks…it’s out of my comfort zone a bit, so I’m struggling a bit…but that’s also a good thing, too.

      now all I need is time…


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